Create an abundance mentality

Create an abundance mindset

What is an abundance mindset? Before I answer that question, I will start by talking about what “fixed and growth mindsets” are.  Because you might be more familiar with these mindsets than the abundance mindset. Fixed vs growth mindsets Carol Dweck, a researcher from Standford University has famously described the differences between fixed mindsets and …

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What do you need to be successful in affiliate marketing?

What do I need to be successful - resilience!

What do you need to be successful?  Good question I hear you ask.  I bet you’re now wondering “will I be successful?” or even “CAN I be successful” – i.e. do I have what it takes? Well I don’t know if each of you reading this will be successful.  We will each have our own …

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What is GoCashBack, and is GoCashBack legit? Website: GoCashBack is a site where you get some cash back from the purchases you make. The site is targeted towards the US. However, if you’re outside the US and if the participating store ships outside of the US, you can still make a purchase. Anyone is …

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