Find your own happiness – inspirational happy quotes

Find your own happiness

How do you find your own happiness?

Sometimes we can get caught up in the madness of our busy lives that we forget about the simple things that put a smile on our face. And we lose sight of the reasons that we are working so hard in the first place.  Why do we really work so hard?  What is our ‘why’? For all of us, there is a ‘why’. For lots of us, it’s to build a better life for our families. For many, it’s to go on that overseas holiday we’ve been dreaming about and planning for years.  Or it’s the house we’ve always wanted.  Or the extension.  Or to give back to the people who have given us so much over the years.  It might be so that we can pay all of our bills on time, or pay off our credit card debt.

Sometimes we are working so hard that we forget about our own happiness.  And today, I say no to that!  And I want you to say no to that too.

Our own happineess is important.  In fact, if we are happy within ourselves, then naturally those around us experience our happiness too.  Our own happiness benefits others around us too. Let me explain why.

Your own happiness brings out the happiness in others

A myth about happiness is that people say it is not legitimate or the right thing to do for you to put your happiness ahead of everyone else’s.  Lots of people think that it’s more important or noble to make others happy than it is to make yourself happy.  This is absolute rubbish.  It isn’t selfish to be happy, or to want to be happy.

In fact, you can’t give away to anyone else what you don’t have for yourself. Just as you can’t give away something you don’t have, you can’t make someone else happy if you yourself are unhappy.

In my view, the very best way to help others be happy is to be happy yourself and then to share your happiness with them. Self-sacrifice and suffering brings others down and discourages them. If you genuinely want to make others happy, you should start by living the kind of life and doing the kind of things that make you happy.

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Inspirational happy quotes

Today I have found some inspirational happy quotes, just for you.  These quotes have been compiled by Brian Tracy, and they are all about happiness.

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organise your entire life around it.”

“Happiness and high performance come to you when you choose to live your life consistent with your highest values and your deepest convictions.”

“The quality of your life is determined by how you feel at any given moment. How you feel is determined by how you interpret what is happening around you, not by the events themselves.”

“Take a deep breath, relax and imagine yourself exactly as you wish to be.”

“Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing, and love what you are doing.”

“Stop talking about the problem and start thinking about the solution.”

“Associate with positive people, and get away from negative people.”

“Act the part; walk and talk exactly as if you were already the person you want to be.”

“Think continually about what you want, not about the things you fear.”

Today I choose to be happy

Quotes are wonderful, and can change our mindset.  What is needed though, is action.

Actions you can take to help find your own happiness

If this has resonated with you, and you want to find your own happiness again, or boost your happiness, there are a few things that you can do.

  • You can define for yourself the activities that you really love and enjoy.  These activities can be at home and at work. Then when you have identified those activities, organise your life so you do more of them. If you love going to the gym but don’t do it anymore because life has gotten in the way, then change your routine so that you make sure you fit it in.
  • Believe in yourself and trust your own feelings. Then, make sure that you please yourself in the things you do.  Trust that you are on the right path, and allow your feelings to be joyful.  Look for the wonderful things that happen, even when they are small.  Appreciate the good things that all around us.
  • Reflect and consider what it is that you do that brings the most happiness to others.  Then,  organise your life so that you can do more of it.  Do your kids love playing board games with you?  Then organise your weekend so that you spend time playing a board game.  Do family days out bring happiness to others?  Then do what you need to do to make sure that family days out can happen.  You don’t always need to spend money to bring happiness.  Often, you just being there and spending time with the most important people is what brings joy to both you and them.

If organising your life to find more time to do the things that bring you happiness seems unachievable, then perhaps a career from home is for you.  Most of know what it’s like to work 9 to 5 (and then some!) plus manage everything at home. Finding time to fit in ‘happiness’ activities can be a challenge.

Find out how I have created an online career for myself from home.  This is the thing that changed everything for me:

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10 thoughts on “Find your own happiness – inspirational happy quotes”

  1. Love love love it! I was just talking to my husband about how we work for 3/4ths of our lives, so if we hate our job and hate going to work every day then 3/4ths of our lives have been lived miserably! Most people think money gives happiness so they chase that and waste their life trying to chase happiness. Love this post because it shows what true happiness is about! : ) Wish more people had the same mindset as you!

    • Hi Cassandra, thanks so much for your kind words! I’m glad this resonated with you, and I thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here.

  2. Thank you so much for this uplifting post! We often forget that we are in charge of our own happiness and that one shouldn’t rely on external factors such as money and such. Be the change you want to see! I will share this on my G+ and other social media, if you don’t mind : )

    • Thanks so much Anxiety Panda. I love what you said – “Be the change you want to see.” That is wonderful. Please share until your heart is content.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing the happiness.

  3. Great post – we all need to take time out for ourselves and reflect.
    I have just had a shower and sat down to work for the evening and my heart isn’t in it as I have been at it all day. Its been a great day in terms of achievement but now I am a bit knackered. A bit of reading in bed is what i would really like to go and do.
    Can I please ma’am?

    • Hi Lawrence, lol, you go and take that time out to read. Sounds like you’ve been working really hard and need that down time. Enjoy!

  4. Love topics that will inspire you. Quotes can really help you with creating a postive mindset. Hapiness will bring lots of love into your life. Thnx for sharing… Love it.

    • Hi Dennis, thanks so much for stopping by! I love anything that can help us create a positive mindset. In our busy lives we can forget about how important that is. Sounds like I’m speaking with the converted.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

  5. Great stuff. You’re right, happiness is the mentality you have, I also believe its the relationship you have with yourself. Learn that its okay to make mistakes, to feel nervous anxious or afraid. A lot of people who are depressed have the worst relationship with themselves, constantly beating themselves up whenever they do something wrong or make a mistake. Change your relationship with yourself and you will change how you feel!

    • Hi Kourtney, thanks for your input here. You’re right about it feeling that it’s OK to mistakes, that’s the way we learn and grow. And feeling nervous, anxious or afraid at times is just a part of being human, and we need to accept all of what does make us human.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing.


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