An iWriter Review: Make Money Writing Articles Online

Is iWriter a Scam or Legit?

iWriter is a writing platform. You can get paid to write quality articles for people. For people who want to buy content, you can very simply raise an order through the platform.

In this iWriter review we’ll find out if iWriter is worth signing to as a writer. We will answer the question ‘is iWriter a scam or legit?

Let’s take a look at iWriter.iWriter Review

Some basic information about iWriter:

  • Website:
  • Requirements to join: Writers must be from North America, South America, Europe, Asia or Australia. You are required to submit a brief writing test.
  • Recommended: Yes

My iWriter review will take you through the following sections:

  • What is iWriter and how does iWriter work?
  • How do you get paid with iWriter?
  • Is iWriter legit?

iWriter Review

What is iWriter and how does iWriter Work?

iWriter would have to be one of the most popular article writing sites right now.

Joining iWriter as a writer is a process of application that currently takes about two weeks. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name and email address
  • How you heard about iWriter
  • Your country of residence

There are two short writing tests that will be assessed.

The first requires you to write 200 words in English on the following topic: “Please tell us about yourself and why you would like to write for iWriter”

The second is a test of your research ability. You are required to write 200 words in English on the following topic: “What is the #1 way a company can be successful with social media marketing?” Your article must be 100% original content. Your application will be immediately rejected if plagiarism is detected by Copyscape.
Once you’re in, you’ll notice that there are four levels of ‘writer status’, and what you get paid per article will depend on your writer status.

Here’s a short video that summarises how you write articles and make money with iWriter:

There are no limits on how many articles your write. You can write as much or as little as you want. The more you write, the more money you’ll make, and hopefully your level will increase too if you keep producing quality work.

iWriters are paid 65% of the price of each article. These amounts vary based on your writer level, and the length of the article.

There are four levels of writer:

  1. Standard
  2. Premium
  3. Elite
  4. Elite Plus

The different writer levels are determined by the quality of the written content. For example, a writer may earn $2.15 for a 500 word article as a “Standard” writer but could earn $25.35 for a 500 word article as an “Elite Plus” writer. If you receive a special request from a requester you will receive an additional 5% (a total of 70%) of the price of the article.

A special request is an order sent to a specific writer and/or writers. If a special request order is sent to several writers, the first writer to pick up the order will have the opportunity to write it. If other writers pass on the order, it will remain in your special request queue for you to complete.

How to increase your level as an iWriter

  • To become a writer at the Premium level you must have a minimum of a 4.1 star rating and also have at least 25 ratings in your account.
  • To become a writer at the Elite level you must have a minimum of a 4.6 star rating and also have at least 30 ratings in your account.
  • To become a writer at the Elite Plus level you must have a minimum of a 4.85 star rating and also have at least 40 ratings in your account.

The reason that iWriter have the tiered system is to ensure the quality of their writers.

Just as the writers are rated, the requesters are also rated. Once you’ve submitted an article and been through the review process. you’ll be asked to review the requester. This process helps others to see how quickly the requester approves articles. Writers prefer to write for requesters with good ratings.

How Do You Get Paid With iWriter?

There is a process of review once you have submitted your article. It is presented to the requester, and the requester has three days to review, which will result in them approving or rejecting your article.

If your article is well written it is likely be approved by the requester. However, articles that are very poorly written may be rejected. Factors that may contribute to an article being rejected include:

  • lack original content – some of the content may be considered to be plagiarised
  • not following any particular instructions that were provided by the requester of the article
  • poor English

When your article is approved, the funds are placed immediately into your account. 

Writers are paid via Paypal. Writers must earn a minimum of $20 each week in order to be paid out. Payments are sent on Tuesday of each week for earnings up to 1 week prior to the payment date. For example, if you write an article on Friday, your payout for that article will take place a week from the next Tuesday.

If you close your account, you will not automatically be paid out. You need to have earned at least $20 to be paid otherwise your earnings will be forfeited.

You must include a valid Paypal email to get paid. Payments will be sent to your Paypal account within a 24-hour time period from each of the pay dates. The exact time of day that the payment is sent may vary due to Paypal’s payment scheduler.

Is iWriter A Scam or Legit? It’s LEGIT!

iWriter is absolutely legitimate, and if you enjoy writing and can produce quality articles, then iWriter is a good option for you.

iWriter is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but does have a rating of C at the time of writing. 

Sitejabber reviews of iWriter are largely positive, with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5. With that being said, many of the reviews are from requesters rather than writers. However, it does go to show that the platform is seen as more favourable than not:

iWriter Reviews - Sitejabber

It’s important that you read the terms and conditions of iWriter before signing up as a writer. There are some rules it’s important you’re across. For example, if you don’t log in for 45 consecutive days your account will be deactivated, and if you don’t log in for 12 consecutive months the account will be permanently closed. Any funds you had accrued that weren’t paid out to you will be lost.

Your account can also be blocked for a number of reasons, and it’s very important you understand the rules so you don’t get blocked.

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