12 day millionaire review

What is 12 day millionaire?

As always, I’m on the hunt to bring my readers great ways of making money online. This includes reviewing products and sites that I hear about that claim to make people money, whether it is to make big bucks or pocket money.

I came across 12 day millionaire, so of course I got to work and started doing some research. I will endeavour to answer the questions “is 12 day millionaire legitimate?”, and “is 12 day millionaire a scam? Let’s get started!

Website: https://12daymillionaire.com

Brought to you by: someone who says his name is Josh.

Price: $37

Recommended: No!


What is 12 day millionaire?


The website is basically a landing page with a video and not much else, so I start by watching the video. We hear a voice over actor who is thoroughly scripted. He talks about how easy it is to make money, and that all you need to di is check in every now and then to make sure you are seeing money coming in. That sounds good to me!

Here are some snippets of conversation from the video:

12 day millionaire

Josh shows you one of his accounts with over 6 million dollars in it. And then another account with 2 millions dollars in it. He’s made over 10 million dollars in 2 years!


12 day millionaire

Josh goes on to say that Lisa’s account was set up just yesterday. She has already been paid $264 dollars in 2 days. All he asked of her was to check her phone! Wow. That sounds easy. We can all ‘check our phone’ – imagine if simply ‘checking our phone’ meant we get dollars in the bank. Why wouldn’t we all be doing that?

According to Josh, “My websites are already making you money RIGHT NOW. I copy my cash flow websites over to you, and all you need to do is check in every few days to see how much money you’re making.”

Josh reassures me that if this video is still playing, I’m in luck. He tells me that I’ve already made $175 while the video has been playing. This is the ‘live proof’! Hold on, I haven’t even set up an account yet!


12 day millionaire has already made me $175!

Josh says that typically $1,000 per day is generated ‘for people like you’.

Pretty soon we get introduced to some people who are amazed by how much money they have made with 12-Day Millionaire, and how easy it is!

Here are some people who offer their testimony on the 12-Day Millionaire video:

12 day millionaire12 day millionaire

12 day millionaire12 day millionaire

12 day millionaire12 day millionaire

And then I notice this guy:

12 day millionaire


I recognise him!! It’s Banjoman from Fiverr! Banjoman has endorsed a few things. I go back through my blogs and realise that Banjoman endorsed Affiliate Millionaire Club. Check out my review of Affiliate Millionaire Club here.

So I then go back and search Fiverr, and lo and behold there are some familiar faces there, offering their services to provide video testimonials of products:

12 day millionaire12 day millionaire


So far we know that the video testimonials are fake. They are paid actors from Fiverr. While that in itself doesn’t automatically mean that 12-Day Millionaire is a scam, if it truly was producing great results, it should be very easy to find genuine testimonials.

Here is another testimonial. This guy apparently started making money before he’d even signed up! And he’s made over $13,000 in two weeks by letting Josh copy his websites over to his accounts.


12 day millionaire


Sounds quite miraculous to me.

Josh then goes on to explain there is a small fee, afterall he says “I can’t just let anybody in”.

A partnership commitment for $37 is required if you’d like to sign up. Josh says “This is a one time fee to see how serious you are. If I gave this out for free, can you imagine the headache I would have?” Oh I could only imagine Josh. I’m starting to develop a headache of my own listening to your drivel.

Remember, says Josh, “I do all the work for you.”


Is 12 day millionaire a scam?

I can’t label this program as a scam, because I did not purchase the product. I’m therefore not in a position to definitively comment on its ‘scamworthiness’. I also may have just made up a new word!

HOWEVER, based on:

  • the sketchy sales pitch video with its outlandish claims, including the suggestions that you don’t anything except check in to see how much money you’ve made for nothing
  • the title (really? a millionaire in 12 days? Please.)
  • the lack of contact information on the site
  • the complete lack of product information on the site
  • the fact that paid actors had to be used instead of genuine success stories

I did not part with my $37. I have to tell you I was tempted just to see what was behind the curtain, but I just couldn’t bring myself to give ‘Josh’ a donation of my hard-earned money. I do believe the only person making money from 12 day millionaire is Josh and let’s face it – he has enough already! He showed us his bank balances.

Sometimes products that look and sound bad do have ‘something’ to offer in the way of training, but I’m not willing to find out in this case.

One of the pros for this product is its 60 day money back guarantee. So it’s not all bad.

Is 12 day millionaire12 Day Millionaire review - save your money legitimate?

Save your money. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Sites that are happy to take your money but lack basic information about who they are, how they operate, and provide clear frequently asked questions with transparent answers, in my view typically are not legitimate.

Interestingly, the 12 day millionaire page is the exact same page as a site called https://therichcplumber.com and also https://guruwealthpackage.com/vsl, so I’m not sure what’s going on there!

I am yet to see one single product where you literally just need to ‘check your phone’ to watch the money coming in. It makes no sense, so don’t be sucked in by it.

Money doesn’t just flow into your bank account for no reason. It does take work, and there are legitimate ways that you can generate passive income online. 12-Day Millionaire is not one of those ways.

Always go with a legitimate platform that doesn’t make stupid and outlandish claims. Find out more about the company by reading reviews. A reputable website will provide contact information, detail about what it is they do, and some will even let you have a look around the platform to test it out for free first. Handing over your money without seeing anything first is often a red flag.

If you are looking for a more substantial and long term way to make real money online, have a look at my top choice:



If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and I’m always happy to help you out.

12 thoughts on “12 day millionaire review”

  1. I like your saying if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. There are so many scams out there its ridiculous, however with information like yours people can start to pick a lot of the bad ones. 12 day millionaire sounds dodgy to me. I came across Wealthy affiliate around 6 months ago and have found a great and genuine opportunity for anyone willing to learn and take action to become successful with an online business.  

    Great site well done

    Thanks Shane.

    • Hi Shane, I think that people are becoming a bit more savvy now about researching opportunities before jumping in. At least I hope so. I’m glad you found Wealthy Affiliate : )
      All the very best to you, and thanks for stopping by.

  2. There are so many scam websites out there that it’s crazy. From reading your post this website may not be sure that it is a scam but there are too many red flags to ignore. Assuring that you make money even without having made an account yet is the most stupid thing someone could think in order to promote such a website. I am wondering if there are people falling for this kind of thing. You must be really desperate to believe. Thank you for sharing and continue to inform us os schemes like this.

    • Hi Stratos, I agree – there are simply too many red flags to ignore. There probably are people that fall for this because they want it to be the thing that changes their situation. They ‘need’ for it to be legit so the red flags are ignored. That’s what these unscrupulous people prey on.
      All the very best to you. Cheers,

  3. Hi and thanks for the great review of this very shady guy and his nonsense site. Anyone offering a way to make you a millionaire in 12 days or a get rich quick scheme is just a sham. There are legitimate ways to earn online, and all take hard work and effort. Thanks Kenny 

    • Hi Kenny,
      Yes – hard work and effort are always required! Thank you, I say this all the time : )
      All the very best to you.

  4. I recognize a lot of those Fiverr freelancers since I spend quite a lot of time on Fiverr myself as a seller and I chat to these guys in the Fiverr forums. 

    Any program that makes promises of huge amounts of money into my account without me having to do anything is not going to live up to its promises. That is just ridiculous. 

    The only way to make money online is to do things properly with some hard work and time! 

    • Hi Lynne,
      Yep, those people are just making a living on Fiverr and that’s cool. It’s the companies that need to ‘buy’ them to plug a product that are unscrupulous.
      Hard work and time are definitely what’s needed!
      Thanks Lynne for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here.

  5. Thanks for telling us all about this offer. Josh has also given me a headache with his sales push!

    I’m lost for words that fiverr let actors give false testimonials to entice people into what is probably a scam. Fiverr should screen video work on their site to prevent this.

    Josh gives the usual marketing pitch about not giving the stuff away for free etc and as soon as I read something like that I head for the exit door.

    I’m glad I read your review for the excellent information you have provided plus the amusing way you told not! great work! 

    • Hi Darren, lol Josh does have a way of doing that. I too headed for the exit door – the only sensible thing to do with a product like this!
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here.

  6. I haven’t come across this one, but it looks so ridiculous I’m surprised they get anyone. Claiming people make money before they even sign up, without having to do anything is amazing. Using paid actors from Fiverr seems to be a popular thing for these scammers, I’ve come across this before. 

    This just makes me realize what a good thing Wealthy Affiliate is. No false claims, training that helps make you money, not make them money. Thanks for warning me of this site.

    • Hi Greg, yes it’s pretty ridiculous. I’ve found quite a few ridiculous ones now!
      All the very best to you Greg, and thank you for stopping by.


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