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There are lots of get rich quick schemes on the internet, or schemes that are just scammy and should be avoided. Here’s a few.

September 29, 2019

Killer Content System Review

Killer Content System Review

  My Killer Content System ReviewWe all want ‘killer content’ on our websites, right? Killer content means traffic, and the more traffic we get the more profitable our websites. What if you were promised killer content without even lifting a finger, and translating that killer content into thousands of dollars every month? You may have heard about […]

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Cryptocurrency Scam –

Daily Rewards Review

Beware of Cryptocurrency Scams – Australian Family Loses $20,000 in Scam It has been reported in the Australian news this week that an Australian family has lost their savings in a cryptocurrency scam. The company was called (not to be confused with confused with  The family had come across the scheme via Facebook. The family […]

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