Can You Really Make Money From Home? YES!

So, you want to know if you can really make money from home. I’m guessing that it isn’t the first time you’ve thought about this question, and you really want to understand how you can make a living from home. You may not have worked out exactly how you’re going to do it yet, but you want to know if it’s possible. 

Can You Really Make Money From Home? Yes!!

Every day I get queries from people about whether they really can make money from home, and my answer is always yes! They think that even though other people can do it, perhaps they can’t. They don’t have the special skills they think are needed to build a successful online business. And my response is always the same – everyone who is successful had to start somewhere.  They didn’t automatically know how to do everything, they learnt it over a period of time, then put their learnings into practice. They weren’t blessed with the skills and knowledge to turn on an online business, they put in the hard work and built their capability until it started to pay off. Then, the more they built, the greater the pay off.

Would it surprise you to know that the ‘special skills’ you think you don’t have to be a successful afffiliate marketer are really easy to learn? I assure you I can attest to this! 

Most people who visit this blog know that the platform I use is Wealthy Affiliate, and what they want to know is, “Will Wealthy Affiliate Work for ME?” They see it working for other people, and wonder if they will be so ‘lucky’.

The truth is, Wealthy Affiliate can work for anyone. It works for me, and it works for many others who are making money too. Being lucky has nothing to do with it. Wealthy Affiliate creates successful affilaite marketers for those who put the work in. It doesn’t work so well for people who did a bit of work here or there, or who only stick at it for a few months. 

If you don’t believe me, here are a just a few success stories from Wealthy Affiliate of people I’m connected with in the community:

Wealthy Affiliate works for anyone!Wealthy Affiliate works for anyone!

There are numerous stories. 

I will take a look at a few for you, so you can see what some members are saying in their own words. Below is an excerpt from a blog within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, from a Swedish member, John, who made over $3,700 in one day from affiliate earnings across a few different sources: 

“$3,700+ in 1 Day From Affiliate Earnings”

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story JohnMks
Wealthy Affiliate Success Story JohnMks
John then went on a couple of months later to top his $3,700+ day with a $6,582 day! How cool is that?! You can get the full blog post here.

Here’s another blog excerpt, from Roope:

“$2,200 in 20 Hours – This Works!”

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

And then there’s this blog from Jerry:

“$40K in 4 Hours! Craziest Night Ever!”

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Jerry

I read so many great success stories in the community. Many of the success stories are people who’ve made their first commissions and who are given the confidence that the process works. Their earnings can come from a variety of sources:

  • money from commissions on products and services across hundreds of different platforms across a range of niches
  • earnings from ads on their websites
  • earnings from YouTube
  • courses being created and sold (like Jerry’s example above)
  • eBooks or other products you create
  • revenue from websites through directing traffic to brick and mortar businesses
  • earnings from setting up websites for local businesses, and social media and email marketing

What do top affiliate marketers know?

What Do Top Affiliate Marketers Know?

There are many things that top affiliate marketers have in common. They know that they don’t start to make money overnight. They know it is a process that takes time to build. They also know that once they’ve made their first sale, the process works. They know that if you can make ONE sale, they can make UNLIMITED sales. And those sales can be in ANY niche whatsoever. 

Success really just comes down to you following a series of steps. 

They also know that it’s pretty easy to get the hang of. You just need to be shown how. And that is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.  If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, read my review here.

Once you’ve made your first sale, you know that the possibilities are endless. You can join me today for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here:


8 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money From Home? YES!”

  1. Wow! I have learnt that affiliate marketing is a sure way to success so far there’s commitment from one to do all the hardworking required to get the hang of it. I really thank you for sharing the immense opportunities that wealthy affiliate is presenting and I’m surely going to make great use of this. The platform seems to be the home for successful marketers who have been groomed to understand all the rudiments of marketing. This is great and I’d check it out

    • Hi Rodarrick, and thank you!

      The platform is for everyone, from newbies to experienced marketers alike. It will turn a newbie into a skilled marketer, provided they follow and implement the training.

      Wishing you much success.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I actually stumbled on your website when I was looking for posts on Wealthy Affiliate.
    You sure did a very thorough job on your post to break it down.
    The actual truth is, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get ones feet wet.
    Even if you join for free as a novice you can still learn a lot about building a website through WordPress.
    But there is no magic bullet, one have to work hard works, follow the training’s sheepishly and remain focus for success to be guarantee.


    • Hi Jordan,

      I’m glad you found me 🙂

      I agree – there’s no magic bullet! Implementing the training is the key! And content, content, content 🙂

      All the very best to you Jordan.

  3. This is certainly a confirmation that money can be made online from home, I just joined this amazing platform, not more than 3 months ago and I have started seeing lots of positivity and encouraging seeing all these success story on this post has motivated me to push harder to be successful. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome! 

    • Hi Seun,

      I’m so glad you joined the platform! Congratulations and I hope it’s all going well for you.


  4. It’s inspiring to see so many success stories of people making a solid (even full time) income online from Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve personally tried a few affiliate marketing programs that promise to help people make quick profits. I was burned every single time, as here are always upsells or hidden costs. What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is their structured training and great tools at an affordable price. 

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sorry to hear you’ve been burned by a few unscrupulous people online. I’ve seen so many advertisements for get rich quick schemes myself. I often investigate them only to find there’s nothing of substance, just a quick grab for your money. Wealthy Affiliate is nothing like that, and does not ever suggest that people will make quick profits. They provide all the tools and training needed in order for people to create their own opportunities. There are many successful entrepreneurs through Wealthy Affiliate, and they will all say the same thing – that it’s not about quick profits but about building a long term business. Their training is second to none.

      All the best to you Joe.


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