Global Affiliate Zone Review


Global Affiliate Zone Review

What is GAZ (Global Affiliate Zone)?


Founders: Julian Sherman, Mathieu Jang, Kameron George

Price: $99 per month ($1,188 per annum) – on face value.

Global Affiliate Zone provides the opportunity to gain instant access to private automated sales funnels including ‘done for you’ marketing materials, custom capture pages (also known as squeeze pages), dynamic follow up emails and live sales presentations. The premise of what they offer is that much of the work is done for you, so you can get up and running fast.

They have a community of 4,000, and say they offer the following:

  • Private access to the community – access training and support
  • Live events and meet ups – where you can connect with the community and the leadership team.
  • Live workshops and webinars – live workshops every week when you can ask questions and submit work for review from the leaders
  • Video tutorials – see how to model and set up campaigns
  • Mentorship and coaching – a game plan will be custom tailored for you
  • Sales team / sales funnel – “run the same funnels on profitable 6 and 7 figure campaigns that plug into the top Sales Team in our space to close sales for you”. I’m not sure exactly what this is means, but it sounds like someone closes sales for you.
  • Courses and training – easy to follow training
  • Support – there are people available to answer your questions.

So far it’s all sounding pretty good. Here’s a snapshot of their offering:

Global Affiliate Zone - what's on offer?

Take a peek at their affiliate program and commission structure:

Global Affiliate Zone affiliate program and commissions

However, I soon find out, things aren’t all as they seem. I dig further into their website, as ANYONE should when considering joining a program such as this – ALWAYS do your homework first.


The Global Affiliate Zone process

The website is making it quite hard for me to get the heart of what it is they are doing, so, I go to YouTube. I find the Global Affiliate Zone walk through. The presenter, Eric, who also does the live webinars, sounds like he’s had one too many espressos, but the information is still interesting:


What he talks about still sounds good. However, there is still a crucial element that is missing that no-one seems to want to talk about. What is it that GAZ are selling? I can’t help but feel they are deliberately hiding information. If they weren’t hiding information, they’d be upfront about both on their website and in their videos.


What exactly are Global Affiliate Zone selling?

Well at first, I was quite intrigued by Global Affiliate Zone. I thought their primary focus what training in affiliate marketing. It is not!

When I dig deeper I’m starting to feel a bit bewildered. The FAQ section of the website starts talking about Enagic products. So I find out what these are, and it turns they sell water filtration type devices:

At this point I’m wondering if there is some other ‘Enagic’ product or service, but it turns out there isn’t.

If you join GAZ, it turns out you will be selling Enagic water products. I really wish they had been clear about this. If you don’t want to push Enagic water products, then stay away from GAZ.

GAZ only exist to sell Enagic products.

Enagic water products - this is what you'll be selling if you join GAZ

Their system relies on you to do the following 3 steps:

  1. Create your own Facebook page
  2. Add a Facebook fan page
  3. Create an ad account

You will be taught how to use your Facebook account to advertise your business. They don’t tell you that Facebook ads are not free, you do need to pay for these, so remember that when you are considering this.

Your Facebook ads point to a website that has been set up for you. So, people that click on your ad get directed to your website, and form a sales funnel. The people that enter their details are called by the sales team for a 30 minute ‘coaching call’. This is really a sales call. So, the good thing about this is that someone else closes the sales for you.

What they don’t tell you is that Facebook really doesn’t like affiliate marketing. Yet, it is the one technique that GAZ teach for getting traffic, and in my opinion it is not a great method to rely on. Facebook users who post affiliate links tend to get banned from Facebook. I’m not sure what they expect you to do then? They haven’t taught you any other techniques to get traffic. So I guess it’s good luck to you!


Is Global Affiliate Zone a pyramid scheme?

I then check out other parts of their FAQs and am intrigued to know their answer to the question “Is this a pyramid scam?”

GAZ is not a pyramid scheme, but Julian’s answer to this question is so ridiculous I had to share it with you. Take a look at the answer …




Is he really suggesting that legitimate organisations that are hierarchically structured (i.e. most organisations) are pyramid schemes, because his diagram resembles a pyramid? I felt embarrassed watching that … Even if nothing else rang alarm bells, this video in itself would be enough for me to run for the hills.


How much can you make with Global Affiliate Zone?

I find the GAZ Income Disclosure Policy. It states on their website:

“The GAZ Compensation Plan is an exciting opportunity that rewards you for selling our proprietary products and services and for sponsoring other Affiliates who do the same [….] The numbers below reflect estimates prepared by the company pending a more detailed survey to be conducted until enough statistical data is available. Based on industry standards and company projections, the average annual gross revenue for Affiliates is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000.

There will certainly be participants who will earn less while others will earn much more. We’re excited about the GAZ Compensation Plan and we’re confident it will provide you a solid foundation to help you achieve your financial goals.”

These are not great numbers. But at least they are upfront about that. There is nothing worse than being told you’ll make thousands in your first week when it’s clearly never going to happen.

If you’re paying $99 per month – that’s $1,188 per annum, and you’re only making between $500 and $2,000 per year, that’s not very good?! Is it going to be worth your while??

There is something that is still not sitting quite right with me about GAZ, for the following reasons:

  • Their website is not up front about what it is they are selling. The Enagic bombshell was buried deep in the FAQs which isn’t even available from the homepage – you really have to dig to find them. Most people would have handed over their $99 with no idea about what they would actually be doing.
  • The GAZ walk through video available on YouTube still doesn’t mention that you are essentially joining an MLM company (although they do say they are not an MLM – they call themselves a ‘direct line selling company’)


The Global Affiliate Review Secret

So I do some further research, and I discover the secret that they have been hiding. It turns out you are required to purchase one of the water filtration machines at a cost of approximately $5,000 in order to be allowed to sell it. Yep. Wow.

That’s a total of $1,188 ongoing, plus a one-off cost of $5,000.

I really hope your Facebook ads work! And don’t forget to factor in the cost of those!!


Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?Global Affiliate Zone - don't waste your time and money

No, they are not a scam. They aren’t forthcoming about what they sell, and they should be when they are asking you to pay $99 per month. They try very hard to hide the fact that they ask you fork out thousands of dollars for the cost of a product. I believe it unethical, but I don’t believe it is a scam. After all, there are still people who do make money from it.

Apart from the crappy tactics of hiding very key information from you (product and cost – the two most important aspects!), at the end of it all, you still don’t have the skills to be your own boss. You haven’t really been taught affiliate marketing because it’s been set up for you. You’ve been left to try to get the traffic through one source, and one source only that doesn’t love affiliate marketing links.

Further, if GAZ ceases to exist, you’ve lost your money and aren’t skilled enough to move on to your own affiliate marketing endeavours.

I highly recommend staying away from GAZ. Even without the $5,000 bombshell, $99 per month is still far too expensive for something like that. Don’t be sucked in by the videos where they’re all young and cool and making lots of money. I just don’t believe it.

If you want to make money online, go for the tried and true method that works. Learn from the ground up how to do real affiliate marketing so that you are self-sufficient, and can focus on the products that YOU are interested in. Create a business that is truly yours.

Find out how here.

Click on the image below to make your start today.


As always, leave me a comment or a question and I’m happy to help you out.

6 thoughts on “Global Affiliate Zone Review”

  1. Thanks for clearing up exactly what GAZ are actually selling, as you say, it’s a little confusing at first pass.

    Personally, I’m not keen on Facebook ads which appears to be their main route to market. I’ve tried it in the past and wasted quite a bit of money. From my experience, you have to have a big budget to get FB ads right, as you need to test and re-test to find winners – most people (including me) bale out before that happens.

    To be honest, this looks like just another pyramid scheme to me – I’ll pass thanks!

    • Hi Les, I agree that FB ads can be costly to get right. Lots of people give up on FB ads before they get success because it isn’t easy.
      I think others would be wise to pass on this one too, and find a better, less expensive and more transparent method of making money online.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here Les.

  2. Wow, global affiliate zone must be really bold to hide their enagic products like that.

    While you say they aren’t a scam, i’m still finding it hard to justify paying for a program like this, even solely for the training. I will say though i’m interested in affiliate marketing, and also facebook social media marketing. Do you have any recomendations on where I can learn this?

    • Hi Lucas, I know, it’s very bold isn’t it!

      I am reluctant to call something a scam if I’m not convinced of it. Whilst I don’t find this a good business practice, there is still a product they are selling and people can make money from it. So on that basis I won’t call it a scam. I find it dishonest.

      There are some good places to go to for training in affiliate marketing. There’s Affilorama, and my preferred is Wealthy Affiliate. There is more information here about Wealthy Affiliate, including the very extensive training on offer:

      I wish you all the very best with your affiliate marketing journey! Thanks for stopping by and if you ever have any questions please call in again and ask.


  3. I know from personal experience Facebook ads are not easy to get success with. And before you know it you’re losing money continuous as the ads need to be run every day. Even if you get people to your website, they still need to leave their details and then they need to be convinced in buying an overpriced water filtration system. So the actual conversions will be very low I would think.

    Besides from just doing what they say you should do, I don’t think you will actually learn Internet Marketing for yourself. So like you said, if GAZ would suddenly disappear you are left there with very little knowledge to build your own business.

    • Hi Jurgen,

      I think your experience with FB ads is mirrored by many. I suspect that the conversions are very low with this too. That and not actually learning how to do proper internet marketing in mind makes this one a big fat no.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here Jurgen. All the best to you.


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