Make money with Webtalk


Make money with Webtalk

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is an invitation-only social media platform. You must be invited in order to join the platform. In order to build your network, you invite the people you know to join Webtalk and connect with you. Webtalk is like a combination of the best features of Facebook and LinkedIn combined into one. This is a platform that allows you to build both personal and business networks. A huge benefit of Webtalk is that you can keep your personal and business networks as separate (or not) as you wish.

Unlike other social media platforms, your referrals will not go unrewarded. Beta testing of Webtalk is currently underway.


How can I make money with Webtalk?

There is a Webtalk affiliate commission program (Social CPX). Social CPX will go live after Webtalk is out of Beta testing (date still to be advised.) Webtalk and the affiliate program are free, and the company say that this will always be the case.

Whenever the people you invited or they invited to Webtalk make a purchase from an advertiser, or another member of Webtalk, you will earn a commission. SocialCPX links directly to your Webtalk account to track all of your referrals through your networking activities. SocialCPX pays you cash commissions up to 50% of all revenue generated by your referrals.

Just like ecommerce platforms such as eBay, Shopify and Amazon, every purchase made through Webtalk will involve a commission or transaction fee. Webtalk will share this revenue with its affiliates.

This video helps to explain Webtalk and the affiliate program:



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How Webtalk works

If you want to use Webtalk to generate income, your job as an affiliate is to drive traffic to Webtalk and then they do the rest. Webtalk provides you with some marketing tools to help you be successful. The more influence and marketing power you have online, the more successful you will be.


Make money with Webtalk - 3 steps


The commission plan pays through 5-degrees of referral separation and is a limited-time offer to help grow the community. During the Beta, you are getting a head start to grow your referral network before they start advertising the affiliate program after it’s launch.


Join Webtalk's beta launch


Some must haves in order to make money with Webtalk

In order to earn affiliate commissions from your referrals your profile must be 100% complete (using the completeness meter on your profile).

This includes:

  • Your Real Name
  • A real Profile photo of you
  • Your current and/or previous job title(s). (If Webtalk is your only job, you can put “Independent Affiliate Marketer @ Webtalk”)
  • Your education history/background
  • Professional recommendations and/or character references from people who know you. This includes people who you have worked with in the past, or currently work with you, or people who know of your abilities and character, who can attest to your abilities to perform the duties you committed to doing, which includes being a student if that applies. There is no timeline to get this done, as soon as it is done you become eligible for commissions)
  • Get 10-connections (you can get this by connecting with people you know)
  • Add a bio, this is a professional summary of your work/education experience
  • Add your contact info (this can be private to only you)
  • Your profile must be 100% completed to be eligible for revenue share commissions.

Webtalk say that this is required because their mission is to “Organize and validate the world’s information, people and businesses to create a trustworthy global virtual economy”. They go on to say that “Validate” and “trustworthy” are the keywords in the mission, and they are willing to share revenue with those who are willing to help them fulfill this mission.


Build your network and earn commissions

To get your profile 100% complete, you should:

  • Go to your profile, click edit or the pencil icons, and add your information.
  • Invite people who know you personally and professionally to recommend you on Webtalk by asking them to recommend you with your profile link.


All referrals made during Webtalk’s Beta launch will transfer to SocialCPX.

So whether you want to use Webtalk for business or for pleasure – or some combination of those, give it a go.

Of course you do not need to join Webtalk for its income generating power. You are not obliged to invite people if you don’t want. It is just an added benefit for those who do.


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As always, leave me a comment or a question below and I’m happy to help.

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  1. I’ve only recently heard of Webtalk. Now I know more about it and wondering how it can help me make money. I watched the video and it explains it fairly well. I have to be invited to join? So I am going to try this and see how it works. I’m all for building my online personality while at the same time getting my business recognized. Does this cost anything?

    • Hi Rob, yes you do need to be invited to join, and it is free. Yay! Give it a go – I figure any tools like this that are free and can help build an online presence should be investigated at the very least.
      All the very best to you.

  2. I never knew about Webtalk, and I’m stoked to read it! I’m building my affiliate business and it seems like a good addition to my toolkit.

    • Hi JB, yes this could absolutely be a good addition to your toolkit. All the very best to you.

  3. This looks like a good tool to use and I had no idea it existed so I appreciate your post as it lends itself to some really good information and insights. Thanks!

    • Hi Rebecca, no worries. I hope you have some success with Webtalk! All the very best to you.

  4. Webtalk sounds like another great way to make money from home. I’m really learning about affiliate programs from WA, but if I have time I might sign up to Webtalk.

    • hi Jay, you may as well sign up. It’s free, and it is yet another way that you can promote your business when you’re ready to do that.
      All the very best to you,

  5. Thank you for the information.

    I was invited to Webtalk a couple weeks ago and yes, I set up an account but did not know it’s purpose or my purpose there.

    I needed this article to understand better.



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