Goals for Success

To be successful we need to set ourselves goals to reach our potential

Emotional intelligence

Defining emotional intelligence A concept that has fascinated me for years is emotional intelligence, and how you can improve your emotional intelligence. Before we start talking about how we can improve our emotional intelligence and why it’s important to do so, we need to first understand what it’s all about. The concept of emotional intelligence, […]

SMART goal setting model

When you work from home, even though you lose the 9 to 5 schedule, you still need to be organised and thoughtful about what you are doing, why you’re doing it, and when you need to complete it by.  Planning becomes important, as does measuring your progress against your goals.  Which leads to a good […]

Make free money online

All you need to do is a social media search on “easy ways to make money from home” or “quick ways to make money from home” and you will be inundated with rubbish programs and get rich schemes that will at worst rip you off and take your money, and at best waste your time […]

Stop dreaming start doing

We all know that affiliate marketing works.  We know that affiliate marketing is a legitimate work from home career.  Notice that I say ‘career’ rather than ‘job’ – you can build this into something long term and sustainable. It is one of the real ways to make  money from home, and once you get it right […]

Plan for your success then work for it

You may have come across the Japanese concept of Hoshin kanri if you’ve ever been involved in Six Sigma or in Lean production techniques.  It has been used successfully in Toyota and many other Japanese companies.  I first heard of it in a book called “The Toyota Way” by Jeffrey Liker, when I was studying […]

A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there

Have you ever heard people say “you need to step out of your comfort zone”? I always used to wonder why that was so important and why it was a ‘thing’. “But it’s nice to be comfortable”, I used to think. And whilst it sure is nice to be comfortable, it is important to recognise […]

Do you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur?

When you think of top business entrepreneurs, who comes to mind? Sir Richard Branson? Steve Jobs? Bill Gates? Oprah? Anita Roddick? Martha Stewart? Walt Disney? Those people are pretty incredible. Think about the skills they have. What do you think sets those people apart? What is an entrepreneur? They will typically have a talent for […]

Tomorrow is the beginning

Another year has ended and a new one has begun.   2017 has seen loads of change for my family and me, and I know that 2018 will be the same. A time for pause and reflection I find that in the New Year I reflect on my achievements of the past year, and consider […]

Introverts unite - NOT!

Working in HR I have always been interested in personality, and how our personality aligns (or in some cases doesn’t align) with our work. A popular personality tool is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  I have done this tool many times over the years as an individual and in team settings, and I’m always fascinated […]