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Affiliate Millionaire Club


If I told you that you could earn $1,200 per day for virtually no effort at all, for a one-time fee of $47, you’d want to know more, right?

Well that’s what our friends at Affiliate Millionaire Club are saying. So naturally, I wanted to investigate this further. Because, I could do with another $1,200 every day for no effort. Who wouldn’t want that?

I’m glad you’re here. Because it means you are doing your homework to find genuine ways to make money online. And you should always do your homework when it comes to making money online! As I find out every day, some products are just not as they seem.

So let’s get started on this Affiliate Millionaire Club review.


What is the Affiliate Millionaire Club?


The first thing you’ll see when you go to the Affiliate Millionaire Club website is a video, where everything is revealed. You will learn that the founder is Mo, and he’s such a kind hearted man. He does everything from the goodness of his heart. He started this whole enterprise to HELP people.

Mo got into the business of helping others after one of his nameless ‘best friends’ who he hadn’t spoken to in five years reached out because he was broke. And because Mo is a millionaire with a heart of gold, he set up a website for his absent bestie. This only took Mo five minutes.

Miraculously, Mo’s absent best friend starting making money straight away, and he didn’t even have to do anything! The absent best friend was so grateful to Mo that he offered to pay Mo back all of the money he had made. But Mo is a stand up guy and was happy for his friend to keep the money. And that’s how this wonderful venture began.

Here is the video:


According to Mo, from the very first day that you sign up, you can make $1,200 a day. The testimonials say that five minutes a day is all that’s needed to generated this kind of money.  Here’s a screenshot from the video:

Screenshot from Affiliate Millionaire Club videoTo legitimise Mo’s claims, he makes a website for you. Five minutes into the video, he shows that you’ve already made $53. Lo and behold by the end of the ten minute video, you’ve made a total of $106!! It’s a miracle!


OMG I just made $106 by watching a video! Shut up and take my money


Hang on a second! How can that be? I didn’t give them any account information. Oh that’s right – it isn’t real. He can’t have made me a website yet because he doesn’t know who I am.

Is this beginning to sound fishy to you? I think maybe Affiliate Millionaire Club might be stretching the truth just a little?

There are other screen shots within the video apparently of Mo’s bank balance and his PayPal balance. I think that Mo (or maybe Mo’s absent bestie?) knows how to use photoshop because there’s some big numbers in there and it’s beginning to sound far fetched.

The Affiliate Millionaire Club model – how it works

The website doesn’t provide much information about how it all works, and to be honest with you I wasn’t going to part with $47 just for the priviledge of seeing what’s behind the curtain, as it was all starting to feel a bit salesy and scammy.  There was even a count down timer, because Mo can only let so many people join. After all, he has said that it costs him $2,500 to set up every person who joins. See what a great guy he is?! He wants to help us all SO much. #grateful #thanksmo

Despite me having not signed up, I will tell you what I do know.

You sign up for $47. This allows for 10 websites to be built on your behalf. These websites are not really yours though as you do not purchase the domain. They are cookie cutter sites that exist on a subdomain, and you are therefore using someone else’s hosting.

Affiliate Millionaire Club


You will get a full website, with sales text and graphics. You can add your affiliate links to products, allowing your site visitors to click on your links and make purchases. That is how you make money. You choose the areas of interest to you from predetermined categories. The products that you can promote on your sites are from Clickbank. For example, if you want to promote products within the health and fitness category, your site might be all about promoting weight loss products that are available through Clickbank.

Affiliate Millionaire Club do provide some limited training. The training is legitimate, and consists of videos and pdf files. Interestingly, the training does teach affiliate marketing techniques, including SEO and traffic, social media, list building and sales. Anyone who knows anything about affiliate marketing knows that a huge amount of work goes into it. Five minutes a day will not cut it! The training contradicts the sales pitch in the video. Anyway, at least the training is legitimate, despite being lite on.

So whilst it may genuinely take five minutes for the website to be built for you, a lot of work is going to need to be done by you if you want to recoup your $47. If you think you’re getting it back the same day with some extra on top, you are mistaken.


The testimonials

Let’s meet some more people who Mo has helped along the way:

Affiliate Millionaire Club testimonial

This man can’t thank Mo enough for changing his life. He has only been with Affiliate Millionaire Club for a little over a month, and he consistently makes $550 per day. And he only works for 5 minutes a day! That’s miraculous.

Here’s another man whose life has been changed and he is forever grateful:

Another life changed through Affiliate Millionaire Club

The video offers more testimonials from happy customers. We’ll return to those in a moment.


Will there be an issue with duplicate content?

Unless you substantially change the text on the site that Affiliate Millionaire Club builds for you, your site is going to look exactly the same as the sites that have been made for other members. Search engines don’t like duplicate content and will not rank you. You will not only need to change the text, you will also need to change the graphics. Of course you can do this, but then what’s the point of having someone build it in five minutes for you? You may as well build it yourself.

If people can’t find you, they are not going to be visiting your site, and are therefore not going to make purchases. Your website will be worthless. Forget about $1,200 coming in every day. You won’t even be making $12 a day.

The only way you’ll get traffic is if you pay to advertise your site, and/or spend hours plugging it on social media.

The fact is, it’s not hard to create a website. The hard bit is attracting visitors to your site, who want to buy your products. If you think that someone can build you a money making website for five minutes of effort from you each day, you are mistaken.


Is the Affiliate Millionaire Club a scam?

After I’d watched the video, I thought I’d do a little further investigation on a site that I find really cool. It’s called Fiverr, and you can sell your services on Fiverr. You can also buy services relatively cheaply. I found some familiar faces when I searched on “Spokesperson videos”.

Here is ‘oldmansteve’:

Affiliate Millionaire Club - oh look it's oldmansteve from Fiverr

And here is banjoman15:

Affiliate Millionaire Club - oh look it's banjoman15 from Fiverr


So there’s a tip for you. If ever you see video testimonials of products, do a quick web search to see if you can locate the actors selling their services online. Oldmansteve and banjoman15 had probably never heard of Affiliate Millionaire Club let alone ever signed up to it, or made any money from it. Yet here they are saying it has changed their lives. They can’t thank Mo enough! They probably earned themselves an average of $10 for their work.

This in itself does not make Affiliate Millionaire Club a scam. It does make them untrustworthy. When you combine the fake video testimonials with what appear to be other fake testimonials (there are three of them), plus another fake email testimonial, then things are not looking good. And the fake bank balances. Well it just doesn’t feel legitimate.

The training at least is OK. Basic, but factual.

In my view, you should avoid Affiliate Millionaire Club. Yes you will get a cookie cutter website, but you will NOT be working for 5 minutes a day and raking in $1,200 while it works its magic for you. This is simply untrue. You will need to substantially change your websites, and then market them. You will also need to find additional training in order to do this successfully.


The final verdict Avoid Affiliate Millionaire Club

The only person becoming  a millionaire as a result of Affiliate Millionaire Club is Mo.

Unless you have $47 to spare with no expectation of ever seeing a return, then avoid this product.

There are much better alternatives if you want to get into affiliate marketing, that never claim that it’s easy. Rewarding, and sustainable over the long term, but not an easy win.

If you are wanting to see what top notch training in affiliate marketing looks like, you can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, for free, and see what you think. You will have access to ten modules of training so that you get an understanding of the affiliate marketing process, and then you can decide whether you think it’s worth signing up for more.


Click here to get started with free affiliate marketing training

Click here to read more about affiliate marketing.


Are there any other sites you’ve found that people should avoid? What are the best ways that you have built a career from home? If you have any questions I’m always happy to help.

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  1. What a splendid review !
    I was looking at it because a friend was interested and asked me to check it out .
    You provided a compelling case for keeping your money in your posket with this one!
    Thank you for the heads up!
    On the other hand your suggestion for a better way looks really great too!
    It looks like Wealthy Affiliate is almost a no brainer!
    Just one question. What is the level of experience with technical stuff required to be successful?


    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for sharing your comment here. In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is a no brainer! With regards to the level of technical experience required, the answer is virtually none. So you don’t need to know anything about coding at all. There is an extensive suite of training available that takes you through everything, step by step. There are videos and classrooms, so if you need to revisit information you can.

      Here is some more information about Wealthy Affiliate:

      Thanks for stopping by Mike.

  2. I didn’t even need to look it up, the name itself sounds terrible. Anyone thinking they can become successful with little work is kidding themselves, they will always cut corners and find the easiest way out.

    I wish more people knew about Wealthy Affiliate, but they really just have to try it out for themselves, they need to understand that building a quality website takes time. It’s understandable for people to question every “affiliate club” requiring a credit card, but Wealthy Affiliate is truly legit, and right now I believe it’s worth every cent of what I’m paying to be a premium member.

    • Hi Nate,

      The name Affiliate Millionaire Club does sound a bit scammy doesn’t it? I agree, anyone who thinks they can make loads of money doing nothing is absolutely kidding themselves.

      I’m glad you’ve found Wealthy Affiliate too. They are truly legit and like you I wish more people knew about it.


  3. FRAUD…. THEY KEEP SENDING ME EMAILS FOR THE LAST 2 MONTHS TO MY DEAD MOTHER IN LAW!! I tried to reply to them to stop sending the emails but it wouldn’t go to them. FRAUD, SCAM…. I am going to report them! STOP SENDING TO MY EMAIL..

    • Hi Vicky, sorry to hear you’re having such a bad experience with them. I hope it gets resolved for you soon.
      All the best to you.


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