Daily cash siphon review, good investment or rip off?

Daily cash siphon review

If you’re looking for a review of daily cash siphon, you’ve come to the right place. And well done to you for doing for your homework before signing up.

Let’s get started!

What is daily cash siphon? My daily cash siphon review.

Website: http://dailyscashsiphon.com

Brought to you by: Unknown – a pen name is used

Price: $67, permanently reduced to $37; plus upsells

Recommended: No, read on and I’ll tell you why

I was quite intrigued to find out more about daily cash siphon, if for no other reason than I thought the use of the word ‘siphon’ was interesting. Interesting in a ‘that’s a weird title, is this about stealing?’ kind of way, not a ‘that sounds like a trustworthy product I might like to purchase’ kind of way.

I wondered what exactly they would be ‘siphoning’, and from who?

When it comes to the siphoning of money, the term is typically used in reference to the moving of money from one place to another (or one account to another), usually illegally or dishonestly.

So I really wondered why they would choose such a term for their product.

Here is an excerpt from the daily cash siphon site that attempts to explain it (I have retained the errors for authenticity):

“DAILY CASH SIPHON is online program that will teach you how to siphon money legally from a controversial $480 million market. It will only take a30 minutes of your time daily to earn money that your regular job cannot give you. In addition to that, you will earn this money while working at the comfort of your own home. It does not matter whether you have experience in making money online or how much failures you had before, this program will show you exactly what you need to do to earn money that will change your life forever. If you have ever dreamt of living in your own hours, buying a good car for your family or going for a vacation with your family without worrying that you will run out of cash, then this is the right program for you. As said before, this program is legal but somehow controversial.”

After reading that, I wondered if someone without a good grasp of English named the product without really understanding the connotation it has.

So now I’m dying to know – what is so controversial about what they’re doing? And why didn’t they get someone to proofread their site?! They make lots of money, right? Surely they could hire a proofreader.


Is daily cash siphon legit?

Without much to go on, I’m already questioning the legitimacy of this product. But let’s keep going, I’m not going to avoid something because someone’s English isn’t great.

There is a voice over video, hosted by William Fairbrother (a pen name for the spokesperson), who explains more about daily cash siphon. I’m wondering why they use a pen name rather than actual name (red flag), and we also don’t get to learn anything about the actual founder (another red flag).

We learn that there are two rules:

Rule 1: Daily cash siphon is not for the fainthearted. Due to the nature of the program being legal but controversial, if you’re a worrier then William explains this program is not for you. Daily cash siphon is only recommended for ‘bold individuals’.

Daily cash siphon - scam or legit?

Hmm. I don’t know if I’d describe myself as bold. I’m rather unassuming, and I can be a bit of a worrier. I’m also not that interested in anything controversial. I’m a straightforward and honest kind of gal and I’m starting to get the feeling this is not for me. Maybe I should stop now?

I decide to keep going because I’m still intrigued about this ‘controversial’ program.

Rule 2: Daily cash siphon is only available in certain countries. If you go to the website and see the video then you’re qualified for this rule.

It seems daily cash siphon is available in more countries than many other programs. Clickbank sells products across over 150 countries, so I’m not sure why they are specifically calling this out as a ‘rule’. Perhaps it is to make you feel like you’ve met a hurdle that doesn’t exist, and you’re closer to your dream of making money.

Like many other similar product videos I’ve seen, we see lots of screen shots of bank account balances:

Daily cash siphon review

In another shot we see that the account has made almost $20,000 in 11 days. Those are some very impressive numbers. 

How does daily cash siphon work?

Daily cash siphon is all about the affiliate marketing of products via Clickbank.

Here is their description of why it’s controversial:

Is daily cash siphon legit?

Affiliate marketing is completely ethical, without a doubt.

The only reason I can think they are saying it is ‘barely ethical’ is because they are focusing on high commission, low quality products that don’t work. There is a lot of rubbish on Clickbank in amongst the good stuff, and you do need to be wary of what you purchase. Do you really want to be selling rubbish products? Maybe that’s why rule 1 is important. You have to be OK with selling products that you can’t necessarily stand behind.

They also say that the products are not available on other platforms such as Amazon or Facebook. They are only available on Clickbank.

The daily cash siphon product apparently teaches you to find products which make you the most money as an affiliate, some with up to 75% commission.

To quote words from the daily cash siphon website (errors retained for authenticity):

“This program will only take 30 minutes of your daily and 19 mouse clicks. You will have the rest of the time for yourself. This program is highly recommended for busy as well as lazy people who want to have good life.”

There you go – 30 minutes a day and 19 clicks to make nearly $20K in 11 days.

What is the daily cash siphon product?

Daily cash siphon is a downloadable e-book. What this means is there are upsells galore. An e-book in itself doesn’t set you up to make money online, rather it provides information about affiliate marketing and blogging.

The first upsell is your very own daily cash website that already has content and will therefore make you money.

I know enough about blogging and affiliate marketing to know that this will never happen. You need to be blogging consistently, and have original and search engine optimised content to drive traffic to your site.

And if the pre-written content is anything like the quality of the writing on the daily cash siphon website I’d be staying well away.

Further upsells include an additional ‘done for you’ website, and strategies to drive traffic to your website.

Is daily cash siphon a scam?

I’ve mentioned a few red flags already. Here is another that’s easy to miss:

Is daily cash siphon a scam?
Is daily cash siphon a scam? Avoid it!

What you will see in the screenshot taken from the video is that they are showing you the vendor’s perspective, not the affiliate’s. The vendor in this scenario is the person has created the product that is being sold on Clickbank. Daily cash siphon, however, are selling you a product that teaches you about how to sell existing products through affiliate marketing, not selling your own products on Clickbank as a vendor. There’s a very big difference between the two.

I do feel that based on all of the above, this is another get-rich-quick scheme that simply does not deliver. i do believe you will waste your time and money on this, and be annoyed when you are faced with upsells.

You will most definitely NOT be making big money with 19 clicks per day, that is for sure.

If I were you I would avoid daily cash siphon. You deserve much better.

You deserve a legitimate, honest, and realistic platform that is transparent and reliable. No upsells, no over the top claims, just real information to set you up in your online career.

Such a platform DOES exist.


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What you see is what you get. Nothing hidden, and nothing over promised. I personally use this platform and it is a genuine way to learn how to make money online the right way, using legitimate techniques and methods.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and I’m always happy to help you out.

6 thoughts on “Daily cash siphon review, good investment or rip off?”

  1. I hate systems like this that promise you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time, and what REALLY grinds my gears is when the vendor shows their own clickbank account. They earned all of that money from people selling their product NOT from using the system. Because we all know the system doesn’t work just like Daily Cash Siphon. They give it a fancy name to make it sound attractive, slap a price on it and watch the money roll in. But of course the buyers are left with no money and a scam that doesn’t work! Thanks for pointing out these bs systems my friend.

    • Thanks for visiting Brandon. I’ve seen many like this lately. A made up product with no verifiable product owner, a voice over video that could have been made by anybody, and fake accounts as ‘proof’.

      There is no doubt that people can make a great living online, but not through products like this.

      All the best to you Brandon.


  2. Hi Melissa, 

    Once you have the mindset of making money through hard work, perseverance and consistency you will not be fooled or be carried away by all these promises of get-rich-quick that holds no water.

    The question is if they are actually making that much you don’t need to ask for any subscriptions or name your website such dubious name. There are a whole lot of them on the internet ready to scam you of the little you have got.

    Thanks Melissa for uncovering one of them.

    • Hi Kabirat, I agree 100%. I’ve been in this long enough to know when someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes! All the very best to you.

  3. Thanks for your detailed review, I believe that what they teach at daily cash is available free of charge on many websites.All one has to do is look up how to start a blog, and they will find great guides to follow and start making a decent amount of money.

    • Hi Fariss,
      I agree, there’s lots of great starter material out there for free. I don’t believe Daily Cash Siphon adds value.
      Thanks for stopping by Fariss and all the best.


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