GiftHulk Review: Is GiftHulk a Scam or Legit?

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What is GiftHulk?


GiftHulk is a Get Paid To rewards site with several different ways that you can earn rewards known as Hulk Coins. You can redeem Hulk Coins for a range of items such as gift cards to various stores, including PayPal gift cards. There are many multiple ways that you can earn Hulk Coins.

According to GiftHulk, it is ‘open to users worldwide’. The site does not specify if there are any countries that cannot access GiftHulk. It is free to join.

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Ways to earn with GiftHulk

There are 7 main methods of earning Hulk Coins.

1 Search and Win

Use GiftHulk Search as your everyday search engine in place of your regular one, for the internet searches you would do anyway. You will have a chance to win Hulk Coins with every search.

2 Offer Walls 

Simple free surveys, offers, tasks, and videos. You have different Offer Walls to choose from.

Here is an example of what was on my Offer Wall this morning:

Gifthulk offer wall

3 Offers 

Complete special offers, selected for you by GiftHulk. These could be surveys, trials, signing up for different services and programs. All of these earn you Hulk Coins.

Gifhulk offers

4 Surveys 

Complete surveys for Hulk Coins. In order to do this, and like all other survey sites, you will need to fill in some answers to questions about yourself. Once you’ve done this, there will be surveys available in your account for you to complete in exchange for Hulk Coins. The surveys will be matched to you based on your personal information. There are no limits to the number of surveys you can do each day.

5 Referring others to GiftHulk

Each of your referrals who signs up using your code will get 250 Hilk Coins once they start using Gift Hulk. (Accurate as at July 2018).

You will receive 5% from your referral earnings when they earn Hulk Coins by completing offer walls, offers, surveys and GiftHulk TV.

Making money through affiliate referrals is a wonderful way to earn money, as it is passive income. You are making money passively through the work of others. So if that’s your thing, sign up to GiftHulk and start sharing your affiliate links.

6 GiftHulk TV 

Earn Hulk Coins by watching videos. For every 10 short videos, you will earn 10 Hulk Coins:

Gift Hulk TV

Video lengths range from less than a minute to several minutes.

7 Games – Guess the Card

When you use chips in Guess the Card game you will have a chance to win Hulk Coins. Each new user gets 5 chips, which are reset every day. You have a number of options to play, by guessing the card, suit or rank.

Payment from GiftHulk

You can redeem your Hulk Coins for gift cards.  Electronic gift cards are added to your GiftHulk account. You can see the gift cards codes in “My Orders”. Gift cards appear within 7 days of your redeem date.

The payout level is very low at $5.

Is Gifthulk worth it?

If you’re interested in having some fun online, and don’t mind too much about the very small payouts for your tasks, then this might suit. If you’ve got some free time and don’t mind how gimmicky it is it may be OK for you.

If you’re legitimately looking to make some real money online, this probably won’t be for you.

You will not make loads of money with GiftHulk. You will make some pocket money though. You may get sidetracked into other things that you normally would be involved in, so beware. There are distractions everywhere.

Whilst there are numerous reviews from people who love the site, I have also found several reviews where people have had poor experiences with the customer support and have experienced payment issues.

What is the verdict? Is Gifthulk a scam or legit: LEGIT!

GiftHulk is not a scam. It is a legitimate platform to make yourself some money. You can definitely earn points that translate into beneftis  using this platform.  In many ways, this is an excellent way that people can ‘test’ whether whether making money online is something they want to pursue further.

GiftHulk has been around since 2011. If you’re looking to make some cash here and there, and test if the online model works, then GiftHulk might be for you.

  • Legitimate: Yes
  • Cost to join: free
  • Recommended: Yes – for some extra pocket money

If you’re ready to join, you can sign up via the link below:

Sign up to GiftHulk for FREE

There is a better way to make money from home

For a great way to make real money online, much more than just pocket money, my preferred method is affiliate marketing. In my view, this is the best way to build a lucrative and consistent income from home.

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Please leave any comments or questions below and I’m always happy to help.

8 thoughts on “GiftHulk Review: Is GiftHulk a Scam or Legit?”

  1. Wow, $5 payout, that is great! I have spent a good amount of time trying different survey sites. It sucks when you have to wait till something like $10 to pay out. And it has games with the search engine option as well. Cool, will check it out.


    • Hi Preston, yes the $5 payout is certainly a bonus. Just don’t get too distracted with the games!
      All the very best to you Preston.

  2. I tried a similar site before. And you are right about the low payouts. If I could work on them all day, then maybe it’s worth it, but I ain’t got time for that hahaha

    • Hi William, I think these sites are great for anyone wanting to test out if the ‘make money online’ model works. As a source of real income though, you would be working 24/7 if you relied on sites like these!
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here William.

  3. This sound like fun if you have time to mess around but I’d prefer your recommendation into affiliate marketing.

    Your recommended program makes the most out of my time.

    I do like the sound of Hulk coins though

    Thanks for sharing Melissa

    • Hi Vince, Hulk coins do sound fun, don’t they? But yes it’s a lot of messing around for what really is pocket money. Affiliate marketing is certainly more lucrative in my opinion.
      Thanks for stopping by Vince and sharing your thoughts.

    • Hi Patrick, glad you like! It’s certainly an easy and fun way to make some extra money.
      All the best! Cheers,


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