What is Daily Cash App, and will you earn $2685 today?

What is Daily Cash App?


My Daily Cash App review

You may have come across Daily Cash App and heard that you can make some big money online with Daily Cash App, $2,685 per day even. You may be wondering what it’s all about, and whether Daily Cash App is a scam or a legitimate way to make money online. I’m glad that you’re here doing your research about Daily Cash App, because I have done my own investigation and can provide some insight for you.

My Daily Cash App review will take you through the following sections:

  • What is Daily Cash App?
  • How Daily Cash App works
  • Is Daily Cash App a scam or legit?
  • My recommended way of making money online


What is Daily Cash App?

Some basic info:

Website: https://dailycashapp.cc

Brought to you by: Steven Jenkins

Price: Free to join … but then $500 to $25,000

Recommended: Not even close! Read on to find out why.

I could tell within about 10 seconds of seeing this site I was going to have fun with this review. Well, I should qualify that. I see lots of shady programs every day and whilst I approach them all with a degree of skepticism, I try to keep an open mind. Well, with this one, I noticed something amiss straight away that was amusing to me, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

It would bring me very much happiness if I could share with you a real gem – a new site that would represent a great opportunity for us all to make some legitimate money online. Alas, today was not the day for that! But I take everything as an educational experience, and hopefully by sharing this one with you, you’ll get to see some red flags and also learn some tricks for when you’re researching other products for yourself.

Let’s get straight into it!

The website is basically a landing page with a video, a snapshot of founder Steven Jenkins, and some testimonials.


How Daily Cash App works

Here are the steps they tell us to follow:

Daily Cash App review - the steps

It sounds very easy. And it involves a secret platform! I wonder what it is?

Well, they do tell us what it is not:

Daily Cash App review - what it is NOT

I watch the whole video and it appears I am very lucky because hardly anyone knows about this, and it must be my lucky day, because they are giving away some free licenses. Soon they will be charging almost $10,000 for this!

We hear all about the founder and how he programmed the software. This whole video sounds like so many others I’ve seen, that all claim similar things:

  • the founder can hardly believe how easy it is
  • there’s not many they are giving away or selling, so be quick
  • you can make an insane amount of money for doing hardly anything
  • there is a secret that hardly any people know about it
  • money appearing in bank accounts etc. etc.


So what is Daily Cash App, really?

Daily Cash App review

OK, so it’s about buying and selling advertising spaces.

At the end of the video I clink on the link. I sign up with the email address that I use to test out things that may end up spamming me, and the rest of the details I provide are fake.

It turns out the program is not even called Daily Cash App. You are redirected to a site called Click2Sell. Daily Cash App is just the funnel to drive you towards Click2Sell. This also makes me wonder how many other pages are out there, called something else, that direct you straight to Click2Sell.

So now I’m in Click2Sell, I’ve never heard of them before, but they have my (fake) details. I should be outraged that they have my personal information, but the details are fake, so I’ll save my outrage for something else.

Honestly, I don’t really know what to do once I’m here!

It looks like they want me to create a campaign. I’m assuming they mean adverting campaign – how do I even do that? And why? What am I even advertising? What will it cost me?

I’m completely lost, so I go the Frequently Asked Questions. In response to the question “What is Click2Sell?“, they say:

“Click2Sell is a self-service advertising platform that enables individuals to run online advertising campaigns. Unlike some platforms which are complex and difficult to master, Click2Sell was designed to be easy-to-use, even for people with no prior advertising or marketing experience. With Click2Sell, anyone can launch their own campaigns in a matter of minutes. Click2Sell enables you to earn revenues whenever your campaigns generate Clicks or Sales. It’s without a doubt the easiest way for new marketers to get exposure to the rapidly growing online advertising industry.”

Click2Sell website

So I’m guessing that it is not about free advertising, and I find the following packages available:

Daily Cash App review - Click2Sell packages

Wow – I need to spend between $500 and $25,000. And I don’t even really know what I’m doing!

I find another interesting FAQ! The question is “What is Refer a Friend?”

“Refer a Friend is a referrals program built-in to Click2Sell’s platform. It enables you to get paid $100 into your Click2Sell account every time someone you refer to the platform makes a purchase. Not only do you get paid for the referrals, but your friends also benefit from a 25% bonus on their first purchase.”

Click2Sell website

It’s all making sense to me now. Daily Cash App gets a commission every time someone signs up to Click2Sell and makes a purchase. That’s why they’re doing it.


Red Flags with Daily Cash App

#1 Who is behind this product?

The founder, Steven Jenkins who appears in the image at the top of this blog, looked like a stock photo image to me. Sure enough when I did a reverse image search on TinEye.com he is indeed a stock photo! He is on shutterstock.com and pexels.com.

And, here he is:

Daily Cash App founder

#2 The testimonials

Remember I said that within the first 10 seconds of seeing the website I knew something was not quite right and mildly amusing?

It was because when I saw the testimonials on the homepage, I immediately recognised “William J.”:

Daily Cash App review

“William” has appeared in a few product testimonials for things I have reviewed. I had to go through my posts to find him, and here he is in my 12 Day Millionaire Review.

He is a paid actor from Fiverr, and I have no doubt that if I searched for the others I would find them on Fiverr as well. Here’s his profile:

Daily Cash App review

While that in itself doesn’t automatically mean that Daily Cash App is a scam, if it truly was producing great results, it should be very easy to find genuine testimonials. Surely anybody that has made close to half a million dollars would be willing to appear in a testimonial?


#3 False sense of urgency

Like many of the other programs I see that are full of crap, they try to tell you that if you don’t take immediate action you may miss out. The reality is, this program has been here for a while, and it will continue to hang around (until it re brands itself into something else), so it isn’t going anywhere. They just want you to make a rash decision. Don’t!

#4 Pretending it is free

Daily Cash App does not cost you anything, and of course it doesn’t because it’s just a funnel to the thing that DOES cost money. So whilst they are not lying about it being free, they are not being truthful either – of course it costs you money to use Click2Sell. And the minimum is $500! I can’t find anything on the Click2Sell site about refunds.

It also makes me wonder what exactly they will soon be charging $10K for?

#5 Pretending it all ‘just happens’

Click2Sell is all about setting up advertising campaigns. This doesn’t happen by magic, you need to do the work! And if you think you’re going to rake in $2,685 by the end of your first marketing campaign you have another thing coming. It takes a lot of know how to run a successful marketing campaign, and it takes budget too.

Is Daily Cash App a scam or legit?
Daily Cash App review

So…. I obviously this is not legit. This is shady beyond words, deceptive, and downright awful.

There are so many things about this I despise. I’m sure there are several other “products” out there just like Daily Cash App, all with different names and slightly different sales videos, that all lead to the same place ….. Click2Sell.

Just stay away! Uggghh.

There is an excellent way to make money online

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on shiny objects that over promise and under deliver. If they sound far too good to be true, they probably are.

Click here for my #1 recommendation

If you are looking for a substantial and long term way to make real money online, go for something that is reputable. My preferred platform allows people to sign up for free to have a look around and see if it’s for them. You even get two free websites, and the first ten modules of training for free.

What you see is what you get. Nothing hidden, and nothing over promised. I personally use this platform and it is a genuine way to learn how to make money online the right way, using legitimate techniques and methods.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and I’m always happy to help you out.

10 thoughts on “What is Daily Cash App, and will you earn $2685 today?”

  1. I Have seen scams but this takes it a notch higher with 25k  that is a lot of money to lose.and one more thing if i can make that amount of money in day do i really need  to work ever again what i am trying to say their no such thing like free pass all your investment in your cash app will evaporate  one you deposit  you money  ‘ so plz dont even try to look at this app twice  otherwise you have know one blame

    • Hi Charles,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. $25K is certainly a lot of money, and you’d really want to be a confident marketer before dropping that kind of money! I agree – don’t look twice at Daily Cash App!
      All the very best to you.

  2. I had quite a lot of fun reading your post. Sadly, some people would still fall for cheap scam like this. It’s natural for people to incline towards a get money quick program rather than a program that takes a while to be successful. People have to understand that success takes patience and join the winning team at wealthy affiliate

    • Hi Louis,
      I’m glad our enjoyed the post. I couldn’t agree more that success takes patience, and that joining Wealthy Affiliate will set people on the right path.
      Thanks so much stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  3. I appreciate your honest and unbiased review of the daily cash app, am always cautious of schemes like this, there are so many out there ready to rip people off their money. What daily cash app is promising is close to impossible. Are you serious about paid actors on fiverr? So many testimonials up there. 

    • Hi Clement,
      Yes I’m serious about Fiverr. Whilst I didn’t search on them all, I only recognised “William” but I have no doubt the others are from Fiverr (or some other similar platform) too. I’ve done many reviews now where the testimonials are fake, and pictures of founders are fake. I find it quite fun actually to do the investigative work!
      Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you all the best.

  4. There are so many fake and real ways of making money online, so many people including me have fallen victim of that. I will stick with wealthy affiliate, learn the process and make the money, that was very funny when you said u have a fake email u used but very sensible tough. Thanks for this information on daily cash app. 

    • Hi Sandra,

      I’m glad to hear that you’re with Wealthy Affiliate also. They are reputable, honest and represent excellent value for money. And yes I always keep my dodgy email address for testing of this kind of thing, I highly recommend it!

      All the very best to you. Cheers

  5. Thanks for making a review on this site, you’re far too kind. I have actually came across this site while  searching for ways to make money online, I didn’t register with them then because I didn’t have the money, and now that you made this review  would have fallen for this scam site. Thanks alot once again much grateful 

    • Hi Seun,
      I’m glad you found this review helpful. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and I wish you all the very best.


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