February 5, 2019

Best ways to earn extra money from home online

There are many ways to earn extra money from home online. The problem is sifting through all the rubbish out there to find things that actually work. There are so many reasons why making money online from home is attractive. I know for me, my WHY is my boys. I wanted the flexibility to be at home with them as much as I could, and feel in control of my financial future. 

Become an online entrepreneur

I certainly love making money from home, and my online business is growing steadily over time. The thing about building an online business is that it takes time and effort - it most certainly doesn't happen overnight. Starting your own online business comes with a learning curve. For me, my learning included setting up my website, understanding SEO (search engine optimisation - I'd never heard of that!), getting less uncomfortable with social media, and learning all the things I needed to do to get my business out there.

It takes patience and dedication! I see lots of people fail because they are not ready to put in the effort, and they are in a massive hurry to make money fast. 

I researched MANY opportunities, and most of them disappointed me. Some even shocked me because they were so obviously scams, and I knew these people had no problem taking other people's money - people like you and me who want to earn an honest living online. 

When I did find a legitimate program, I wanted to share it with as many people as I could! I wanted to be able to share things that work, and to give hope to people that whilst there are many things to be avoided, there are some excellent ways to earn extra money from home online.

Not everyone wants to make a full time income from home - sometimes some extra money on the side is what you're looking for. I've put together this page to summarise some different ways to earn extra money from home online so that you don't have to go searching too far. I update this page on a regular basis when I find new sites that I like that are legit, that I feel comfortable recommending. 

To go straight to my number one recommendation for making more substantial money online by setting up your own online affiliate marketing website, go here:

I've broken down the page into different categories of ways to earn money online.

If you aren't aware of the programs I've written about, have a look at the review I've written first.

Cash back sites

Cash back sites are just that - they give you cash back for making purchases.

Dosh review

Dosh - a cash back site with a referral program 

GoCashBack Review

GoCashBack - a cash back site with a referral program.

Ebates review

Ebates - in-store and online cash back site with an excellent referral program.


Surveys are probably my least favourite way to make money online, as it's very difficult to make much more than pocket money. Typically in order to make much money at all, you need to sign up to multiple survey platforms and complete fairly detailed demographic surveys about yourself before being eligible to complete paid surveys. Then, the surveys can be few and far between, which is why you need to sign up to multiple platforms. 

You certainly can make some extra pocket money though, if you don't mind how long it takes.

1Q review

1Q - make money immediately doing short survey questions.

Survey Junkie Review

Survey - make money doing  surveys and referring others.

Opinion World Review

Opinion World - make money doing surveys.

Paid viewpoint Review

Paid Viewpoint - make money doing surveys.

Triaba Review

Triaba - make money doing surveys.

Survey Savvy Review

SurveySavvy - make money doing surveys and by downloading the SavvyConnect app.

'Get paid to' sites  

Get paid to sites are those that offer multiple different ways to earn cash.


ZoomBucks- make money doing surveys, watching videos and completing offers. Has a referral program.

iRazoo Review

iRazoo - make money doing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and completing tasks and offers. Has a referral program.

GrabPoints review

GrabPoints - make money doing surveys, watching videos and completing offers. Has a referral program.

instaGC review

InstaGC - make money doing surveys, watching videos, doing tasks, shopping and completing offers. Has a referral program.

ClixSense review

ClixSense - make money doing surveys, play games, and do small online tasks. Has a referral program.

Swagbucks review

Swagbucks - earn cash through cashback from purchases, answer surveys, watch videos, complete offers, search the web and play games. Has a referral program.

PrizeRebel review

PrizeRebel - make money doing surveys, watching videos, doing tasks, completing offers, and participating in raffles and contests. Has a referral program.

GiftHulk review

GiftHulk - make money with a variety of tasks such as search and win, offers, surveys, videos and games. Has a referral program.

fusion cash review

Fusion Cash - make money with a variety of tasks such as offers, surveys, videos and games. Has a referral program.

Rewarding Ways Review

Rewarding Ways - make money by doing surveys and offers. Has a referral program.

Clickworker review

Clickworker - varied range of jobs available in Clickworker, with a referral program. More small job type tasks than just completing surveys or playing games. Quality of your work is important here. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk review

Mechanical Turk - an Amazon owned platform, you can complete a range of jobs requiring attention to detail. Has a referral program.

Use your skills

On these types of platforms you can really use your skills and match your expertise to the range of tasks on offer. Typically you can earn more on these sites than get paid to type sites. In fact, it's possible to make a reasonable income on these types of sites.

Upwork review

Upwork - a global freelancing platform where independent professionals and businesses connect remotely. It is perfect for professionals to find tasks that are matched to their skills and experience.

Fiverr review

Fiverr - an online marketplace where buyers and service providers come together and offer services and bid on services.  An excellent way to offer your professional services, and do a variety of work that people are asking for help on. Tasks range from graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, and a variety of business and other tasks. 

Website testing

Make money testing websites and testing new apps that product designers need feedback on before they put their new websites and apps out to market.

I believe this is a much better way to earn over surveys and many of the get paid to. I still believe you'd need to sign up to several though in order to make any real money, as the testing can be sporadic. 

Userlytics Review

Userlytics - pays you to test websites for user experience.

What is UserTesting.com about

UserTesting - pays you to test websites for user experience.

Here are another 4 top testing sites. Reviews coming soon!

What Users Do - sign up here              Intellizoom - sign up here

Enroll - sign up here.                              ErliBird - sign up here

My top recommendation

My top recommendation for a way to make REAL income online, is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you step by step how to choose an area you are interested in, build a website based on your chosen interest, attract visitors to your website, and then earn revenue from your website. 

Imagine having your very own profit generating websites, built by you? Well you can, and it is easier than you might think. However, it is not a way to make fast money online, and you need to think of it as a longer term business. 

Read my comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Go straight to the platform and sign up for a free account here:

If you have any other platforms that make you money, please share them here, and I'll be happy to review them add them to my list if I feel they are legitimate ways to make money online. As always, if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts, please do so. I always respond to my readers. 

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