Achieve something you’ve never achieved before

The inspirational life changing quote you must see

I came across a quote today that stopped me in my tracks.  This doesn’t happen to me often!  But for some reason, this quote really had an impact on me:


To achieve something you've never achieved before you must be something you've never been before

Let that sink in for a moment.


“To achieve something you’ve never achieved before, you must be something you’ve never been before.”

Have you ever wanted to achieve something you’ve never achieved before?  RIght now, are you wanting to achieve something you’ve never achieved before?

It’s a little daunting, isn’t it?  How can you be something you’re never been before?  That sounds scary.

How do we be something we’ve never been before?

It sounds like it might mean that you have to make some kind of quantum leap. Or that you have to do something quite revolutionary. Or perhaps even pretend to be something that isn’t true to you.  When I thought about it more though, I don’t believe that’s what the quote is saying.  Not even close.  I believe it’s talking about our perceptions, and the way we view ourselves.

Let’s take a closer look.  As an example, let’s say that you are reserved about sharing your opinion.  Now, if you’re ever going to be a successful blogger and writer, you’re going to have to think differently about that aspect of your writing.  If you’re going to be successful, you will have to write all the time, and share your opinions and your work as widely as you possibly can.  You have to share it on social media, and share with your email subscribers.  You have to be able to write about your opinions confidently.  So you will need to reframe your view.

In this example, the “being something I’ve never been before” might translate to “being confident to commit my opinion to writing and sharing it widely.” It isn’t earth shattering stuff.  But it might take lots of reflection and work on your confidence to get to that point.  The first time you hit ‘publish’, you may be a little worried.  Because it will feel new for you.  That’s ok!  You’ll see that nothing terrible happens.  In fact, people will start interacting with you, and some might even thank you for the thoughts you’ve shared.

The “be something you have never been before” could be that you need change your way of thinking so that you are:

  • confident in your ability
  • happy with yourself
  • willing to give something a go, even if it’s scary
  • willing to do something you haven’t done before
  • letting go of something that is holding you back
  • committed to moving past an obstacle that doesn’t move you forward
  • framing your thoughts in the positive rather than negative form
  • open to the idea that good things can happen to you, not just others
  • believing in yourself
  • willing to tell others that you are going to be doing something new, and that you’d like their support
  • thankful for the things you already have
  • aware that you are a unique person with talents
  • aware of your strengths and areas for growth and development

Believe in yourself

Sometimes if we verbalise what we want to do differently to someone that we trust, that is half the battle. Saying it out loud can make it real.  Talking about it and answering questions about it makes it real.  Saying “I WANT THIS” makes it real.  Asking for others to support you makes it even more real.

Getting outside your comfort zone

The key to achieving something you’ve never achieved before, and becoming something you’ve never been before, requires you to break out of your comfort zone.

I’ve previously written about how to step out of your comfort zone, here:

This talks about how to leave your comfort zone, and the importance of doing so.  Especially if you do want to achieve something you’ve never achieved before.  We don’t achieve new things by waiting for them to happen to us.  We have to go and get them. And that will involve thinking and behaving differently.

How to break out of your comfort zone

My journey towards stepping out of my comfort zone

I remember when I knew that I needed to do something new.  I also remember that I had no skills in the thing I really wanted to do!  So I decided that I needed to be brave.  I mean REALLY brave.  I wanted to get into affiliate marketing. I’d never done it before. I had no background in websites.  I took a deep breath and I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate.  I went for the Premium annual membership straight away, because I knew it was the mechanism I needed to change my life.  I didn’t want any roadblocks. It was my way of making a commitment to myself.

I started the training the day I signed up.  I set up my profile page.  I wrote that I was a little bit scared!  And that I was going to give it my all because I wanted to learn and do something to change my life.

And so I started.

Lesson 1.  “Getting rolling”

Wealthy Affiliate training - getting started!

I did “get rolling”!  I finished the lesson. It wasn’t daunting, it was fun. I thought “anyone can do this”.  I couldn’t wait to do lesson 2.  It was all making sense!  I wanted to understand how I could make money online, and by the end of the lesson I understood.  I’d never thought about any of this stuff before. It was all completely new.

And then it started to become very real.  It was no longer a theoretical exercise.  I had to think about what I wanted my VERY OWN website to be about.  Then it really hit me – I’m going to have my own website, that I will build from the ground up.  I can do this.

I continued with the training, and it was all coming together.  If there was something that I didn’t quite understand, I would repeat the piece I didn’t get. I eventually completed all of the training and loved (almost) every moment of it.  Some of the training really challenged me.  I mean REALLY challenged me.  Posting on several different social media platforms didn’t come naturally to me in the beginning. It’s still not something I’m completely comfortable with, but I know that to have an online career, regular posting across a range of social media platforms is a must.   It’s a non-negotiable. So for me, the “be something you’ve never been before” includes “be OK with social media”.

Lots of introverts struggle with social media, I know I’m not only one.

Hold on a minute.  This statement “lots of introverts struggle with social media”.

That’s an example right there that limits our thinking.  It puts up little invisible barriers that aren’t so little.  Because that’s the stuff we start to believe, that we reinforce to ourselves over and over, and that’s the kind of thinking that stops us from achieving the things we’ve never achieved before.  Let’s put that kind of thinking into the trash, OK?


What are you going to do to “be something you’ve never been before”?

I believe that we all have the capacity to “be something we’ve never been”.  When you think about it in terms of the way we perceive ourselves and the behaviour that goes with that, we can all change our way of thinking.  It may not come easily to us, but nothing good ever comes easy, does it?

Taking small steps can give us the confidence to go and achieve something we’ve never achieved before.

What will you do to help you be something you’ve never been, so that you can achieve something you’ve never achieved before?

Leave me a comment or a question below and I’ll be happy to help.  Feel free to share some of the things you’ve done to help you achieve something new.





20 thoughts on “Achieve something you’ve never achieved before”

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the inspiring post. I completely agree with you. When you want to achieve something new, you must change.

    We cannot do, think and believe what we always did and get different results. This is something I try to apply in my life the last months and I feel great.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Ilias. It’s great that you’ve applied that to your life and are feeling great about it. It is truly a wonderful feeling isn’t it?
      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you every success.

  2. Hey Melissa, your article describes my position to perfection before joining Wealthy Affiliate.
    I had never been an affiliate marketer and had aspirations of learning all the methods of building a website around my particular interest, attracting visitors on the web and making conversions that lead to revenue through affiliate links.
    Sounds rather ambitious and like you mention, a bit scary for anyone completely inexperienced in the online world however I am becoming more confident that anything’s achievable due to attaining the odd conversion recently – what will another year bring.
    I think the problem most people have making a complete lifestyle change regards friends and family’s attitudes towards their ambitions, most people knock your dreams before you get started – All what’s required like most things in life is pure determination to keep plugging away.
    Thanks for your encouragement,

    • Hi Simon, it sounds like we have a lot in common. Once we begin with the training, and putting it all into practice, our confidence grows. Then come the small wins. And those small wins turn into bigger wins.
      I completely agree – pure determination and continuing to plug away are what makes it all happen. Thanks so much Simon for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      All the very best to you,

  3. Hi,
    Very inspirational post. We all have the desire to do something different, better but we continue to do the same. The biggest problem is to get out of the comfort zone. I think one of the main obstacles is fear. Not always but in most cases. Thanks for this post. It gives inspiration for change.
    Best regards.

    • Hi Maja, thanks for visiting my page, I’m glad that it’s given you some inspiration. All the very best to you.

  4. Thanks for your post, it is well written. After reading the post, it really reminded that I never imagined myself doing my own affiliate marketing website. The post of yours really gave me a very positive mind set and energy which I don’t wanna give up. I love the quote of yours “step out from the comfort zone”. Lets keep it together for the journey to success.


    • Hi Jaden, I’m glad it’s given you a bit of an energy boost! I also like the notion of stepping out of our comfort zones – it’s the way we grow and develop, and allows new opportunities to happen.
      All the very best to you.

  5. I loved everything about what you discussed. That’s very true. Wanting to achieve something is much easier than actually doing something to become the person necessary to achieve want you want. Sometimes, it becomes really scary. However, it all boils down to a decision and committing yourself to stick with it. Keep it up!

    • Hi there, it can certainly be scary to change to achieve something we’ve never achieved before. You’re so right – it’s about making the decision and then sticking to it. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. All the very best to you.

  6. This is a very insightful post. I love that quote. Thank you for sharing so much information!

    I also stepped out of my comfort zone by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Before then, I wasn’t really the type of person to post things online nor was I the type of person to really write period. It’s only been 10 days, and already I feel like I’ve achieved so much. I can’t wait to see my full potential play out.

    • Hi Calista, I love that quote too. I’m so glad that you joined Wealthy Affiliate and are on the path to achieving something completely new and reaching your potential. Calista, I wish you all the very best and I can’t wait to see you achieve even more.

  7. Hi Melissa, What a really well written and thought provoking post. It was really written from the heart and captivated me. Who would have thought a business article would be so captivating. It made me realize that there a quite a few people out there who feel wary of putting themselves in new positions they haven’t tried before. I guess it is scary for most people. This encouraged me to find inner strength to try more to achieve my goals. Best wishes and thank you. Jill

    • Thanks so much Jill. I appreciate the feedback and I’m glad you found it captivating. Putting yourself out there certainly can be very scary sometimes. I wish you all the very best with your goals Jill, I know you will achieve them.
      All the very best to you. Cheers,

  8. Great article! I agree to achieve something we have never achieved before we have to be somebody else and to become somebody else, we first have to change our self-image or mental picture we have of ourselves. In order to change self-image, we have to be able to see ourselves as somebody who has already achieved that what we want and if we can hold that picture in our mind long enough we will start to think, feel and act as that new person and we will eventually achieve what we intended. Thanks for the great read!

    • Hi Blanka, that’s a great way to think of it – picturing ourselves as having already achieved what we want to reframe our view. I like it!
      Thanks for your comment Blanka, and I wish you all the very best.

  9. Hey Melissa, great article – I think you are right about pushing through those invisible barriers and being something you’ve never been before. Good on you for taking on the challenge of learning something new – and finding it is fun to learn is just an added bonus! Best of luck and thanks for sharing, cheers, Karen

    • Hi Karen, thanks. I think learning something new can change us so much and give us a different insight into ourselves that we never knew existed. And if that learning happens to be fun, then even better! Thanks for stopping by Karen and I wish you the best.

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    • Thanks TecSmash for visiting my humble blog. Glad you enjoyed it so much you wanted to leave a comment, even if it is to advertise your own site! All the very best to you : )


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