Is Email Processing System a scam or a legitimate opportunity?

First of all, let’s take a look at what Email Processing Systems (EPS) is all about in order for us to find our whether Email Processing System is a scam, or whether it is a legitimate way to make money online.

The EPS website is

The first thing you see when you go to the EPS website is this:

Email Processing Systems (EPS) homepage

So that’s intriguing, I thought.  $25 for every email you process.  I hear what you’re thinking – I can churn out hundreds of emails, I’m going to make a fortune!

It also got me wondering what ‘processing emails’ actually means.  So I investigated further.  They tell you there is no limitation on how many emails you can ‘process’.  You process emails “by sending the mail out to the interested prospects who have asked for this information.”  Which got me wondering how the prospects become interested enough to ask for the information.  It sounds like someone needs to advertise something, so that in turn you can be asked for the information?

The website continues on:

EPS homepage

So now it sounds like YOU need to do the advertising, in order for people to request information, so that you can ‘process email’.  They also say you can buy a website for $10 in order to do this.

How did I first hear about EPS?

I first came across EPS because I saw numerous people pushing it on social media.  All the ads were similar. Here’s a few of them:

Email Processing Systems (EPS)

Here is another:

Email Processing Systems

What is EPS actually selling?

It turns out EPS are not actually selling anything. There is no product.  No one is getting hired to ‘process emails’, it’s all about signing up and then spamming as many people as you can to repeat the process, so that you can get their commission.  What you are in essence selling is the opportunity for others to do the same – to advertise the opportunity, spam as many people as possible who also want to make money, and then get commission from those who sign up.

How does EPS work?

There are quite a few similar schemes that all operate in the same way.

This excerpt is taken from

EPS Here's what you will be doing

So, people that sign up are provided with standard ads that they can use to spam people across a range of social platforms.

Cost of signing up to EPS

There is a $25 registration fee which gives you the information you need to get started, this includes the standard advertising templates that they use. They do tell you that you’re not paying for employment, you are paying for the ‘incredible opportunity’.  At least they are up front about that.  You can pay $10 for website, that is a standard website to advertise EPS.  The website is optional.

It does seem like the commission structure changes every now and then, because in 2017 they were taking 25% of all sales, leaving the email processors with 75%.  Now, however (as at March 2018), it seems that 100% commission is now payable to the email processors:

EPS paying your admin fees

What is the verdict about EPS?

People can make money from this system, and systems that are similar in nature to EPS.  However, EPS do not have a tangible product.  They are relying solely on people mass recruiting other people.  This is the definition of a pyramid scheme.   I’ve written about pyramid schemes before, and how you might recognise a pyramid scheme here:

Given the scheme is solely about the recruitment of others, mathematically it is an unsustainable scheme to be a part of. Whilst it might make you a few dollars, it is not a long-term business or career opportunity.  In order for you to make any money with this, you will need to spam people left, right and centre. You don’t want to be that person, do you?

Aside from that, in order to make any REAL money, you will need targeted traffic.  You certainly won’t be getting the traffic from writing content, because there is no content, only advertising. You will need targeted and consistent traffic and putting out spammy ads on social media won’t get you sustainable traffic.

Social media is useful if you connect with people and build relationships and networks with people over time. The only way you will make real with this is if you buy traffic. Unless you know what you are doing, you don’t want to go there.

EPS = thumbs down

The verdict = stay away from EPS.  

Whilst you may make some money, it is scammy and spammy and not a good look.There is no product, and is misleading when you advertise it as an ’email processing’ opportunity. It is made to sound like a true employment opportunity, and it clearly is not.

Some final thoughts

There are much better ways to make money online that are legitimate and are genuine business and career opportunities.

Some great ways to build an online career is through affiliate marketing. Other options include dropshipping, and setting up your own online stores to name a few.

Be wary of the schemes that sound like you might make some quick and easy money. Do your research. Investigate anything that sounds like it might be too good be true. Remember that in order to make decent money online, you need to put in the work like any other business. It won’t happen overnight.

If you want a truly sustainable business from home, find out how here:

This is the platform that works for me!

Leave me your comments here.  What are the best ways that you have built a career from home?  If you have any questions I’m always happy to help.

7 thoughts on “Is Email Processing System a scam or a legitimate opportunity?”

  1. So many people fall for these scams! You have really broken it down for the ‘average Joe’ to understand. Your suggestion to go with affiliate marketing as a safer way to make money online is one that I wholeheartedly agree with. Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Jessica, affiliate marketing is certainly a great way to build a longterm, sustainable business. It is not built on the next shiny thing, and it doesn’t come and go, it is a legitimate industry that helps people build a career from home, and allows them to build a full time income over time. I wish you all the very best.

  2. This is a great post. I had no idea about this scam but glad I did find out. Thanks for shedding light on this and offering real ways to make money online. Thanks, Curtis

    • No worries Curtis, I’m glad you found out about it so you can avoid it and others that are similar. It’s funny, as I do more and more research about working from home, I discover new things like this all the time. It never ceases to amaze me how many scammy products and services are out there, and it isn’t until you pull back the layers and really analyse them that you see them for what they really are.

      I wish you all the very best.

  3. I’ve seen this scam. I’ve never understood this type of scam. When pointed out, it’s so obvious that there is no product and these scammers are strictly relying on selling people a fantasy by making false promises.

    This should be illegal.

    • Hi Aria, I agree with you. It’s obvious after you’ve done some digging around, but unfortunately people still sign up to this type of thing because they are after some quick money. There are so many better alternatives out there that don’t mislead anyone and can build tried and true sustainable businesses. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

  4. Hey quick question I signed up for EPS but I’ve not done anything with it I’m certainly not a poster boy for EPs and definitely not wanting to be involved in any type of pyramid scheme but my question is this there is a real product you get a booklet with a hundred short advertisements in it that can be used for any business and they’re probably correct if you went on Fiverr and had a hundred advertisements written at $5 a piece that’s $500 worth of advertisements so a person is getting a digital product in PDF format for their 25 bucks so would that still be a pyramid scheme since there is a digital product IE advertisements that can be used for any business?


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