Is Kyani a Pyramid Scheme or a Legit MLM?

Is Kyani a Scam or Legit?

In this Kyani review we’ll find out if Kyani is worth your time and effort. We will answer the questions ‘what is Kyani?’, and ‘is Kyani a scam or legit’?

Kyani is a multi level marketing (MLM) company.

What is kyani?

In most MLMs, there are two main ways you can earn money:

  1. By selling a product that is not sold in retail stores. In order to obtain the product you must order through a consultant, or on a consultant’s website, and
  2. By receiving commissions from the sales of your downline (i.e. people you recruit into your network)

What this means is you need to be able to sell products to people. If you genuinely want to be successful in a MLM company, you want to be recruiting new distributors who are also selling a lot of products. In the latter scenario, as well as selling products, you need to be able to sell the ‘lifestyle opportunity’ as well. This is crucial for MLM success- it has to be more than the products. You are selling the opportunity for change, the opportunity for financial freedom, the opportunity for flexible hours, and so on. At the end of the day, if you’re going to be successful doing multi level marketing, you need to be comfortable with this.
I heard about Kyani roughly three years ago even though it’s been around since 2005. I hear very little about Kyani in Australia, maybe it’s much bigger in other parts of the world. Anyway, I’d heard of it through a friend, and by all accounts the person who was a Kyani distributor loved it and was doing well at it. I guess they’re not going to say any different though, right? Because I was not enamoured with MLMs I never bothered to find out anymore about it. But because of where my online journey has taken me, I thought it was time to delve further into Kyani to see if it is a worthwhile business opportunity.

Let’s take a look at Kyani.

Some basic information about Kyani:

  • Website:
  • Founded by: Kirk Hansen, Jim Hansen and Carl Taylor
  • In operation since: 2005
  • Price to join: Starts at $89
  • Recommended: Yes, but only if you like MLMs

My Kyani review will take you through the following sections:

  • What is Kyani and how does Kyani work?
  • How do you get paid with Kyani?
  • Is Kyani legit?
  • My recommended way of making money online

What is Kyani and how does Kyani Work?

Kyani is a wellness company whose mission is “to bring hope—the promise of a better life—through wellness and opportunity.” Kyani is a super food MLM that primarily focuses on wild Alaskan blueberries and Omega-3s from Alaskan salmon.
Their product line covers:

  • Kyani triangle of health
  • Fleuresse

The Kyani Triangle of Health

Kyani Review - Triangle of Health

Kyani developed its signature line of products, the Kyani Triangle of Health, to support the body with nutrients it may not receive from a modern diet often lacking in nutrition.

Product 1: Kyani Sunrise

Kyani Sunrise utilises antioxidant polyphenols found in the wild Alaskan Blueberry. Sunrise also includes extracts from 22 super foods and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to optimise wellness.

Kyani Sunrise is water-soluble and is taken in the morning to maximise bio availability. It is available in a bottle or single-serve pouches, One standard order of the Kyani Sunrise includes 30 pouches at one fluid ounce each.

Kyani Sunrise

Product 2: Kyani Sunset

Kyani Sunset is a source of omega-3 fatty acids sourced from wild fish including wild Alaskan salmon. Sunset is also a source of Tocotrienols, a potent form of Vitamin E.

Kyani Sunset is lipid-soluble and is taken before going to sleep at night. There are 90 gels in one bottle.
Kyani Sunset

Product 3: Kyani Nitro FX

Kyani Nitro FX is described as “the key that unlocks the full power of the Triangle of Health”. The nitro products contain extracts from the noni fruit, which your body uses to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is useful to promote healthy circulation and helps ensure your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Nitro FX is available in an 8 pack of shot-sized bottles or a larger bottle with roughly 4 servings
Product 4: Kyani Nitro Xtreme

The nitro xtreme is a more concentrated blend of noni juice and also contains CoQ10, Zinc, and B3. It can be purchased in the 8 pack or the large bottle. The nitro xtreme can also be bought in powder form for convenience.

Kyani Nitro FX and Xtreme

Kyani Fleuresse

The Fleuresse skin care system is based on natural adaptations that promote longevity. There are five key products:

  1. Fleuresse Boosting Cleanser – uses natural botanicals, including noni, to clean your skin and prepare it to absorb vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids
  2. Fleuresse Serum – uses Swiss Apple plant stem cell extracts. Designed to help rejuvenate the skin, protect against fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the visible signs of aging
  3. Fleuresse Day Brightening Creme – is applied in the morning after the Boosting Cleanser and Serum. It hydrates the skin while calming and nourishing the skin
  4. Fleuresse Night Creme – has antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. Designed to fight signs of aging skin by hydrating, nourishing, and softening skin while you sleep
  5. Fleuresse Eye Creme – designed to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, to provide a glowing, more confident look

Do Kyani Products Work?

Kyani has a dedicated page that looks at research into their products: Whilst it great that Kyani dedicate resources to research their products, whatever gets published on the Kyani website is clearly going to be carefully selected. The research also don’t meet the standard of reliable evidence required to prove the company’s claims. Kyani don’t publish research in peer reviewed journals.

When I was doing my research it became apparent that there were several compalints about the product line, with several comments mentioning that the products left the users with flu-like symptoms. On the flip side, I saw many comments that were highly complimentary of the products.

How much does it cost to join Kyani?

It doesn’t usually break the bank to join most MLMs, with the exception of a few of course, like Prosperity of Life. However, Kyani is a pretty pricey MLM compared to others.

To become a distributor, you need to purchase an enrollment pack. The Welcome Kit (the cheapest option) costs $89 and doesn’t include any products. At this entry level of enrolling, you are very limited in the amount of money you can earn. For example, you only earn between $10 and $25 for the people you sponsor, and you do not qualify for open line bonuses or advances.

There are more expensive Other enrollment packs range from $399 to $1,299. With these, you qualify for Open line Bonuses, all rank levels, sponsoring bonuses, and commissions. So if you can’t make an initial investment, you’ll struggle to build your business.

Unlike other MLMs like Avon, the Kyani products are expensive, and are not likely to be in the budget of many people.

The Kyani Compensation Plan

With Kyani, there are a few different ways you can earn.

For direct sales, you can earn between 30 and 60% commission.

There are also bonuses available including a fast start bonus, rank bonus, sponsor bonus, longevity bonus, the matching check program, incentive trips, and a dream car bonus. The compensation plan, in my view, is quite confusing …

If you are considering joining Kyani, I would highly recommend you read the full compensation plan here.

Is Kyani A Scam or Legit? It’s LEGIT! But…

MLM is a legitimate business model and Kyani is no different. Whilst MLMs aren’t for everyone, you can earn money. It is all about moving as much product as possible for maximum income, and recruiting others to do the same.

Kyani does offer a range of tools and information to help you become successful in your business, including Consultants available to help you start and grow your business. The tools include:

  • Video presentations
  • Product guides
  • Training tutorials
  • Dialogues for cold-calling

Kyani has an A+ rating with the BBB:
Kyani review
There are several cons with Kyani:

  • the products are expensive, so they may be harder to sell than your average MLM products
  • the joining price is expensive to become a distributor
  • you must have a sponsor ID to join
  • history of legal issues with the company
  • inconsistent product results – when I was reading reviews, many people said they experienced ‘flu-like’ symptons
  • there are personal minimum volumes to be eligible to receive commissions
  • the training is not extensive

Is Kyani A Pyramid Scheme?

My research also found that Kyani have been in the spotlight for their recruitment tactics. They were questioned about the focus of the business being on recruitment efforts and not primarily the sale of products or goods. Of course this type of claim, where there is an emphasis on recruitment over product sales, in the MLM world suggests they are operating more as an illegal pyramid scheme. I don’t believe that Kyani is a pyramid scheme, despite the push being for recruitment over sales. The fact is, they do have a product range that customers (and distributors) can purchase. It’s a fine line though, isn’t it when distributors are contractually required to purchase a pack in order to become a distributor. Not all MLMs operate this way.

It’s important to know a few statistics about MLMs, generally.

Jon Taylor PhD, in “The Case For (and Against) Multi-level Marketing” published by the FTC, researched MLMs and his research found:

  • In the first year of operation, a minimum of 50% of representatives drop-out.
  • After five years of operation, a minimum of 90% of representatives have left the company.
  • By year 10, only those at or near the top have not dropped out – approximately 95% of representatives have dropped out by then.

Want an alternative to MLMs? Create your own online business!

If you don’t want to hassle your family and friends with products that they don’t want or need, there is a much better to start a new career from home.

My preferred way to make money from home is via the affiliate marketing model. The basic premise with affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing - the best way to make money from homeis that you:

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract visitors to your website
  4. Earn revenue when they make purchases from your site (via affiliate links)

Once you have built your own website in a niche of your choosing, and learnt how to attract visitors (using free methods), you can repeat this with as many of your own websites as you like. The potential right there is amazing!

The platform is perfect for anyone who wants to find a way to earn money online. You don’t need experience, and you don’t need to be technical. And you won’t be spamming your family and friends!

You will be taught everything you need to know.

Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Build your own website that is uniquely yours that will grow with you. The sky is the limit! To learn how, just click here:

Have you had any experience with Kyani or with other MLMs? What did you think?

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and I’m always happy to help you out.

3 thoughts on “Is Kyani a Pyramid Scheme or a Legit MLM?”

  1. Thank you for the in depth information on Kyani. I ran across their products recently purely by chance through a friend. The sales pitch makes a good case, but I wanted to dig a little deeper. Their products look good on the surface but those who experience flu-like symptoms it makes me wonder. 

    I wish I had come across your article sooner! My friend initially believed in their products but in the end lost a lot of money investing into the Kyani business plan. I will certainly pass along your recommendation on Wealthy Affiliate to her. Thanks again!

  2. Hello Melissa, thank you for taking your time to share your review of Kyani. Kanyi is not a bad company anyways. I like the fact that they have real products to sell but I do not like the idea of MLM. Anything that involves MLM, count me out. I don’t want to go through the stress of referrals before I will be able to make good money. I am considering your suggestion for Affiliate Marketing. It is cool.

  3. I have some friends that are into MLM; they are not doing well. They even post some bills in disguise as a newly founded company looking for employers. Lol, I went for one of their seminars. I almost joined them but thank God I didn’t. Kanyi will not be an option for me because it is MLM; I love what I will continue with what I want to get started with next year which is affiliate marketing and internet marketing. Thank you so much 😊


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