February 24, 2018

Earn Extra Money from Home doing Website Testing

Make money from home testing websites

Everyone wants to know the easy ways to make money from home, and how to earn quick cash.

I don’t believe there are quick ways to make money from home, nor are there are easy ways to make money from home.  At least that’s what I think (if you know the secret, then please share it!)

You can most certainly make money from home though, through lots of different ways. You can make money testing websites and testing new apps that product designers need feedback on before they put their new websites and apps out to market.

Website and app testing

There are some good ways to make extra pocket money.  There are a few companies out there that will pay you to test new websites, apps and games.  Some pay reasonably well.

There are some things that you will need before you start down this path.  Typically you will need:

  • A laptop or PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Microphone
  • An up to date browser
  • Fluent English
  • Be a minimum of 18 years old (although for some you can be younger)
  • Ability to download testing software

Make money testing websites and apps – my top 6 testing sites

Loads of people have realised that there is money to be made from testing websites and apps from the comfort of their own homes.  There are plenty of companies that do this worldwide. You won’t strike it rich, but you could earn some decent pocket money.  Here are my top six.

1 User Testing

Make money testing websites - User Testing

My review of User Testing

  • Website: www.usertesting.com
  • Legitimate? Yes
  • Cost to join: Free
  • Length of tests: Average 20 minutes
  • Payment for tests: $10 each
  • Recommended: Yes for pocket money

You will need an email address to sign up.  To start, you will be required to do a 5-minute test, aloud in clear English.  Once you are approved, you’ll be able to start taking paid tests.  New tests become available on a daily basis. The number of opportunities you will receive will depend on your demographics and your quality rating.  Go to your User Testing dashboard to see what’s available for you to test.  Thre are a limited number of tests, and whoever gets there first gets the tests. If you don’t get there in time there may not be any left for you.  So if you are serious, you will want to be checking in on a regular basis to see what’s there.

It’s available to loads of regions, including the US, Canada, Greenland, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The payment method is PayPal, and you will be paid within 7 days of completing the website or app test.

If you’re quick to grab the opportunities available in the dashboard, then you might make yourself some decent pocket money with this one.  At $10 for 20 minutes, it is certainly a much more attractive option that doing surveys.

2 What Users Do

Make money testing websites - What Users Do

My review of What Users Do

  • Website: www.whatusersdo.com
  • Legitimate? Yes
  • Cost to join: Free
  • Length of tests: Up to 20 minutes
  • Payment for tests: Up to 5 $/pounds/Euro
  • Recommended: Yes, for pocket money

You will need to provide an email address, and answer some questions about yourself.  You will be required to download a screen recorder, and take a practice test.  The tests will involve your screen being monitored for where you move and click as you navigate the pages.  You must be able to speak English, as you will be encouraged to say what you think about the pages as you go.

What Users Do say that there will be between 3 and 5 tests available to you each month. This could vary though.

You are emailed when there is a test available for you.

The payment method is PayPal or a UK bank account.  Payments occur once per month.

The better you complete the tasks requested, the more tests you will be offered.  For 5 pounds per test, this is pretty decent pocket money, and a bit of fun along the way too.

3 Userlytics

Make money testing websites - Userlytics

My review of Userlytics

  • Website: www.userlytics.com
  • Legitimate? Yes
  • Cost to join: Free
  • Length of tests: 20 to 40 minutes
  • Payment for tests: $10
  • Recommended: Yes, for pocket money

You will need webcam and microphone to test for userlytics, together with the other standard things such as high speed internet connection and up to date browsers. You’ll also need to download a recorder.

As a tester, you will be asked to follow the test instructions for each different test.  You will be asked to speak your thoughts out loud as you browse through the site.  Some user tests require a webcam view, some don’t. For those that do, it’s important that it shows your face clearly.  The tests available will be websites, prototypes, advertisements, videos and other types of material from small start-up companies to those of large well-known corporations.

Uselytics can’t say how many you’ll be invited to do.  It’s a random process that selects testers from their data base and they send out invitations to a limited number of testers. If you make sure you answer the surveys and complete your tester profile, this will increase your chances of getting invited.

After you have done the test, the client will review what you’ve done, and if it is approved by the client, you will be paid. Payments are made on a weekly basis. Payments are made via PayPal only.

For $10 per test, this is good pocket money. Given that all of the sites are different, with different things to review, your tests will be varied and a bit of fun for you.

4 Intellizoom

Make money testing websites - Intellizoom

My review of Intellizoom

  • Website: www.userzoom.com
  • Legitimate? Yes
  • Cost to join: Free
  • Length of tests: 15 to 20 minutes
  • Payment for tests: Standard surveys average $5; think out loud audio and video tests average $10
  • Recommended: Yes, for pocket money

Intellizoom is a part of Userzoom, a user experience research agency.  They operate globally, although at this point, testers must live in the US or the UK.  They plan on expanding this in the future.

Before you get started, you’ll need to sign up and complete some basic demographic information.  You will need to complete a couple of practice studies before you get into the paid ones. Practice studies are not eligible for pay.

During a study, three things will be recorded: your face (through your webcam), your voice (through your device’s microphone), and your screen, either from a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.

As studies become available, you will be notified via email. Studies are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you want to participate, you should act as soon as possible — studies fill up quickly.  The number of opportunities you receive will depend on your demographics and your quality rating.

Payment will be sent out within 21 business days after the completion of the study if your result is approved. Most results are approved within 3-5 days. Payments are made via PayPal.

You must be 18 years old, and must download UserZoom’s testing software.

5 Erli Bird

Make money testing websites - Erli Bird

My review of Erli Bird

  • Website: https://erlibird.com
  • Legitimate? Yes
  • Cost to join: Free
  • Length of tests: Average 20 minutes
  • Payment for tests: $10 to $15
  • Recommended: Yes, for pocket money

Erli Bird is open to anyone in the world who is 18 years or over, and has a PayPal account.

You start by filling in a form to apply to become a beta tester. You then need to login to your dashboard to complete more detailed information, which will be used to match you with appropriate testing based on who the company is targeting for their testing.

You will be required to complete a profile for the focus group you would like to join, and if you qualify for the focus group, you’ll be sent an email invitation to participate.  Each focus group has a limited number of partipcants. so like other testing sites, if you are invited to participate it is best to respond sooner rather than later or you may miss it.

You can choose your payment type – whether it be karma points, donation of rewards, or cash payment. If the quality of your feedback is high, and you have followed all of the instructions provided for you to take the test, you will be paid for your contribution.

Cash payments are made via PayPal.

6 Enroll

Make money testing websites - Enroll

Enroll is made by Zurb, a design company.

My review of Enroll

  • Website: www.enrollapp.com
  • Legitimate? Yes
  • Cost to join: Free
  • Length of tests: Between 1 and 10 minutes
  • Payment for tests: Between $0.10 and $1.50 (maybe more)
  • Recommended: Yes, for pocket money

You will need to provide an email address, and answer some questions about yourself.  Unlike User Testing, you are notified when there is a test waiting for you.  You are best to respond as soon as possible, because once their quota of responses has been reached the test will no longer be available.

You don’t need a microphone for Enroll. You must be at least 13 years of age to join. It is unclear where this is offered in the world, however I’m in Australia and signed up just fine.

The payment method is PayPal, and you they do a payout once per month. You must have at least a balance of $1 before it will be paid out to you.

The tests offered through Enroll are really simple (you might even say fun!), and your fluency in English is not an issue.  There is no need for webcam or microphone with Enroll.  I know that webcam and microphone can be a barrier for lots of people. If that’s the case, then Enroll might be for you.

There’s more testing sites you can make money from!

My top 6 is not an exhaustive list.  There are other sites you can use to make money testing websites.  Check them out for yourself:


https://www.trymyui.com/worker/signup – voice feedback and monitoring of your screen – $10 per test; 20 minutes each


https://www.utest.com – looking for bugs in new software


https://pages.mycrowd.com/registrations/tester – hunting for bugs


https://test.io/become-a-tester/ – get paid up to $50 for every issue you find. If you don’t find any you can also get paid to rate apps and review scripted test cases.

Some tips to make money testing websites

If you are looking to go down the path of website and app testing, I would suggest signing up with as many as you can so that you maximise your chances of being offered more things to test.

Remember that making money form home takes work – time, effort and dedication are required.

There is a much better way to earn money from home.

My preferred way to earn money from home is not a quick or easy win.  It is less of a job and more of a CAREER that will be long term and will grow over time.  In my view, affiliate marketing is the very best way to go to producing a lucrative online income.

With Wealthy Affiliate there are no barriers to getting started, and you have the tools and support to help you build a consistent revenue stream. I consider Wealthy Affiliate to provide the best affiliate marketing training available, with exceptional tools and support available.

What are you waiting for?

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Please leave any questions or comments below and I’m happy to help. If you’ve discovered any more sites where you get paid to test, please share your experiences!

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