The best WordPress hosting service

The best WordPress web hosting service in 2019 Reliable WordPress web hosting is an absolute must have for your online business. You cannot do without it, and it pays to find a quality web hosting company. So who is the best WordPress hosting provider? Firstly, we need to understand why reliable web hosting is so […]

700 Profit Club review

My 700 Profit Club review You may have come across 700 Profit Club and heard that you can make some money online with 700 Profit Club, in the range of $700 per day. You may be wondering what it’s all about, and whether 700 Profit Club is a scam or a legitimate way to make […]

Mass Income Machines review

Read this Mass Income Machines Review before signing up! I heard about Mass Income Machines as a potential way to make money online, so naturally I had to investigate. In fact, they are claiming that you can make up to $42,000 per month with it. I’d like to make $42,000 per month, so I really […]

Blogging mistakes to avoid

Looking back to when I started bogging a few years ago, I made some pretty basic blogging mistakes. It’s safe to say the learning curve was steep. It was a new challenge that was always going to take a little while to master. I have learnt an amazing amount on my blogging journey, it’s been […]

Declutter your life now

When you work from home, you need to have a space that is free from clutter, where you are free to do your best work. You don’t want to be hindered by ‘stuff’ getting in your way and distracting you from your goals. It’s important that your work space is clean and tidy, and distinctly […]

Happy Christmas wishes

To my lovely readers, I wanted to write you a short note to thank you for your support this year, and to wish you a very happy Christmas. And for all those folks who don’t celebrate Christmas, I wish you a happy holiday season! I love Christmas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I love it […]