December 29, 2018

Make money online anywhere: the view from my office December

work from anywhere in the world online

Where has 2018 gone? It feels like it’s gone so fast. What a year it’s been. For me it has been a year of hard work. It has been a year of personal growth, going out of my comfort zone, and dreaming big! Not everything has panned out exactly as I’d planned, but that’s life isn’t it? I keep going, and I try even harder. Life would be boring if it was all linear. Well at least that’s my philosophy and I’m sticking to it!

I hope your year has been a good one for you, and I hope you’re all looking forward to an even better 2019. I know I am. I’ve set myself some pretty audacious goals, and I’m going to work harder than ever to achieve them. I’ll try to work smarter too, and I’ll be looking at how I can be even more efficient with my time so that I’ve got the maximum amount of time to spend with our lovely boys. After all, they are my ‘why’.

Work from anywhere in the world online

Each month I like to recap about my work on the go. Having a career from home means that I can work from home or anywhere in the world. We didn’t travel anywhere this month, so work mostly was from home. However, I do love to get out and about with my laptop and work from wherever I like. It keeps me motivated, and it means that when our boys are doing their activities I can get some work done. It’s win all round.

We are right in the middle of summer here, and when it isn’t crazy hot, summer is my favourite season. It means outdoors, sunshine, blue skies, and adventures. Whilst it can also mean not sleeping and sunburn, I don’t like to focus on that! We always remember our hats and sunscreen and away we go.

St. Kilda beach … a tried and true favourite

Our beautiful St. Kilda beach is just a hop, skip and a jump away so that is one of my favourites. People flock to St. Kilda beach in the beautiful weather, and depending on the conditions people bring their kites. It is just a delight when the sky is full of colourful kites.

We also got some new beach stuff for Christmas so of course we thoroughly tested it all out!

work from anywhere in the world online
work from anywhere in the world online
work from anywhere in the world online

Here’s my boys on their new boogie boards : )  

Clifton Springs

Clifton Springs is a lovely part of the world. It’s on the Bellarine Peninsula, which is always a fantastic day trip for us. It wouldn’t be a trip to Clifton Springs without spending lots of time in the park. On this particular day we managed to escape an absolute downpour! The boys did get some great play time in before we had to make a run for it.

work from anywhere in the world online
work from anywhere in the world online

Alma Park and Oval

This is another one of our tried and true favourites. We throw some sporting equipment in the car and off we go. Cricket gear, baseball bat, basketball, tennis balls. You name it, we take it, and sometimes we’re there for hours. The boys are very happy throwing the ball to each other, kicking a footy, and getting some energy out. Sometimes I join in and sometimes I don’t. My footy skills aren’t really up to scratch but I still have a lot of fun.

The park is always an opportunity for the boys to play and for me watch and work at the same time.

work from anywhere in the world online
work from anywhere in the world online

Overall, it’s been a great month and a great year. I’m motivated to make 2019 an even better year. I read a fantastic quote today. It is “My biggest fear is being in the same place this time next year. Ask for success.”

That really resonated with me. I certainly want to be a better position this time nest year, and I’m not afraid to work for it. Now that I know I can make money online anywhere, there is nothing stopping me.

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