What is Mass Income Machines, and will it make you money?

Read this Mass Income Machines Review before signing up!

What is Mass Income Machines?

I heard about Mass Income Machines as a potential way to make money online, so naturally I had to investigate. In fact, they are claiming that you can make up to $42,000 per month with it. I’d like to make $42,000 per month, so I really wanted to know more!

Mass Income Machines Review

Here are the basics:

Website: makemoneyonline.network

Brought to you by: Jacob Allen (pen name)

Price: $37; plus upsells

Recommended: No, read on and I’ll tell you why.

Let’s get right into it, and please know that I have no affiliation with Mass Income Machines.

On the homepage, we have a voice over video by Jacob Allen, the spokesperson for Mass Income Machines.

Jacob explains that there are many unrealistic claims out there about making money online fast. He says that Mass Income Machines doesn’t promise that. “Trust me. You’re not going to be a millionaire by this time next week!” So it sounds like he is setting us up for a dose of reality. Reality is important, so I’m keen to hear more.

He says that normal people can position themselves for fast, online success. Who doesn’t want fast, online success, right?

He says there is a “way to generate that only a small group of select people know about”, and he talks about a secret industry worth over $12billion each year. What is this secret industry I wonder?

There are criteria!

So apparently you will need to satisfy their criteria and fall into the “7.1% of serious people”. Oooh I think I’m serious so hopefully that includes me. Hopefully it also includes you because you are here reading all about it. There are more criteria – you need to be earning less than $100K per annum, and you need to want to earn more than $100K per annum. Er … why are they excluding anyone who earns greater than $100K? Many people earn in excess of $100K, me included, and it’s reasonable that ANYONE wants to make money online regardless of their existing circumstances. That’s just bizarre. I feel rather miffed about that.

Anyway, they say they are NOT about:

  • generating websites that look great but don’t generate income
  • finding loopholes in search engines
  • spamming forums like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • tricking websites into sending you tons of free traffic
  • filling in website surveys for cash

That’s all well and good, Jacob, but what are you about? I’m still not clear.

Jacob then starts talking about the information market worth over $12 billion (ahhh! that’s the secret industry, hardly a secret, Jacob), and the fact that there are already targeted buyers identified by the system who want your information and “who like to hoard everything on offer in these little known niche markets and will buy and buy all day long.” I thought that sounded like a disrespectful description of their targeted buyers, but maybe that’s just me.

Jacob then tells you how easy it is to set up a Clickbank account so they can start paying you. He wants you to believe that you set up account details, log out for three days, then log back in and voila! Instant money!!

Mass Income Machines review

I think Jacob might be forgetting a few steps in between? But I wouldn’t know what those steps are because he hasn’t explained anything yet. Oh hold on, here’s another bank account full of money!!

Mass Income Machines review

The video goes on and on for a while and you can imagine the spiel. It’s much like many other videos that promise to deliver an easy and ‘secret’ solution. Although we never do find out about the magical number $42,000! It’s never referred to in the video.

I have to say that so far, things are not looking too good.

Does Mass Income Machines deliver?

So what is Mass Income Machines REALLY? It turns out that it is really a training course in the form of PDF documents and some videos. The training is in eight modules and is designed to teach you how to create your own digital information product to sell online through Clickbank.

The eight training modules are:

Module 1. An overview of how to make money online

Module 2. Finding profitable niches

Module 3. Setting up your website

Module 4. Creating digital products

Module 5. Technique to create sales copy

Module 6. Building your list for email marketing

Module 7. Clickbank payment integration

Module 8. Traffic generation through free and paid traffic, and how to sell your products through affiliates.

So …. this is far from the easy money the video would have you believe. When they set up the Clickbank account in four minutes, logged off for three days, and returned to find $811 in their Clickbank account, where was the mention of learning how to create your very own digital product?

It turns out that you need to do a LOT OF WORK!! Creating a digital product doesn’t just happen. And you’ll need a lot more learning than their initial offering of the eight modules. That’s where the upsells come in:

1: The secret method to quadruple your profits ($97)

2: How to build up list and email marketing ($67)

3: Learn how to drive traffic to your site ($37)

Is Mass Income Machines Legitimate?

Yes it is. This is not a scam. HOWEVER, you need to understand that what you’ll get is training material, and you will be required to do loads of work in order to start generating income. You will also need to purchase the upsells in order to get a fuller picture of what’s needed in order to succeed.

There are several things I do not like about this product. I’ll go through each of them.

The ‘founder’

The ‘founder’ is a pen name (Jacob Allen), so we don’t actually know who the founder is. We don’t see them, we only hear a voice over from someone, likely a paid actor. Quality products don’t usually mind saying who they are, and providing information about the company on the website. In fact, they are very happy to tell you all about it, and stand behind it. There is none of that on this website. It is just a voice over video, with a link to purchase the product.

The video

You can watch the entire video, and still not know what the product really is. There is a distinct lack of information in the video about the product they are selling. They’ve made it sound like it’s a secret, part of an exclusive club, and simple to enact in order to rake in the money. This couldn’t actually be further from the truth. It is just smoke and mirrors to get you excited about the prospect of lots of money for little work.

The other thing I dislike is the fake viewer count on the bottom of the video:

Mass Income Machines review

Whilst it isn’t a deal breaker, it just dishonest. The video is not streaming live, it’s on YouTube. It’s just another tactic to get you to believe that this is a popular video. Combined with the scarcity tactics used in the video where they say they will limit the number of people they allow to become a part of it, this is not cool.

Profit 24×7 … ?

In 2018,, this same website (makemoneyonline.network) used to be branded Profit 24×7.

Mass Income Machines or Profit 24x7?

It is the same URL but now being directed to Mass Income Machines. My research indicates that is the same product but re branded. This is a big red flag. To me, this screams of negative reviews of Profit 24×7 and repackaging to a new name to avoid the negative publicity.

Over the top claims of income

I’ve shown you some screen shots of the income reported from Mass Income Machines. I don’t know what else to say other than I don’t believe it. Whilst it is very possible to make significant money online, I don’t believe it is as a result of regular people purchasing this product. Making money online certainly doesn’t happen overnight like they would have you believe.

There is an excellent way to make money online

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on shiny objects that over promise and under deliver. If they sound far too good to be true, they probably are.

Click here for my #1 recommendation

If you are looking for a substantial and long term way to make real money online, go for something that is reputable. My preferred platform allows people to sign up for free to have a look around and see if it’s for them. You even get two free websites, and the first ten modules of training for free.

What you see is what you get. Nothing hidden, and nothing over promised. I personally use this platform and it is a genuine way to learn how to make money online the right way, using legitimate techniques and methods.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and I’m always happy to help you out.

20 thoughts on “What is Mass Income Machines, and will it make you money?”

  1. While you say Mass Income Machines isn’t a scam, in my mind it is. When they don’t tell you enough detail before signing up and spending your money, these types of websites from my point of view are scams. Just tell everything upfront! I think being genuinely honest is not only the right thing to do, but also converts interested users into buyers! Thanks for reviewing Mass Income Machines, it’s helpful to know the information before getting into something that will most likely not lead you anywhere.

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I agree, I much prefer people to be honest up front. All that happens with rubbish programs like these is that people buy in, get disappointed, write a poor review and/or ask for a refund. Others who don’t bother to ask for a refund or write an online review tell their friends about their negative experience, or share it with their friends on social media. Either way people find out, so I don’t understand why these programs just keep popping up. I guess they must make money (for the founder) or they wouldn’t bother. Who knows?
      Al the very best to you.

  2. Bravo for the post; I never thought you could get a lot of money with little work; Wealthy Affiliate presents their offer honestly, leaves you 7 days at your disposal for free, and if you think you’re doing it, you pay for lessons; then each one learns in its rhythm but on the other hand has an excellent motivational system

    • Thanks very much Carmen.
      Wealthy Affiliate actually lets people stay as long as they want for free.The first month’s discounted price is only available for the first 7 days. But anyone can stay as they like on the free membership. Of course, the premium membership unlocks more of the lessons and access to other parts of the platform that are invaluable for our business.
      The motivation that comes from within the community is awesome too, isn’t it!
      Thanks so much Carmen for sharing your thoughts, and all the best to you.

  3. Thank you for such an honest review. More often then not, we gravitate to these types of offers due to the high return on investment without actually being aware of what we get ourselves into and ultimately find ourselves in a much deeper conundrum than we were in initially. yes, the site is not a scam but there are a number of red-flags that most of us would have probably not noticed. it feels dishonest, and thanks to this review a lot of people will avoiding losing thousands on something they have no idea about.

    • Hi Tshego,
      Thanks for your comments, and you’re welcome – I’m always happy to review products and provide my honest opinion. I hope that what I do helps people to make informed decisions.
      All the very best to you.

  4. For me, this sounded pretty vague. Although there seem to be some reality strings tied to the promotion of the programs, it just doesn’t sound realistic. And why would they show you the money before actually introducing with what you will be doing? Marketing I guess. 

    If it’s all about creating hype that you can earn a lot of money from some secret niche about which supposedly no one else knows, I say ‘no, thank you’. Plus, I hate when people do upsells. For these scammy like websites (yes, I heard that it’s not a scam but still), it always seems that the product they’re offering as an upsell is what you actually wanted to buy and which corresponds way more to the videos given on the promotion site.

    I absolutely hate when that is the case.

    Either way, thank you for all the insights. I appreciate them.

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    • Hi Rasa,
      Upsells are the worst aren’t they! I think you’re absolutely right that the upsell product is usually the product that you thought you’d be getting all along. They deliberately suck you in so that you feel you must purchase more in order to get the real benefit. It is so dishonest.
      Thanks for your comments Rasa, and I wish you all the very best.

  5. Great read! I have done alot of research on alot of different websites out there, and unfortunetly i find many people doing the exact thing you write about in the article. They provide a good hook for newbies and then after purchasing their program they provide little value, or upsell you to buy anoher component that you need in order for the program to be any value. These types of influencers do not make it far but generate a lot of money by scamming people. this makes it difficult for beginners to trust in any other programs.

    Wealthy affiliate has definetly been of the highest value so far and i dont hesitate to recommend them to anyone. thanks for the awareness of yet another scam!All the best Scott

    • Hi Scott,
      Thanks for stopping by. I have found so many of these now too. It’s hard to believe that more seem to pop up every day. Hopefully when they do, people will write bad reviews to prevent others from falling for it. Unfortunately there will always be vulnerable people who think it will the thing that changes everything for them.
      Thanks also for sharing your views on Wealthy Affiliate. It has been so good, a very honest and transparent company that provides a quality platform and state of the art education for newbies and experienced marketers alike.
      All the best to you,

  6. I have tried many “programs” that always promise the world but you must pay before you get to see if they work, and 90% of the time they don’t deliver on their promises.  Why can one not try the product first and test it? Once you are happy it lives up to its promises you can then pay for the service.  Even if you start at a starter service and only get full access once you are happy with the product and pay for the full service.

    The has to be companies out there that have faith enough in their product to let you try before you buy. You say that your service provides you with 2 free websites and allows you to look around.

     For how long can you keep the websites and are there any hidden costs like” hosting” etc.? What happens to the money you make on the free site, do you have to pay a portion over to pay for the sites? This is usually the catch, free sites but pay for the Hosting etc!

    • Hi Bryan,
      There are so many rip-off programs out there that just want to grab your money and don’t care whether you’re happy or not.

      Yes, the company that I spoke about, Wealthy Affiliate, provides you with two free siterubix websites and free hosting. You can retain those sites for as long as you like. If you like the platform and want to access more in depth training than is available with the free membership, and want up to fifty websites hosted, then you can become a premium member. There are absolutely no upsells – there is only free membership or premium membership. Premium membership is inclusive of hosting, support, and all of the training modules and other features within the platform. The only thing you need to pay for is domain registration if you want a .com site (in the vicinity of $13 per year). I think .com sites are more professional looking than siterubix sites, but that is a personal preference.
      When your free site makes money, it goes to you – you don’t pay any of that back. It is yours to keep. This is a genuine way to build your very own business. If for whatever reason you no longer want to remain with them, you can take your websites with you to be hosted elsewhere. You are not locked in.
      If you ever have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, please ask. I’m always happy to help.
      All the very best to you.

  7. For starters, I really dislike the name of the program. To me, it sounds like a scam.

    When researching these kinds of programs, I like to use this what I call the founder test. Meaning, whenever you have an online money making program, which claims to help generate loads of money, it’s worth looking at the founder. Who is this guy? Find all the details about him.

    And so, if nothing about the guy is nowhere to be found – the program is not legitimate and is just something someone has come up with to cheat out of credulous people money.

    I tried googling the guy as well…

    This program definitely isn’t a good bet. Thank you, for your thoughts as I needed someone to agree with me on this one. : )

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    • Hi Matiss,
      I love – “the founder test”! Yes I think many program out there fail the founder test. I just reviewed another one yesterday who failed the founder test. In fact, they didn’t even offer a pen name, they were just completely silent! So I called her Mystery Lady : )
      Thanks so much Matiss for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. All the very best to you!

  8. Hi Melissa,

    I have read the whole review with details information about Mass Income Machine and understood that this is not suitable product for us. I also believe this product is comparatively lower quality than other quality product. I personally hate those product which hides real information and mis lead beginners who want to learn and earn together. I lover your # one recommendation of joining in the wealthy affiliate network and I have already joined in there. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

    • Hi mzakapon,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I’m glad you like my #1 recommendation! I think Wealthy Affiliate is pretty darn awesome and I love meeting others who have the same experience. I love recommending WA because I enjoy sharing ways that people can genuinely change their lives, and create the life they want and deserve.
      I wish you all the very best.

  9. Thabks so much or providing this detailed review, was just about ton join the Mass Income Machines and had to do a little research befor e making that decision.But why does companies like this like to decxeive people with false information atleast be truthful in your advertisements and gain real clients.Thanks again for helping me save my cash would check out your recommendation.

    • Hi Rayhe,
      Well done to you for doing your research! With so many scammy products out there it really does pay to take the time to review them thoroughly. Best of luck to you.

  10. Mass Income machines! There are so many different income machines online, which ones can you trust and not?  I have come to the conclusion that there is no quick way, you just have to work hard and smart to be successful.  All these courses love to show the big bank figures, all it does is make you feel poor!  I hate hidden information, upfront is the key so then you only get the serious people anyway.

    I won’t be getting into this mass income machine, looks too risky for me! Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Kris,
      You’re right – there is no quick way! Ugh the phoney bank figures are just too much aren’t they? I’m glad you’re avoiding Mass Income Machines. All the very best to you.


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