Repurpose blog content for additional traffic


Repurpose blog content for additional traffic

Repurposing your content for additional traffic

Did you know there are ways to use your existing content to drive additional traffic to your site? It takes substantial time and effort to prepare website content, and you can make the most of your existing content by repurposing it across other platforms.


Ways to repurpose content

Consider a blog post or posts that you’ve made. These posts are filled with keyword rich content and images. You can turn the content from your posts into other forms social media posts across multiple channels, an email broadcast, a YouTube video, an eBook, or a podcast. I’m sure there are more to add to the list as well!

Once your content has been repurposed on social media, email, YouTube and podcast, you can then link it back to your original blog post so that your audience can find the full suite of information.

Content repurposing is just about extracting bits of your content and using them within those platforms.

If you are wondering whether this constitutes duplicate content, this is NOT duplicate content! As we all know, publishing duplicate content is a no-no, and search engines do not like it.

Google describes duplicate content as:

“Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content of are appreciably similar […} in some cases, content is deliberately duplicated across domains in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings or win more traffic.”

Repurposing your content is using YOUR content, not someone else’s. This is not about copying someone else’s content (please don’t ever do that!). This is purely about your own content on your own domain, and reusing snippets of it on different platforms.


Why should you repurpose your content?

The reality is that if you don’t repurpose your content, you’re probably doing a disservice to those who didn’t get a chance to appreciate it the first time, and you also limit the potential of great content that took you time and effort to produce.

Repurposing your content can:

  • Improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) rankings
  • Extend your reach – you can reach new audiences across different platforms and methods of delivery (auditory, visual, text)
  • Making your message stick by having in different forms
  • Making the most out of your content – writing content takes time and effort. You may as well catipalise on your finished work by repurposing it so it is not forgotten.


How to repurpose your content

Here are a few ways you can repurpose your content:

1. Create a video

Take snippets of your content, and put them in slide deck or powerpoint presentation, or google slides. Record your  presentation with your voice, such as Camtasia.

Then upload it to YouTube, and link your article to the description in YouTube.

You can also make a video using Lumen 5, which doesn’t require you to voice over or be a part of the video. If you are yet to check out Lumen 5, I recommend you do so. It makes video creation very quick and easy (and fun too!).


2. Post to social media

This is a must!

Take 7 pieces of your content (one for each day). Find 7 different images, and post 7 social media posts during the week. Do one post per day for 7 days. You can do the same message across muliple social media channels.

Think Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Webtalk. Find what you are comfortable with, choose a few, and post consistently.


Repurpose your content by posting snippets to social media

3. Turn it into an infographic

If your content lends itself to this, you can turn it into an infographic. This could be in the form of a checklist, a list of steps, or a sequence of events. It could be a summary cheat sheet of tips. Canva is a great free tool to create infographics.


4. Write an email

This is for anyone doing email marketing.

Take your content’s meta title, and use this as the subject line. Use the meta description to provide more information, and include a link to your full post. Create a broadcast email and send it to your list.

Here’s a snapshot of your meta title and meta description:


Repurpose your content through email marketing

Within the email, link it to the full article. You could also send them to your YouTube video, or your social media post. You might mix it up to send people to different sources to keep your list active, so they don’t get directe to your website over and over.

If you’re not doing email marketing yet, just do the first two or three.


5. Create an eBook

An eBook doesn’t need to be voluminous. It only need be a few pages long. It should however contain quality content in an easily digestible way.

You can use Designrr to create an eBook, and you don’t have to write a single word! You choose your source of information, whether it be your blogs and websites, social media posts, audio, video and YouTune files. Designrr produces a draft eBook for you. You review the draft in an editor, and customise. Then, choose a template that you like and add images from their library (or upload your own). Then tweak and tune until you are happy with it.  You can then publish your eBook to your website or to kindle. The eBook is downloadable so you can save it to your machine.

Deisgnrr is not a free tool. However, you can sign up for a 7 day free trial, test it out and see what it’s like, and cancel anytime.

Canva also allows you to create an eBook cover.

You can even use Word to create an eBook. Just make sure you have a great cover and some good images and /or infographics in there. Then turn the document into a PDF version.


Use Canva to create professional eBook covers


What are some ways that you repurpose your content? Have you had success repurposing your content? As always, leave me a comment or a question and I’m hapy to help you out.


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8 thoughts on “Repurpose blog content for additional traffic”

  1. I can’t think of how many times I’ve considered re-purposing content but never actually done it!

    Your post has inspired me to re-visit my content and make the maximum use of it – thanks for the ideas on what to do with it btw.

    I think video is a particularly good idea as it still seems to get a lot of traction in Google search. I do think the key is being consistent and sticking to a daily plan. Even if you only spend half an hour a day, over time it mounts up and the results begin to filter through.

    Thanks again for the inspiration, I’m off to draw up my plan now…

    • Hi Les,
      I’m glad you found some inspiration here : )
      All the very best with your plan!

  2. Hello, and thanks for this really useful piece of content. I am thinking about doing a YouTube video for my own site soon and I think that the tools you mentioned in your article could be really helpful to do that. Especially as I have not done a YouTube video of any kind in the past. I will definitely be coming back to your site to check out other tips in the future. Thanks

    • Hi Kenny,
      I hope you have a go with YouTube. It’s a really effective way to drive traffic to your site. I wish you all the very best.

  3. This is a very interesting article, I’ve never really thought about re-purposing my old content. The fact is though I think that most of us do email marketing. I guess now instead of having to come up with an entirely new topic, we can just re-use our existing blog post ! 

    At the end of the day It’s like we are creating a short summary of our original post right?

    • Hi Lucas, yes it’s like you’re creating a summary of the original post, then redirecting people back to the full post. I hope this has been helpful. All the very best to you.

  4. Hey Melissa, I decided to check out your website on Re-purposing blog content because we all want to attract more traffic, but don’t always know how. Your site is very clear and informative.  The 1st thing that caught my eye was when I scrolled down, I got what I often look for… the list of what to do.  The overall scheme is very simple and clear.  The first paragraph told me that we need to re-purpose our sites.  So I knew the site would elaborate on that, which is cool. 

    The subject of getting traffic to our sites is major.  But I’m curious.  When you decided to create this site did you want to focus more on generating revenue or helping others generate traffic?  

    I look forward to exploring more about re-purposing on your site. Thanx Again for Sharing-Tu 

    • Hi TP,

      Thanks for your feedback about my post! I created the site primarily to help people find opportunities to make money online and build a sustainable future. I’ve learnt lots along the way and I like to share that with people to help them build their businesses.

      Thanks for visiting my site. All the very best to you. Cheers,


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