Working from home

Working from home gives you flexibility to do what you want to do in your life

the best business to start in 2019

  Hands down the best business to start in 2019 I spend some time on Quora, a platform where people ask questions and others provide answers. Whilst some of the questions are quite obscure and fascinating, and if i’m not careful I’d be led into the path of the wierd and wonderful, the questions that […]

What is EarnHoney

  What is EarnHoney? Let’s start with the basics: Website: Legitimate: Yes Cost to join: free Available to the US only, and branching out to the UK and Canada Recommended: Yes – but only for some extra pocket money in your spare time   The buzz around EarnHoney – my EarnHoney review EarnHoney is […]

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal 2018

The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday sale is coming … Friday November 23rd, 2018 to Monday November 26th, 2018. Mark your calendar!     Black Friday is nearly upon us, and I wanted to give you a heads up to the Wealthy Affilite Black Friday deal as early as possible. This will only happen ONCE this […]

Work from anywhere in the world online

Make money online, anywhere! Making money online doesn’t get much better when you pick up your laptop, go outside, and follow the sunshine. Your office can literally be wherever in the world you like. You can make money anywhere. All you need to do is think about what location, or locations, take your fancy when […]

download royalty free images

  Why images are important for your website “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Image are a crucial part of your website. You can convey thoughts, feelings and emotions with images. You can capture the meaning or essence of what you’re saying with a carefully selected image. Images might consist of photographs, cartoons, infographics, […]

Repurpose blog content for additional traffic

  Repurposing your content for additional traffic Did you know there are ways to use your existing content to drive additional traffic to your site? It takes substantial time and effort to prepare website content, and you can make the most of your existing content by repurposing it across other platforms.   Ways to repurpose […]


  What is Webtalk? Webtalk is an invitation-only social media platform. You must be invited in order to join the platform. In order to build your network, you invite the people you know to join Webtalk and connect with you. Webtalk is like a combination of the best features of Facebook and LinkedIn combined into […]

What is CB Passive Income Licence Program About

  What is CB Passive Income about? Website: Owner: Patric Chan Legitimate: Yes Recommended: In some instances, but this is not for everybody. Find out how I’ve come to this conclusion after reading my review.   Here is how CB Passive Income sum up their offering: What is CB Passive Income License Program about? […]

Beware of the Lamborghini pics

  How to spot a work at home scam One of the reasons I created was to highlight legitimate opportunities that are available for people wanting to create a career from home and make money online. As you can imagine, the opportunities available are far and wide. Some are better than others. And unfortunately, […]