Younique Review: Can You Make Money With Younique?

What Is Younique? Is Younique a Scam or Legit?

You might have been tempted by a ‘friend’ to join Younique and live an amazing life selling Younique products. Younique  is in the make up and skincare niche, and largely sells products online.

There’s something about the name “Younique” that doesn’t gel me with right before I even get started with this Younique Review. I think it might be because I’m not a fan of misspelled words or ‘interesting’ spelling of words to make them appear more younique. See what I did there? Anyway, I will try to not let that bias my opinion as I delve into the world of Younique. In this Younique review we’ll find out if Younique is worth your time and effort. We will answer the question ‘is Younique a scam or legit’?

Is Younique A MLM (multi level marketing) company? You bet it is. Just because you’re called a Presenter rather than a Distributor or Independent Consultant, doesn’t mean it’s not an MLM. Just because they call themselves ‘direct marketing’ doesn’t mean it’s not an MLM. Younique is an MLM through and through.

In most MLMs, there are two main ways you can earn money:

  1. By selling a product that is not sold in retail stores. In order to obtain the product you must order through a distributor, or on a distributor’s website, and
  2. By receiving commissions from the sales of people you recruit into your network (your downline)

What this means is you need to able to sell loads of products to people. If you genuinely want to be successful in a MLM company, you want to be recruiting new distributors who are also selling a lot of products. As well as selling products, you need to be able to sell the ‘lifestyle opportunity’ as well. That can be tricky when the lifestyle isn’t too great and the products are just ordinary …

Let’s take a look at Younique.

Younique Review

Some basic information about Younique:

  • Website:
  • Founded by: Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft
  • In operation since: 2012
  • Price to join: $99 USD
  • Available in: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands
  • Recommended: Yes, but only if you have extensive experience with MLMs and like the Younique products

Younique’s mission is to:

“uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.”

My Younique review will take you through the following sections:

  • What is Younique and how does Younique work?
  • How do you get paid with Younique?
  • Is Younique legit?
  • My recommended way of making money from home

What is Younique and how does Younique Work?

The Younique product line covers:

  • Make up – eyes, lips and face range
  • Skin care – cleansers, toners, serums, masks and moisturisers

To become a Younique presenter, you’ll need to purchase a Younique Presenter Kit. At the time of writing, the kit included:

  • Moodstruck Epic 4D one-step fiber mascara
  • Moodstruck Epic mascara – Black
  • Moodstruck Epic mascara – Brown
  • Moodstruck EpicC mascara – Black Waterproof
  • TOUCH GLORIOUS mattifying face primer
  • Moodstruck Opulence lipstick
  • Moodstruck Splash liquid lipstick
  • Moodstruck Precision pencil eyeliner
  • Three Moodstruck pressed shadow single compacts
  • Three colors of Moodstruck pressed shadow refills
  • Moodstruck pressed blusher
  • Younique tapered blusher brush
  • Younique fluffy crease brush
  • YOU·OLOGY rose water toning spritz (50 ml)
  • Digital coupon for YOU·OLOGY Uplift beauty oil
  • YOU·OLOGY cleansing cloths
  • White Status Younique Presenter Charm
  • Purple ring
  • Catalog
  • Younique Presenter Guide
  • Branded limited edition box

Younique Review
When you buy the Younique Presenter Kit, you are provided with access to your own e-commerce site, online training, and digital business management tools as well as membership in Younique Presenter-only Facebook groups.

The Younique Presenter Kit costs $99 USD, plus applicable taxes and shipping costs.

The Kit has a retail value of approximately $441 USD.

For those of you who shudder at the thought of having to host a home party, Younique is a little different to the traditional home party business model. Younique sell almost exclusively through the use of social media, and as a presenter you can host a virtual party just by sharing a link. This may appeal to people who really don’t like the idea of having to host an actual party either in your own home or in someone else’s home. Hosting parties can also be expensive given that you usually need to entertain your guests with food and drinks, so a virtual party might be a great alternative for lots of people.

The Younique Compensation Plan

I’ve got to say – as far as MLMs go, the compensation plan is one of the simplest I’ve seen, and this is a GOOD thing. I’m often left bamboozled trying to read overly complicated MLM compensation plans, and this one is refreshingly simple, and easily accessible on the Younique website.Younique status requirements

You can earn between 20% and 30% commissions on products depending on your status, which is dictated by your sales:Younique Compensation Plan

Is Younique A Scam or Legit? It’s LEGIT! But…

MLM is a legitimate business model and Younique is no different. Whilst it isn’t for everyone, you can earn money. It is all about selling as much product as possible for maximum income, and recruiting others to do the same.

Younique has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There are mixes of positive and negative reviews, both from a customer perspective and a presenter perspective.

It’s important to note that just because an individual doesn’t earn money from an organisation like this, that doesn’t make it a scam. There are people who make money from Younique. So knowing that Younique is not a scam, the question remains – can you make money with Younique?

Let’s take a look at the top earners within Younique, published on their website here:

Younique Review
I assume that the figures here are in $USD. As you can see, the top rising star – Nestor Elihu Castellanos Ochoa has made sales of $4,713.25 for the month. She hasn’t actually earnt that much, just made sales for that much. If we assume she is on the very highest ranking, she would be attracting a 30% commission, resulting in a payment of $1,413 for that month. If she were to repeat that every month for a year, she would have an annual salary of approximately $16,970 (less taxes and expenses). That’s not very much is it? And this represents the people at the very top – globally!

The fine print underneath the graphic on the website states:

“These leader boards rank the top-performing Younique Presenters across every country in which Younique currently operates. The sponsoring and sales figures on these boards are NOT typical. Quite to the contrary, the sponsoring and sales figures you see on this page are those of the very top performing Presenters out of a group of tens of thousands of Presenters. The sponsoring and sales figures posted here are achieved only by approximately less than the top 0.02 % of Presenters.”

It’s pretty clear to me that the vast majority of people who join Younique as a presenter will never make money. If you enjoy the products to use for yourself that’s OK, but if you join for the purpose of making money, in all likelihood you will not. Even if you make it to the top 10 global leader board, you’re not making much money.

My recommended way of making money from home

There’s a reason why MLMs have a poor reputation – it’s because most people never genuinely make much money. And yes of course there are some who do, but most do not. And no one wants to buy overpriced MLM products and hear your spiel about the amazing ‘business opportunity’. I hate to say it, but you are not a #bossbabe for joining an MLM.

In my view, there are much better alternatives to MLM that don’t involve spamming your friends and family, and certainly don’t involve making misleading claims about free cars, promotions and incentives.

Can You Make Money With Younique? Not Really - Try Affiliate Marketing Instead

My preferred way to make money from home is via the affiliate marketing model. The basic premise with affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing - the best way to make money from homeis that you

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract visitors to your website
  4. Earn revenue when they make purchases from your site (via affiliate links)

Once you have built your own niche website and learnt how to attract visitors (using free methods), you can repeat this with as many of your own websites as you like.

Affiliate marketing is perfect for anyone who wants to find a way to earn money online. No experience is required, and you don’t need to be technical.

You will be taught everything you need to know. One of the best things about it – you don’t need to sell anything to your friends and family!

Build your own website that is uniquely yours that will grow with you. The sky is the limit! To learn how, just click here:

Have you had any experience with Younique or with other MLMs? What did you think?

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and I’m always happy to help you out.

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