Work Online From Anywhere! The View From My Office June and July

Work from anywhere in the world online

Each month I like to recap about my work on the go. Having a career from home means that I can work from home or anywhere in the world.

The last few months have been cold in Melbourne, so my workplace has largely been in two places – my home, and the place where my kids do their indoor sports (trampolining). I won’t bore you with more pictures of our indoor sports as I’m there so often that I often post about it as being one of my ‘workplaces’. This week alone we’ll have been there four days in row.

Over our July school holidays, we were lucky enough to get a new puppy. She is just gorgeous and we all fell instantly in love with her. It means that I have been home much more than usual looking after her and attempting to train her, as well as having many cuddles here and there.

Meet our delightful new family member, Peggy:

Work online anywhere! Stay home with your pets!

I know I am biased, but she’s as cute as a button. Peggy is a little pug and we get her when she was 8 weeks old. She’s been settling in very well and we think she loves her new home. She is spoilt rotten and is the centre of attention. She’s still too little to be taken to the park as she hasn’t had the full set of vaccinations yet. So, for now, we’re at home for much of the time. We will venture out soon and Peggy will see a whole new world.

So why am I posting about our new puppy when I write about work from home opportunities?

Well, only a few days after Peggy arrived home, we knew something was not right. She had a cough and her breathing looked and sounded laboured. She deteriorated rapidly over the course of about an hour, by which time I’d called a vet and we made an appointment. We raced down to the vet and it turned out that she had a very nasty respiratory virus and was given some injections and antibiotics. She was very sick and we were concerned we were going to lose her. We watched her closely day and night and by about day 3 she had improved substantially. I reflected about how lucky we were that I was able to do that because I was at home with her.

Work online from anywhere!

The benefits of working from home are so great. Sometimes it isn’t until you’re in a situation that is tricky that you realise it.

I also had a chuckle to myself about not having to wait for National Bring Your Dog to Work Day! I know that lots of people in workplaces want to bring their pets to work, which often isn’t practical for many workplaces. When you work from home, every day is bring your dog to work day 🙂

What else don’t I need to really care about when I work from home? In no particular order, I don’t worry about:

  • what I’m wearing, including wearing high heels
  • what my hair looks like
  • being late for my meetings
  • dealing with people at work who I’d rather not have to deal with
  • how to manage my schedule when the kids are sick
  • dragging myself in to the office when I am sick
  • peak hour traffic and parking
  • wondering how on earth I will get to appointments
  • when I will fit in what I call ‘life admin’
  • spending 8 hours a day (if you’re lucky) doing work that may or may not interest you, in a place that someone else says you need to be
  • office politics
Just because I want to share her with you – I can’t help myself – here are a few other snaps of Peggy at home with us:

Work online from anywhere!

Work online from anywhere!

Work online from anywhere!


Every Day Can be Bring Your Dog To Work Day!

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