Turn your hobby into a career

Turn your hobby into a business Many of us just dream about doing something that we truly love as our job. Have you ever thought “I really love doing X, but I’d never be able to turn that into a job”? There’s usually a gap between our professional lives and the hobbies we pursue outside […]

Radical candor

    Last week I had the pleasure of attending a two day conference in my home city of Melbourne. It represented a great opportunity to hear professionals sharing their experiences and talking about the future of the world of work. I do love thinking about the ‘world of work’ and how different that will […]

Invest in yourself though learning

  One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is learning When we learn, we grow. And sometimes all it takes to change our lives is to know how. It may seem impossible to change your life, but let me tell you right now that YOU CAN. You just need to find the right […]

Melbourne museum

When your career is online, you can work from home or anywhere in the world. You can work from anywhere in the world online, the only limit you have is your imagination. And budget I suppose depending upon where you’re thinking of going … I’ve been dreaming about being overseas in Europe to beat the […]

Affiliate Millionaire Club

    If I told you that you could earn $1,200 per day for virtually no effort at all, for a one-time fee of $47, you’d want to know more, right? Well that’s what our friends at Affiliate Millionaire Club are saying. So naturally, I wanted to investigate this further. Because, I could do with […]

The best office view in the world

Having an online business from home means that my ‘office’ is anywhere I want it to be. In fact, you can work from anywhere in the world online. As someone who loves to be out and about, making money from home gives me the freedom to explore, visit new cafes, and visit different parts of […]

kotter eight step change model

  One thing we know for sure is that throughout our lives, change is constant. There will always be change happening either to us or around us, and we know that people respond differently to change for different reasons. There is much in the literature about change, and I love learning about good models of […]

Ecamoney - it will hurt your head and empty your wallet

I come across lots of different sites that on face value seem to provide people with legitimate ways to make money online. And I delight in sharing legitimate opportunities with people, because I love to help people create the lives they want by building their own careers from home. But quite often I will come […]