Make Money Online Testing: My Beta Testing Review

BetaTesting Review

With new online businesses starting every day, there are many companies out there dedicated to getting your feedback on new websites and apps. You can take advantage of this and make money online testing.

Anyone with an online business wants to be confident that they’re doing the right thing and they’re site provides a great user experience. What better way to find out than to get user feedback? Making money testing websites is an awesome way to make some extra money. Also, if you’re into website or app building you can also get some good ideas about new trends in websites, and get a feel for what works and what doesn’t work.

What is Beta Testing? BetaTesting pays you to test websites and apps.

You’ll be paid to test various apps and websites. You’ll be encouraged to look for and report bugs. You’ll be asked for your overall feedback as well as the user experience and usability.

Testing websites from home is a legitimate way to earn income. Whilst you won’t make a fortune with BetaTesting, you can certainly make some extra money.

Let’s take a look at BetaTesting.

Some basic information about BetaTesting

My BetaTesting Review will take you through the following sections:

  • What is BetaTesting and how does BetaTesting work?
  • How do you get paid with BetaTesting?
  • Is BetaTesting legit?

What is Beta Testing and how does BetaTesting work?

BetaTesting is open to anyone in the world who is 18 years or over, and has a PayPal account.

You start by filling in a form to apply to become a beta tester. You then need to login to your dashboard to complete more detailed information, which will be used to match you with appropriate testing based on who the company is targeting for their testing.

Beta Testing Review

To maximise the likelihood of getting invited to participate in more testing, you are advised to:

  • Respond as frequently as possible to the invites you get.
  • Complete all required tasks and provide high quality feedback so that you are highly rated as a tester.
  • Complete all tests that you do accept.

Sometimes, a project has a certain target audience in mind. For these projects, a screening survey may be used to ask additional questions to find the ideal testers for that particulate project. Screening surveys usually consist of multiple choice questions and are quick and easy to complete.

The results you provide are reviewed and rated by each product owner, and sometimes by the BetaTesting team. If you provide high quality feedback, it is more likely that you will have a higher rating and therefore be invited to participate in more tests.

Example of a test

Here is an example of a test that was available on the day of writing this blog:

There is a new peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that wants your feedback. There are 5 coins available for trading: bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, bitcoincash, and litecoin. As part of this beta test, your goal is to fully explore the platform, go through the entire trading process, and provide your feedback along the way.

For the purposes of testing, the exchange will allow users to trade with real money, which will be provided in the form of a test credit card. The card will be limited to $15 USD value, which you can use for deposit.

The test is available on web, Android and iPhone. The time required is 30 minutes. You will be paid $10 USD for testing. The top 25% of testers get a $5 bonus, based on the quality of bug reports and feedback.

There were three other tests available on the same day.

How do you get paid with BetaTesting?

The rewards vary from test to test and they will be specified when you are invited to apply for the test. All payments are made via PayPal.

You are paid after each campaign is complete and your feedback has been reviewed to make sure all the tasks and questions were adequately completed. This typically takes around two weeks after the test concludes.

Is BetaTesting legit?

Yes, BetaTesting is absolutely legit. If you like exploring new apps and websites and are able to provide good quality feedback, then website testing might be for you.

You do need to be aware that you won’t be invited to participate in many tests, so if you decide that website testing is way you want to make money online, I would advise signing up to a few platforms to maximise your likelihood of invitations to complete tests.

For some other ideas, check out my list of ways to Earn Extra Money From Home. This includes cash back sites, get paid to sites, using your skills sites, surveys and other website testing sites.

I personally love affiliate marketing as a way to make money online, anywhere in the world!

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  1. Hey, your review on Beta Testing is awesome for all. Anyone can make some pocket money while testing websites and apps. It is free to join & it is a legit program. I know via your article that BetaTesting is open to anyone in the world who is 18 years or over, and has a PayPal account, so I can join. We will receive payment via PayPal. You have done great work.

    • Hi Parveen,

      Thanks for stopping by! All the best with BetaTesting and your online money making endeavours 🙂


  2. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. Platforms like this tend to drive traffic a lot. I will be so glad testing websites and getting paid for it. But how do we know if those websites are safe? Also some apps may cause lagging in phones and system. What do we do about it? 

    • Hi Benny,

      Thanks for your kind words about my site! I’m so glad you like it, and I hope it helps people. 

      It’s always best to do your own research about whether you feel a website is safe before signing up to it. Once you’ve completed testing of an app you can just delete it. 

      All the best to you Benny.



  3. Thanks for this kind of explanation on the need to review online money making websites, a lot of businesses online now engage in this kind of test so as to ascertain their level of quality distribution online.

    User feedbacks data analysis is a good derivative factor of a good online business or product line.

    Your article on Beta testing I must say is a good one because it will really help a lot of people to be sure of the right business to venture into.

    • Thanks so much Carol for visiting, and for leaving a comment here 🙂

      Much appreciated Carol, and best wishes to you.



  4. Wow! Interesting ideas and opportunities! . I think Beta Testing is an idea that can be tried. Previously, I have also registered on several similar platforms. However, I never got the assignment (even though I did certifications that showed I was qualified). And that makes me sad.
    By the way, I am also in search of making money online to have more flexibility. And, related to what you write about affiliate marketing. I became interested in trying it out.
    However, can I who have no knowledge and experience try it too?

    • Hi Kylie,

      Getting invitations to participate in testing activities can be quite ad hoc as you’ve found out. 

      Affiliate marketing can be for anyone. You don’t need any  knowledge or experience to make a start. The training that I link to in the post, and also available here, is perfect for beginners as well as experienced marketers. If you’re unsure, you can sign up with a free account and make a start on the training. There are ten free modules available for people to give it a go and see if they think it might be something that will suit them. You won’t be asked for credit card details or anything like that, so you may as well sign up and get started! If you like it, that’s awesome. If you don’t, you haven’t lost anything and you’ve gained some experience. 

      All the very best to you.


  5. I’ve read many many posts on making money from home, but this is one of the best written and most comprehensive I’ve seen – I just bookmarked it as I know I’ll be referring back shortly!

    Appreciate your opinion on the survey companies too, I often wondered if it was worth the hassle for the amount of money you can actually earn. 

    The beta testing is really interesting, do you need any technical skills for this? Is it available to people outside of the US?

    Thanks for sharing and great job with the post!

    • Hi there Forty Something Traveller,

      Thank you! I’m glad you like my post about ways to make money from home. I add to that list all the time when I discover new platforms that are legit. The page does seem to be growing at a rapid rate, which is awesome! 

      With regards to beta testing, you typically don’t need special skills. There may be times when a company is looking for a specific demographic to test their site or their app, but usually these aren’t based on the skills of the person. They are looking for potential users of the sites for their feedback. My understanding is that BetaTesting is available to anyone with a PayPal account and is 18 years or over. 

      Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your comments here. All the best to you.



  6. Thanks for the list! I am definitely going to check this out.  I do some web development as well.  So, I am happy to learn more about different aspects of the websites.  Affiliate marketing is another good avenue for making money online.  It takes time and dedication, but it is definitely worth it. Thanks again for the information.

    • Hi Jennie,

      You might find website testing interesting from a whole other angle with your web development experience, that’s really cool. Affiliate marketing is great too. It’s my personal favourite because of the ability to set up recurring income, and to build on assets that belong to me (apart from how fun it is to build my own sites about things that are interesting to me!).

      Thanks for stopping by Jennie. All the best to you. Cheers,


  7. I’ve heard of BetaTesting and can tell it’s legit because I know of someone reviewing websites and reporting found bugs with them. It’s actually a way of making money but not a great way of building a passive income online. Just like you, I love affiliate marketing and that has always been my passion.

    Sometimes invitation on BetaTesting may not come as expected so one need to be very active by getting involved in every task to boost the livelihood of getting invited. And also, to put more money in the pocket, one need to go for survey, cash back sites, paid to sites, etc. which of cause you’ve given a link for that.

    • Hi Kell,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences here. I agree that BetaTesting, like other website testing platforms, doesn’t have a huge volume of work available and can be quite ad hoc, which is why if you want to rely on website testing to earn an income you need to sign up to several platforms to increase the likelihood of receiving invitations. 

      Wishing you all the best with your affiliate marketing!



  8. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article . I love to earn online and I work online . Every day new websites are being created for the online market and they are very competitive . I always look for a website which can have good opportunities and earn with security . I’ve heard about this beta testing a long time ago and everyone said it was positive I had thought since then I would work here.I want to do something online and let everyone know be confident Do not be deceived .And I want to tell all of you that you can work on this web site .But one question I had was whether it could be done from all countries ?

    • Hi Shanta,

      My understanding is that Beta Testing is available globally to anyone who has a PayPal account and is 18 years of age or over.

      Wishing you all the best Shanta.



  9. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would of help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say that you have done a great job on this article as I have learnt alot. I have read many reviews about beta testing and this is the only unbiased review. Thanks alot I will give it a trial.

    • Hi Faji,

      I’m glad you found this useful and gave you enough information to make up your mind about whether you think this might be worthwhile for you. Wishing you all the best with Beta Testing. 

      If you want even more ideas about how to make money online, check out my article here. There’s information about my other website testing sites, get paid to sites, surveys, and sites that pay you for your skills. There’s also my top recommendation for starting your own affiliate marketing website. 

      All the best to you Faji.



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