What Is Rewarding Ways and Is It Worth Your Time?

Rewarding Ways Review

In this Rewarding Ways review we’ll find out if Rewarding Ways is worth your time and effort. We will answer the question ‘is Rewarding Ways a scam or legit?

Rewarding Ways is a ‘get paid to’ (GPT) platform. Get paid to sites are those that offer multiple different ways to earn rewards or cash. Rewarding Ways has a strong focus on surveys as its main method of earning, together with cash offers.

Let’s take a look at Rewarding Ways.

Rewarding Ways Review

Some basic information about Rewarding Ways:

My Rewarding Ways review will take you through the following sections:

  • What is Rewarding Ways and how does Rewarding Ways work?
  • How do you get paid with Rewarding Ways?
  • Is Rewarding Ways legit?
  • My recommended way of making money online

What is Rewarding Ways and how does Rewarding Ways Work?

Rewarding Ways rewards you when you:

  • Take Surveys
  • Complete Offers
  • Refer Others

Rewarding Ways Review - How It Works

Rewarding Ways does not have an app, and the site isn’t particular user-friendly on a phone, so your best bet is to use a laptop or a tablet.

Rewarding Ways Surveys

Rewarding Ways Review

Surveys are the focus of this site, and there are quite a few surveys available, ready for you to make a start on. When I logged in, there were 35 surveys available on my offer wall. I may not have necessarily qualified for all of them, but there were several just waiting for me.

When you join Rewarding Ways, like other similar survey platforms, you need to be aware that in many cases you will need to fill out some basic information about yourself the first time you take a survey through each provider. Be prepared for that as it can be a little annoying. However, once you’ve done it for each provider you do not have to do it again.

Rewarding Ways Cash Contests

If you want to earn daily money, completing offers is your best bet. However Rewarding Ways also run some bonus Cash Contests that are free to enter and are available to members worldwide.

There are 20 cash prizes available. It looks as though the prizes are available monthly. The people who earn the most cash and points combined over the period indicated in the contest win a prize based on their final position when the contest ends. I checked out the leader board, and there are certainly several people who are making decent cash with Rewarding Ways. The prizes look like a great incentive to spend time on the platform completing offers.

At the end of the contest, the prize will be automatically added to the winners accounts. 

Rewarding Ways Referral Program

Rewarding Ways has a referral program (affiliate program), where you can earn money just by referring other people to the site. The following benefits are currently available for referring members:

  • 25% of all your referral earnings credited automatically to your account, for life.
  • Links and banners are available to help you to get new referrals via social media and email marketing.
  • New members you refer automatically receive $0.20 to their account when they join.

How Do You Get Paid With Rewarding Ways?

You can withdraw your money once your account reaches the minimum payout limit of $1. That’s an awesome low payout threshold! 100 points is equivalent to $1 (so 1 point = $0.01).

Payments are made via Paypal, Instant Paypal, Payza, Skrill or Amazon, it’s up to you. Just choose the withdraw option from the “rewards” tab in the main menu.

Payments are processed about three times each day. There are no limits to the number of times you can withdraw each day. As a minimum Rewarding Ways guarantee to process all pay-out requests within a 24-hour period, though on most occasions it will be less than 8 hours. Rewarding Ways charge a 2% fee for the amount you withdraw when using Paypal and Skrill. Payza is currently 3%, and bitcoin is 10%.

Is Rewarding Ways A Scam or Legit? It’s LEGIT!

Rewarding Ways is absolutely legitimate. Whilst it isn’t the most user-friendly of the survey sites I’ve seen, once you’ve been there for a little while it starts to make more sense and becomes easier to navigate.

Trustpilot show that Rewarding Ways has a fairly decent customer rating. Out of 236 reviews, they score an average of about 3.5 out of 5. Interestingly, administrators of Trustpilot respond to every single negative review. It is clear that they take their customer service seriously, and care about their reputation. They are the first survey platform I’ve seen to respond to reviews.

Rewarding Ways Review - Trustpilot Ratings

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  1. Never heard of RewardingWays before. In your research of Rewarding Ways did you discover how practical it is to earn money on their platform? Maybe I missed it in your review of Rewarding Ways. I’ve tried a few “survey” sites and every single one has been not very practical. They either run you around in circles jumping through hoops or they pay you 3 cents for 20 minutes of work. Is Rewarding Ways any different? Thanks.

  2. Hey,

    I have reading your article this is great opportunity for us ,which using we can earn pocket money at home.Your money rewarding Ways is absolutely legitimate .

    Definitely I will try to earn money on your blog ways and discus with my friends.Your article is really helpful to me.

    Thanks to posting this type article.You will see more such rewarding Way in the next post.Thanks again go ahead.

  3. Thank you for this article. Many people now like to do surveys to earn extra money, and I really want to do this. However, I have seen that many platforms are only for the US. Is this platform open to foreigners? If I can make some extra income from this platform, my life can be better.


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