Views from my office March 2018

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Online careers from home have to be the one of the best ways to make a living that any parent could ask for. Everything is just so much easier when you can be your own boss. Today, I’m in my comfy shoes, my favourite pair of jeans, and a jumper that I love that my husband bought for me about ten years ago. It remains one of my favourites because it reminds me of comfort and warmth. It’s the one I reach for whenever I’m wanting a ‘comfy’ day. It’s not something I would wear to an office but happily wear it around the house and wherever else I want when I want to be comfortable.

I’ve got my coffee, and I’m sitting outside on my balcony, listening to what’s happening around me. It’s a little windier than I’d like, but not enough to make me want to go back inside. I’m enjoying the sliver of sunshine that’s coming through, and by the afternoon, my balcony will be bathed in light and warmth.

March has been a bit of a weird month. The kids are well and truly in full swing back at school, and everyone is hard at work. Summer is definitely over and the weather is changing. It’s staying darker for longer in the mornings, and getting darker much earlier in the evenings. We’ve been trying to make the most of what’s left of the good weather, and getting out and about after dinner to visit our favourite parks and go for some walks. I don’t think there’ll much of that left so we are certainly trying to get out as much as we can.

I still try to get out with my work as much as I possibly can too. I do absolutely love being able to pack my laptop and a notebook in my bag, and set off wherever I please, to get some work done. I feel like we’re coming to the end of being able to work in the park, and I’ll have to think of some alternatives so I don’t get sick of staying home.

Here’s a few views from my ‘office’ over March.

One of our favourite local parks

This park is fabulous, and I’ve been coming here with the kids for years. It has a playground, some basketball courts, a BMX track, a huge open space, and some shelter with some BBQs and seats. Our kids can spend hours here. So whenever they say “mum, can we go to the ‘hill park’?”, I gladly oblige, pack my bag, and off we go. (They call it the hill park after the BMX track. When they were teeny tiny, the BMX track seemed so huge that the track was described as hills, and to this day we still call it the hill park.)

One of our favourite parks
The upsides: Happy kids, sunshine, people taking their dogs out for a walk, table and chairs, shelter.

The downsides: There is no WiFi here, which is a significant downer. But knowing that before I go there takes a little extra planning ahead. I just make sure I work on things that don’t need a connection.

Our favourite trampoline park

When you have kids as sporty as ours, it’s a godsend when you find an awesome indoor space where the kids can get out all their energy, and you can get some work done at the same time.

We have spent hours upon hours at this place. The boys have actually become pretty amazing at this. They absolutely love it here, and I have the peace of mind that their lessons are training them to do everything safely. We are here usually several times a week, and it’s a place where I get some solid work done.

Our favourite trampoline park
The upsides: Kids are learning new skills and having a ball, WiFi, coffee, and good working area. The music is up pretty loud, but I do enjoy it and somehow it doesn’t distract me from a work perspective at all. I’m very focused so noise doesn’t bother me.

Downsides: There are not usually any downsides here, but just last week there was. Our first injury. After X-rays and doctors appointments there are no broken bones thankfully. Just a very big scare, a foot the size of a football, and some rather interesting shades of purple, black and blue. Our little injured one handled it like a trooper, and has not been put off one of his favourite activities. We will need to give it a rest for a while, so no more bouncing for a few weeks. We all know that doing any sporting activity has risks, and so long as they are being trained and are doing it as safely as possible without taking unnecessary risks, we are happy to continue with one of their very favourite things.

One of our favourite playgrounds

We are lucky to have a few great playgrounds all in working distance. This one is a favourite because it has a flying fox, various climbing challenges, and some great open space. We often also run into friends here, which is always a lovely and unexpected surprise.

One of our favourite playgrounds
The upsides: Sunshine, happy kids, table and chairs. Hours of playing, messing around in the dirt, and collecting sticks.

The downsides: There is no WiFi here. An extra bit of planning ahead is needed when we go here if I plan on getting any work done.


Our balcony

We have a few balconies, and this is the one I sit at when I want to see what’s happening on our street! Because why not? We have a little table and chairs, and it’s really only suitable for short term working. It’s more of a place where I go if I’m wanting a break from being inside and want to remain connected with what’s going on around me.

View from our balcony
The upsides: I watch what’s going on outside because that’s a fun distraction sometimes. We had the Grand Prix here over the last week so our street was busier than usual, with lots of Grand Prix foot traffic. I also got to see the aerial show from here which is a highlight every year.


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6 thoughts on “Views from my office March 2018”

  1. Nice article and should help those of us wanting to do this kind of work. Keep having fun as I am.

    • Hi Vicky, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I hope you have a lovely Easter long weekend.

  2. Mellisa,
    Having a place you can work and feel relaxed while others are having a good time is great. I too like to move my place of work around to different locations. Having a hot spot is the hard part sometimes.
    When we go to the lake there is not internet. I have to work offline.
    Your balcony would be one of my favorite spots as I use my outdoor areas when the weather permits.
    When working from home one of the best things is you get to work in some of the best places.

    • Hi John, nothing beats working from home! As time goes by there will be more WiFi hotspots I hope. Balconies are great aren’t they, to change things up a bit? I wish you all the very John, and thanks stopping by.

  3. You know I never actually thought about taking my work on the road to different places. Seems like it would be a lot more fun and exciting. I have my computer set up in my office and this is where I sit. I do have a laptop, and could take it on the go. I think I might just do that!

    • Hi Matts Mom, you should give it a try! It sure is fun and breaks things up a bit.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here.


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