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Adult learning styles – how do you prefer to learn?

Adult learning styles

Adult learning styles As adults, it’s important that we all understand adult learning styles. As we age, I think we have an amazing opportunity to continue to learn and grow, in areas that we actively choose for ourselves. It’s certainly a different type of learning when we are older than when we’re children and teens, […]

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Gaslighting in the workplace – is this happening to you?

Gaslighting in the workplace

I love studying personality and behaviour, and a term I am come across regularly is gaslighting. How do we define gaslighting? There are lots of different descriptions of definitions of gaslighting, and a great one that I’ll share with you is from good old Wikipedia.: “Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt […]

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The best way to make change stick – the ADKAR model of change

  We all know that throughout our lives, we will experience change. We may be the instigator of the change, or we may experience change because it is happening to us. It’s important that, as change agents or people experiencing change, we understand best practice change management, and a popular model – the ADKAR model […]

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Create an abundance mentality

Create an abundance mindset

What is an abundance mindset? Before I answer that question, I will start by talking about what “fixed and growth mindsets” are.  Because you might be more familiar with these mindsets than the abundance mindset. Fixed vs growth mindsets Carol Dweck, a researcher from Standford University has famously described the differences between fixed mindsets and […]

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