What is InstaGC – Instant Gift Cards!

InstaGC Review. How Easy Is It to Get Free Giftcards?

In this instaGC review we’ll find out if instaGC is worth your time and effort, and how much work it takes to get free gift cards or other rewards. We will answer the question ‘is instaGC a scam or legit?

InstaGC is a ‘get paid to’ (GPT) platform. Get paid to sites are those that offer multiple different ways to earn rewards or cash.

Let’s take a look at instaGC.

Insta GC Reviews

Some basic information about instaGC:

  • Website: https://www.instagc.com
  • Price to join: Free
  • Affiliate program: Yes
  • Recommended: Yes, if you like get paid to sites

My instaGC review will take you through the following sections:

  • What is instaGC and how does instaGC work?
  • How do you get paid with instaGC?
  • Is instaGC legit?
  • My recommended way of making money online

What is instaGC and how does instaGC Work?

InstaGC is owned and operated by Day Online Solutions. Insta GC is available in all countries and regions that are supported by PayPal, excluding China and Vietnam. Users of the service need to 18 or over, or 13+ provided there is parental consent.
To get free rewards with instaGC, you first have to earn points. You can earn points by:

  • Answer surveys
  • Complete tasks
  • Download programs
  • Listen to music
  • Refer others
  • Search the web
  • Sign up for trials
  • Visit websites
  • Watch videos

instaGC Review

You are instructed to use real information when doing offers that request it. The quickest ways to earn points are via:

  • Clicks – visit websites – most are repeatable every 24 hours.
  • instaGC videos – watch videos – 1 point per 20 videos (+ bonuses).
  • Daily surveys – repeatable every 24 hours.
  • Submits – quick and easy offers that just require an email address.
  • Surveys


You can download apps to your devices for points, via AdGate Rewards, AdWall, OfferToro and Revenue Universe. For each of these, you just need to confirm your devices, and then they will display the apps available for download, together with the points you will earn:

InstaGC Review - download apps and earn points


Receive points by visiting and browsing websites. Most reset each day so you check back daily to re-do them.


Receive points by completing various tasks. You can earn points by sharing gift cards on Facebook and Twitter.

Insta GC Review - complete tasks and earn money


Trials are where you sign up for something for a trial period and receive points. You always need to be careful with trial periods because if you go past the trial period you will be charged for whatever service it is you are trialing. Whilst that’s OK if you actually want the service and would have purchased it anyway, if you were only interested in the trial period then you’ll be paying for it if you don’t remember to end the arrangement. Make sure you don’t get caught out!

You can do trials through AdGate Rewards, AdWall, Revenue Universe and Walls Ads.

Insta GC Review - sign up for trials and earn points


When I was exploring the platform, I was interested in the videos on offer, and on the day of posting there were two channels available via HideOut TV and OfferToro.

For each channel, you need to sign up with your email address. Your accounts will be linked to insta GC, and then watch and start earning. There’s loads of videos available and if you’re not careful you could be watching for quite some time! If you like watching videos anyway, then why not get paid for doing so at the same time?

Insta GC reviews


And of course through insta GC you can undertake a multitude of surveys for points.

Referring Others

You also receive 10 points per referral, valid and confirmed referral sign up that is from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or United States. You will also receive 10% of what they earn on most things. No bonuses will be given to those you refer from outside these countries or to those from your own household / same Internet connection.
So if you’re into referring others, this can be a good way to boost your points and therefore your earnings. Just make sure you don’t spam people, no one likes a pushy friend.

How Do You Get Paid With instaGC?

1 point = $0.01, so you’re know going to get rich any time soon. Know that when you join these types of sites, you are making pocket money, and doing some activities that you hopefully find enjoyable at the same time. The minimum cashout is $1, although some gift cards may have a higher threshold than that.
The methods of payment include:

  • eCheck – sent to email address – received on average 1-3 days.
  • Direct deposit – sent to bank account – received on average 1-4 days (USA only).
  • Gift card – digital / electronic – received instantly.
  • PayPal – instantly processed once qualified.
  • Cryptocurrency – including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.

Accounts that have not been logged into for six months or more are deemed inactive and points earned in these accounts are null and void, so make sure you cash out your points regularly once you’ve earned them.

I recommend you read the Terms and Conditions of instaGC thoroughly before getting started on tasks. They explain the need for verification prior to redeeming your first points, and if you’re not ready for that you may be annoyed by it.

Is instaGC A Scam or Legit? It’s LEGIT!

InstaGC is absolutely legitimate.

There is no BBB rating for Insta GC, however, there is one for Day Online Solutions, the parent company of insta GC. They have the highest possible rating of A+. You can find the rating here.
Sitejabber only had 21 Insta GC reviews on the date of posting, with the summary as follows:

Insta GC Reviews

As you can see, the results are a mixed bag, with 11 people rating it as a 4 or 5; and another 10 rating it as a 1 or a 2. The negative comments were all provided with a response by an insta GC administrator, and did appear to genuinely want to help people who’d had a negative experience.

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Want to earn more than pocket money?

Whilst pocket money is awesome, you can earn more than pocket money.

My preferred way to make money from home is through affiliate marketing. The basics of affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing - the best way to make money from homeare:

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
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Go on, build your own website that is uniquely yours that will grow with you. The sky is the limit!

Have you had experience with insta GC, or other get paid to sites? What are your most recommended ways to make money from home?

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