Narcissistic personality traits – are you working with a narcissist?

Ditch the workplace narcissist

    You’ve probably come across people who leave you scratching your head and wondering why they have such an inflated sense of self-importance. Why is it always about them? Why do they have a sense of entitlement over and above everyone else? Why do they keep telling everyone about their achievements, all the time, …

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Kotter’s 8 step change model

kotter eight step change model

  One thing we know for sure is that throughout our lives, change is constant. There will always be change happening either to us or around us, and we know that people respond differently to change for different reasons. There is much in the literature about change, and I love learning about good models of …

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Patience is the key to success

Keep going

I see so many people who want to make money quick online, without having to do very much. It never ceases to amaze me that people think they can find a magic formula that will translate into huge amounts of cash for them, for practically no effort. And yet, when presented with an opportunity to …

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What’s the best career for introverts?

What's the best career for introverts

  For anyone who’s an introvert, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say some careers suit you better than others. Think of things like facilitating large group activities, MCing events, or having to go to networking event after networking event. How are you feeling?! If you’re feeling drained just thinking about those, then …

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