Commission Breakthrough Review, and the Mysterious Mr X

Commission Breakthrough Review

My Commission Breakthrough review

Would you like your very own coach to help you uncover the secrets as to why you’re struggling to make money? This very same coach will uncover the “easiest way ever invented for green as grass newbies to make money fast!”
This is what Commission Breakthrough claims, and wow I just can’t wait to find out how I can make money fast from some guy on the internet with a strange story to tell.
Today I’ll be reviewing Commission Breakthrough. However, I’ll have to warn you. I don’t know if I’m extra cynical today, or whether this product just put me in a mood, but either way it isn’t going to be good …

That said, I really am glad that you’re here doing your research about Commission Breakthrough, and well done to you. You’ve taken a smart step because I have investigated this offering and can provide some insight for you before you jump in.

My Commission Breakthrough review will take you through the following sections:

  • What is Commission Breakthrough?
  • How Commission Breakthrough works
  • Is Commission Breakthrough legit?
  • My recommended way of making money online

What is Commission Breakthrough?

Let’s start with some basic information:


Brought to you by: Anthony Rousek … following his interview with “Mr X” ……. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Price: $14.95? (or $9.95 depending on which section of the site you’re looking at)

Recommended: No. Please don’t even think about it, but please keep reading and I’ll tell you why. I’ll also provide you with my top recommendation.

If you want to skip the review and go straight to my #1 recommendation, here it is:

How Commission Breakthrough works

The website introduces you to Anthony Rousek, who was a 38-year-old catering assistant. Anthony has found someone, called “Mr. X”, who makes a very specific amount of money each day – $719.45 to be exact – from his tropical island.

Commission Breakthrough review

Anthony speaks with Mr X, the “underground super affiliate”.

Anthony says:

“It only took Mr X 30 seconds to identify why I was making zero money. And just after a couple of sessions I started generating commissions right away. That’s the thing about a coach who makes $719 and more daily.”

He goes on to say:

“Me and Mr X got friendly over the course of our chat. And he gave me his full permission to push the record button and share his big money secrets with you.”

OK … so the product here is an interview between Anthony and Mr X. Sure, I’ll play along and see where this goes.
Anthony says that this is what you’ll get on the inside of Commission Breakthrough:

Commission Breakthrough review
It sounds like we’ll find some ways to promote affiliate without buying them, with some strategies for marketing and getting high conversion rates. Sounds interesting.

However, I’m seeing some words and phrases that are making my spidey senses tingle:

  • “Little known secret goldmine”
  • “Autopilot”
  • “Amazing secret”
  • “Copy and paste”
  • “Two minute trick will let you copy and profit your way to a six figure per year income”
  • “Easily get floods of cash pouring in”
  • Mr X
  • Tropical island …..

Anyway, back to the product. It is interview style training in the form of training modules, which isn’t obvious from the site.

Because I wasn’t getting much of a feel for this product, I decided to google some other reviews of this product to see what the word on the street is, and to my surprise, the reviews were good! Huh? Maybe I’ve completely missed something and my cynical brain has made me rule something out before even giving it a chance?

At this point I stopped and washed my face with cold water. I took some deep breaths and returned.

I am very perplexed.

I learn that the product is being sold through JVZoo, and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. It seems that the reviewers who claim Commission Breakthrough is awesome also claim that loads of other things are awesome too, and I know some of them to not be awesome. So then I figure that the promoters of this product probably don’t care too much about what they’re promoting and whether it works, because they just want their affiliate commission from JVZoo.

I’m still perplexed though because I’m concerned I’ve missed something and might be being unfair. I’m sure as heck not going to buy this and test it out and go through the rigmarole of getting a refund when I’m fairly sure I’m not going to like it.

So I google Anthony Rousek. And he has his own website:

Here he is, and he is the same Anthony Rousek from Commission Breakthrough:

Commission Breakthrough founder Anthony Rousek

Anthony posts some screen shots of his earnings. I won’t post them here because I feel a bit bad for him. The figures aren’t impressive. For someone that has all the secrets from Mr X I’m just not sure what has gone wrong. I’ll only post this one screenshot of earnings that he published on his own website that specifically refers to Commission Breakthrough:

Commission Breakthrough

I think what we have here is a case of someone creating a product and trying their best to market it and sell it online. He doesn’t even promote Commission Breakthrough on his website.

I’m not going to go any further with this review, but suffice to say, just stick to buying quality products that don’t rely on marketing tactics and over the top claims.

This goes to show you that even in the face of positive reviews on products that sound too good to be true, always do your best to dig a little bit deeper.

Is Commission Breakthrough legit?

I feel I’ve answered this already so I won’t stick the boots in any further.
All I’ll say is don’t buy this one, and I wish Anthony the best.

There is an excellent way to make money online

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If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and I’m always happy to help you out.

8 thoughts on “Commission Breakthrough Review, and the Mysterious Mr X”

  1. I am glad that there are reviews out there that speak the truth and don’t just only try to sell you stuff. Thank you very much for your article was almost about to buy the Commission Breakthrough and I am so glad I did not.  I have heard a lot about Wealthy affiliate also and did some research only positive vibes for now. I will have a look and who knows I might sign up for it they seem to be really good and most of all legit. Thank you

    • Hi Barbara,
      You’re welcome. By all means check out Wealthy Affiliate, and if you have any questions be sure to reach out. I’m always happy to help. All the very best to you.

  2. Melissa,

    Thanks for this review.  Like you, I got a bad feeling reading about Commission Breakthrough’s bag of offerings.  You state that you are cynical, but I am downright skeptical of any product or system that promises the sun and moon in just a few minutes a day.  As they say in Star Wars, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

    Building any business or anything worthwhile takes work.  These get rich quick systems promise the reward without the work and thus prey on the gullible.  It’s best to stick with something that has been proven over and over such as Wealthy Affiliate that will teach you how to build a real business step by step.

    Thanks, Ellen

    • Hi Ellen,
      Yes – you just know when something doesn’t feel quite right! Building a business absolutely does take time, and I wish you all the very best.

  3. Thanks for this review. I personally found some products on JV Zoo to be excellent. And some total crap…. I can’t really tell which category this falls under, but i agree with your assessment that there are other options out there. Wealthy Affiliate or even get a simple Udemy course for $10 on Digital Marketing would be more productive and reliable.

    Is there any back end and upsells for this product? Would be a great addition to this actually, do you know how to find out? 

    I always do that before buying anything frmo JV Zoo.

    • Hi Eran,
      Yes I find JVZoo a bit hit and miss, although so far probably more miss than hit for me. In my view this product is an absolute miss because I find the marketing of it just ridiculous. Because I didn’t go further with it I couldn’t tell you if there are up sells or not because I did not purchase it, based on the reasons I provided in the review. It may be a reasonable product, I wouldn’t know because I just couldn’t bring myself to go any further. When my research all points towards a big no, then I don’t care to continue.
      All the best and thanks for sharing your thoughts here Eran.

  4. Hi Melissa, great review on commission break through and Mr.Rousek.I can almost feel your cynicism and dry humor in your writing lol. I would hate to be on the receiving end of one of your ‘fast money’ scam reviews lol. Yes, you are correct the internet is awash with the fast buck promise at every turn. I have since discovered the only real secret is hard work and persistence.Thanks for the review Melissa :))

    • Hi Billy,
      Ha! I always seek to be fair though. And when something is good I say it’s good! I think if people are going to make crazy claims, prey on vulnerable people and accept their money, then they need to be held to account.
      I agree with you 100% – hard work and persistence are key : )
      Thanks so much for stopping by Billy, I appreciate that.
      All the best. Cheers


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