View from my office September 2018

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I’m very lucky to live in what I consider to be a fabulous part of the world. I’m in Melbourne, Australia, and I am very happy to live very close the beach in the always interesting suburb of St. Kilda. It’s quite a touristy suburb full of restaurants and bars, with weird and wonderful people coming and going from all around the world.

There’s never a dull moment in St. Kilda, especially in the summer time when the beaches are packed.

It’s just starting to get that busy feeling back now that the sun is shining more and we hit spring this month. People are out walking their dogs and the kids are out playing in the park.

It’s the perfect time for us to be spending more of our time outside. That’s when I pack up my laptop and head out. Sometimes I’m by myself, and sometimes I’m with the kids while they do their activities or are out playing. Either way it works for us.

For those of you who follow my blog, I like to write about the various views I have from my ‘office’, just for some fun. I also do it to highlight the benefits of being your own boss and choosing where you will work.

Fitzroy Street

When the sun shines on St Kilda it is an absolute delight, and I love to head out to a cafe for a change of scenery. Here’s Fitzroy Street in it’s glory.

This was a Wednesday. I had a great day with my laptop taking in the sights, having coffee, and getting lots of work done.

These little rainbow seats on Fitzroy Street always give me a smile.


Fitzroy Street rainbow chairs

View down Fitzroy Street

St Kilda junction

The St Kilda junction underpass on a sunny day is not nearly as scary as it is on a cold, dark night. In fact I don’t go near this place in the dark. It’s creepy and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t scare me! It’s so different on a bright day, and the colours really pop. This of course was not my destination, rather I went this way to get to the park so I could spend an hour or two working under a tree. But, this graffiti does make me happy and I wanted it share with you.


St. Kilda junction

St. Kilda junction


Local parks

I do love working in local parks. People are walking by with their dogs, there are barbeques, and usually kids playing. On this day it was particularly quiet, so I stayed and did some research here. It was a productive day. This park is known as the ‘dog park’, and I did get to meet dogs of all shapes and sizes.


Alma Park

Acland Street

Acland Street is in the heart of St. Kilda, and like Fitzroy Street attracts locals and tourists alike. I headed out quite early on this morning, so Acland Street was fairly quiet. It is normally buzzing. I went to one of our favourite local restaurants, Abbey Road, for some breakfast and some work.

Acland Street

Abbey Road

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6 thoughts on “View from my office September 2018”

  1. Melissa, my favorite place to do my home business is in my bedroom. My creative juices flow at a time that I would never venture in the outdoors. I, however, am inspired by the scenery and so I love taking a long drive when I am the passenger. That way I get to soak it n. I liked reading your blog post and especially appreciate the outdoor photos. Now you have me wanting to give that a try too. Thanks.

    • Hi Josephine, I love to work at home too : ) There’s something very comforting about it.
      I wish you all the best Josephine and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello! Thanks for this inspiring post. I would love to visit Australia one of these days. One day maybe I will be able to work from the “anywhere” : )


    • Hi Mike, I hope you get to Australia one day. Best of luck to you being able to work from the ‘anywhere’ : )

  3. Great article and I’m also from Melbourne, I live in the outer south-east these days but in my younger days I lived in St Kilda for a while so it was nice seeing your photos.
    The greatest thing about internet marketing is the ability to work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection… coffee shops are the best!

    • Hi Helen, yes I have to agree with you re coffee shops – they are the best!
      All the very best to you Helen.


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