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Hi and welcome. I’m so pleased you’re here! 🙂

So what’s my story, and how did I end up here?!


I’m Melissa, and I am the founder of  Winning Career from Home.

I worked in HR for 20 years with a background in psychology, and postgraduate degrees in commerce and in management.  I had always really enjoyed working in HR, but as I got older and had children (twins!), the balance between my work and my life was not right.

Create the life you want

I knew I needed a change, but I didn’t know how.  I was sick of missing out on being with my kids because I had to work.  I was sick of being exhausted after a big day at work, then having to start the ‘second shift’ at home – getting dinner ready, homework, getting the kids showered and into bed.  Then checking work emails again, laundry, and tidying up so I didn’t wake up to a mess the next morning.

Then there are school holidays. Every working parent knows that annual leave entitlements and school holidays just don’t add up.  In our situation, my four weeks of annual leave and my kids twelve weeks of school holidays was an issue every single year.  How do I manage the other eight weeks? With my husband overseas on a regular basis, and now setting up his own business, school holidays were hard for him too, and in many cases, impossible.   So I would inevitably ask for leave on half pay to stretch it as far as I could.  And I would genuinely feel terrible for leaving my team at work to pick up my job.   There were no winners in any of this, and as a professional with integrity and high standards,

I was in a constant state of …

…stress …

“Am I doing enough at work?”

“Do I look unprofessional because I have to leave work to pick up my kids?”

“Am I letting down my team?”

“Am I doing enough at home?”

“What if something urgent comes up and I’m not there?”

“I know the kids aren’t well enough to go to school, but I have to be at work today – I simply can’t miss it.  I feel like a terrible parent.”

“I wish I wasn’t so tired all the time.”

“I wish I didn’t have to leave the kids at after school care.”

“I wish I could help out more at school.”

I was missing precious moments with my kids.  But I was also just tired of being in the cycle of a 9-5 job (and let’s face it, it’s never just 9-5).

Things that I once loved about my job turned into the things that I no longer wanted or actively wanted to stop:

  • Travelling into the city every day
  • Having to dress like a professional, every day (if I could have worn yoga pants to work I would have)
  • Being relied upon by others
  • Having a portfolio that grew every day

Something had to change, so…

I made some changes!

I took a small risk. I learnt something completely new and went out of my comfort zone.  I started small and worked at night and on the weekends. I used every spare minute I could to learn and grow my business.

I  changed my life.

No timelines other than the ones that I create for myself.

My office is wherever I choose it to be.  Most of the time it’s in my lounge room, but sometimes it’s in a café, or a library, or at a park.  Sometimes it’s at the skate park or trampoline park while the kids are getting exercise.

I still work really hard, there’s no doubt about that.  But I work on my terms.  When I want, where I want, doing what I want.

My only regret is that I didn’t change my life sooner, when my kids were babies.  I am thankful that I have found it now, and for that I am grateful.

I want to help people because I know there is a better way for people who are in the position that I was.

Anyone can make changes

Any person who wants to:

  • start a new career;
  • improve their work life balance;
  • work from home;
  • create an additional income stream;
  • learn a new skill;
  • take back control in their life;

can change their situation, more easily than you think. It will take dedication, but you can do it.


The goal of my site is to provide you with a way to improve your life. To give you the career that you deserve, on YOUR terms.

Having an online career from home allows you to work from home or anywhere in the world. You can make money online, anywhere! You’ll need a laptop and WiFi, and some motivation. 

Read about the platform that changed everything for me here.

If I can do it, you can too! Anybody, regardless of skills and experience, can build an online career from home.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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