WP Content Machine, the answer to your content problems?

Tired of writing content for your website? Want some magical tool that does it all for you?  There is a product that does this.  The product is called WP Content Machine, and I will thoroughly investigate it to understand what it does, and whether it represents a good solution for people who want their content done for them without lifting a finger.


What is WP Content Machine?


WP Content Machine


Wow. Well this product, WP Content Machine, sounds like a dream come true. It is a Word Press plugin that you can purchase that will produce the content for your site for you.  It is described on their website as “the perfect auto-blogging solution for making money online.”  I was intrigued and wanted to find out more.  Who wouldn’t want an automated way to make money online? Shut up and take my money.

So I wanted to find out more about this product, and how I can buy it and watch the money start rolling in while I sit on my couch and smile about how clever I am.


Here is a rundown of WP Content Machine

The price: $25 for a single website or $27 for unlimited websites

WebWebsite: http://wpcontentmachine.convertri.com/site

What do you get promised for your money?

The plugin promises to source content from over 1,000 sources, including videos from YouTube, text from EZine articles, images from Flickr, and content from “literally any blog in the world using RSS”.

WP Content Machine then publishes your *fresh content* automatically.  The content can be text articles, videos or images, and you can create an autoposting campaign in seconds.  The plugin also allows you to find niche content from authority sites “and the most popular sites on the planet – any niche you want, just pick and go.”

By now I’m wondering about plagiarism and the ethics of doing all of this. After all, authority niche sites are typically built by people who have spent years working within their niche to research and write the very best content for their audience.  But with this product, it sounds like you can just go and grab it.  Oh dear.

So how does WP Content Machine deal with plagiarism?  Well never fear, they have this:


WP Content Machine


Oh. So they take content, put it through some software, and it comes out the other side as *fresh content*.

So let’s have a look at everything on offer with WP Content Machine:

  • It finds content from 1,000+ sources
  • It re-writes (spins) the content for you
  • It publishes the content for you
  • It includes affiliate links to products for you
  • It includes advertising for you
  • It is full SEO ready so that your website will rank easily (really?? Let’s come back to this point in a moment).


When I delve further, the spin tool sounds extremely problematic. Here’s what they say about it:


WP Content Machine content spinner


So, it seems you’ll need to re-write the unreadable content that’s been spat out, I mean given to you.


But wait, there’s more… there is a Pro version

There are upsells galore with WP Content Machine.  The first one is the Pro version.

Price: $37

Website:  http://wpcontentmachine.convertri.com/pro

The first upsell is that you can purchase the WP Content Machine Pro version, which has everything in the regular version plus an unlimited number of campaigns, and unlimited number of sources from RSS feeds, affiliate retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Best Buy, and sources from social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The number of affiliate links you can include is unlimited.

It also includes the “Premium ChimpRewriter”. It is meant to be a better quality automatic rewrite tool.


And … another upsell!

The Developer version

Price: $47

Website: http://wpcontentmachine.convertri.com/developer

This upsell allows you to install this for other people and make sites for them, allowing you to charge them ‘whatever you want’!  So you can create duplicate (I mean *fresh*) content sites and sell them to others.  (Hint – don’t sell this to your friends!)

Hang on – now you need traffic.  Don’t worry, there’s an upsell to help you get traffic.


The Traffic Machine!

Price: $37

Website: http://wpcontentmachine.convertri.com/trafficmachine

Don’t worry because all of the traffic problems to your *fresh content* site will be solved wtih the traffic machine.  It will automatically post all of your *fresh content* to your social media accounts for you. As it says, you will never need to manually post links to social media for traffic again.  Because we all know how well not interacting with anyone on social media goes for conversions.


The WP Content Machine Reseller

This product just keeps on getting better.

Price: $77

Website:  http://wpcontentmachine.convertri.com/reseller

For $77, you can sell WP Content Machine to others and receive 100% commissions.


WP Content Machine and SEO

Earlier, I said I’d come back to the SEO aspect, because WP Content Machine leads you to believe that your SEO will be optimised when using this product.  I would really question this for a number of reasons.

The site works on the basis that it is copying content. Whilst it might be changed slightly to allow it through duplicate content software, it is still plagiarised content. There is nothing original about this content despite them describing the content as *fresh*.

Search engines do NOT like plagiarised content and your site will be heavily penalised for publishing content that is not unique. Google may even remove you from their index or not index your plagiarised pages at all.


Google punishes plagiarised content


If you have readers you want to engage with, do NOT publish rubbish, copied content. They are not stupid and will not appreciate reading someone else’s content that has been spun through software and spat out the other side.

Your readers deserve better than that.

The only thing this software is good for (if you can call it that) is if you:

  • don’t care about your readers
  • aren’t interested in reader engagement
  • don’t care about repeat customers
  • don’t really care about your website, or building its credibility and sustainability
  • want some quick sales
  • aren’t fussed about the readability of the content
  • are OK with the site being removed from indexing
  • don’t worry about your own reputation


The verdict = stay away from WP Content MachineWP Content Machine - thumbs down

Whilst continually writing content may be hard work, the worst thing you can do for your website is copy content.  Your readers will know, and the search engines will know.  And the last thing you want to do is sell this product on to others, claiming it will help them.

All in all, this is the kind of product that actually makes me feel a bit sad. It takes the hard work of great writers, puts it through software, and spits it out at the end as *fresh content* for anyone to use.  Doesn’t seem fair to me.  And based on their own admission, unless you purchase the upsells you’ll be re-writing it anyway because it won’t be readable.

Give your readers what they deserve – original content that has been crafted by you, with your own style and way of writing.  If you do need to buy additional content, there are certainly ways of doing that, with writer’s platforms available where you can engage people to write for you.  Here’s some more information about some good platforms where you can do just that:



Making money online is a process that takes time and effort

Making money overnight doesn’t happen by purchasing products like this.  Building a longterm, sustainable business from home takes time and effort.  Building your own skills to do it is important, and there are ways that you can make a start that doesn’t involve dirty grabs on other people’s work.

If you genuinely want to make money from home, check out the platform that I use. It is free to join, and for that you are provided with two free websites, and training, tools and support to get yourself up and running.


The best way to make money online


I hope you found this review of WP Content Machine helpful.  I don’t enjoy putting other products down, but it’s important that you are informed about what you’re getting youself into if you’re considering products like this.

What are some great tools you’ve used? Please leave me a comment or a question and I’m always happy to help.









12 thoughts on “WP Content Machine, the answer to your content problems?”

  1. Wow, I did NOT at all see that coming.

    When I was reading this, I’m not going to lie, I was like wow, it this true?
    I was thinking, “As far as I’m concerned, I won’t be getting this anyway, but it seems pretty kool to have.”
    I was also thinking, “How could this not be plagiarism?,” and “Can you add your own personality to it?”

    Useful information here. Thank you. I will not be getting this, even if I could afford it!!

    • Hey Brandon, there are so many things out there that sound so cool initially. On the surface everything is shiny and exciting, and then when you start to delve further you begin to form the true picture. It really would have been so cool if there was a magical tool that really did this that didn’t copy content and allowed your personality to shine, but alas it doesn’t exist. I guess it’s back to researching and writing again.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here.

  2. And it all sounded so good in the beginning:(
    But obviously, nothing it going to write fresh content for you, and post it, and add links…….
    I new it sounded too good to be true.
    Great review and thanks for warning us.

  3. This was an excellent review. I was getting all excited and then it slowly started to fade into nothingness lol. Hey hard work pays, and like some plugin is going to magically fix all my problems. This was a great read. Thank you.

    • Hi AJ, that’s how I felt when I first saw it too! I was so excited then …… nope. Sorry I left you with nothingness! Hard work certainly does pay.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey Melissa

    When I started reading your post it sounded as if you were genuinely going to promote WP Content Machine as a must have product and everything within me was screaming, Nooooooooooooooo!

    I was so relieved when you revealed the truth and warned people against this and any product like it. I have not used this one but in the past I did try similar products and the are all the same. Stay away! Stay away! Stay away!

    The most successful bloggers know that blogging is not about selling but creating meaningful and helpful relationships with your audience and you can’t do that with any kind of ‘machine’!



    • Ha! There is no way I would support this product, or any product like it. I have far too much respect for my readers, the work that I’m doing, and my own professional reputation. I absolutely agree with you Mark, that successful bloggers and website owners understand the importance of building meaningful relationships with their audience. Their intent is to build trust and engagement with their readers. That has to come from personal communication and the sharing of experiences, not from a program that regurgitates someone else’s content and spits it out the other end.

      All the very best to you Mark.

  5. Yes, it does seem like a lot of promises. But, like yourself, I would seriously worry about the duplicate content issue and the need to rewrite the content provided. I’m thinking it is really too good sounding to be true. -Shirley

    • Hi Shirley, yes it’s totally too good to be true. Anyone who values their websites, their readers and their own reputation should stay well away from this product.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, and all the very best to you.

  6. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the great article. I never knew there was such a tool but I’ll be sure to steer clear of it! AS with everything in life I guess there will always be those who try to exploit it in making money, always promising them more…

    I really enjoyed your review. All the best.

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Unfortunately there will always be people who come up with products like this to exploit others for their own financial gain. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my review.
      All the very best to you.


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