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Now has never been a better time to investigate ways to earn money from home, and there are more ‘work anywhere’ online jobs available than you might think. I’ve been researching and compiling different ways to make money online for quite some time now, and it turns out there are lots of options available for people. In fact, there are several platforms dedicated to matching people’s skills with freelancing tasks and short term jobs that can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

SolidGigs is one such website.

SolidGigs Review

SolidGigs is a freelance jobs platform. SolidGigs finds the best freelance jobs available and sends them directly to your email.
In this SolidGigs review we’ll find out all about SolidGigs, and whether it is worth joining.
Let’s take a look at SolidGigs.

What is solidgigs.com

Some basic information about SolidGigs:

  • Website: https://solidgigs.com
  • Price to join: $2 for the first 30 days, then $19 per month.
  • Recommended: Trial for the first month and give it a go

My SolidGigs review will take you through the following sections:

  • What is SolidGigs and how does SolidGigs work?
  • Is SolidGigs legit?

What is SolidGigs and how does SolidGigs Work?

SolidGigs is a site that manually reviews approximately 100 sites that list freelancing opportunities, and brings together in one place. They claim to post the top 1% of gigs they find from their search. Their value proposition is therefore that they have weeded out the poorer opportunities and only show what they consider to be the very best gigs available. Their gigs lists are targeted towards designers, developers, writers and marketers.

Apart from listing the top jobs available, they also provide a comprehensive suite of courses, tools and resources to support freelancers and solopreneurs to enhance their skills and help them attract and retain the best clients, including negotiating the best rates.

SolidGigs Review: the 2 key ingredients

Their courses include video and written courses from experts on pitching clients, selling yourself, managing your finances, and more. Their resources also include interviews with freelancers who are doing well and are happy to share their knowledge with you in the form of tips, tactics and advice.

There isn’t much in the way of reviews online about SolidGigs. However, I did find a review on Reddit that spoke to the quality of the learning resources:

“SolidGigs is a seriously awesome resource for freelancers. Each week they send you the best 2% of freelance gigs available, making the search process that much easier. The main reason I love SolidGigs, though, is their online resource library with courses, interviews, templates, scripts, and more to help you land that job, negotiate rates, pitch your ideas, and grows as a professional across the board. Like Flexjobs, it is subscription based, but well worth the investment.”

    Is SolidGigs Legit? Yes it is.

    SolidGigs appears legitimate. There is not a lot of information available about them online. Digging a bit further, it seems to have been borne out of a freelancing website called millo.co, founded by Preston Lee. They don’t appear to have been around for very long, and it seems that Preston has pretty much been a one person show with some support here and there. At the end of the day, this site collects email addresses for a mailing list to distribute jobs, and has some resources available for you as well. 

    There are currently no reviews of SolidGigs on sitejabber, and they do not have a BBB rating.

    If that’s what you’re looking for, then it seems reasonable if you’re being sent quality jobs. I guess what I’m wondering is, what’s wrong with just signing up for a number of platforms and searching for the right gigs yourself? The question I have is, “Is the learning available through this site worth the monthly fee?” Only you will be able to answer that if you sign up for the month trial to assess the quality of the resources.

    The issue I have with SolidGigs is that you cannot get much information from the website without providing your credit card information. Not ideal. So you don’t get to see examples of the quality of the learnings and tools without parting with your personal information. I much prefer sites that give more a sample of what’s behind the curtain before parting with your credit card information.  

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