March 30, 2019

Work from WiFi: the view from my office February and March

Work from WiFi

Work from anywhere in the world online

Each month I like to recap about my work on the go. The last few months have been pretty hectic and I missed posting in February so I making up for it by posting about the last couple of months 🙂 

Having a career from home means that I can work from WiFi wherever I choose in the world.  Having an online business certainly does have the benefit of being able to work wherever I can get a WiFi connection. Even when I can’t get a WiFi connection, I still tether my laptop to my phone and away we go, or my trusty pen and paper make an appearance!

February is always a funny month for us. The kids went back to school but were still in denial about it and wanted to keep the adventures going. The weather was still amazing and on the weekends we tried to make the most of every moment we could. We definitely made the most of daylight savings and the weekends. 

March has been getting cooler and cooler, and we’ve been spending more time indoors at playcentres, trampolining, and rockclimbing and whatever else we can think of to get out the excess energy. 

Golf driving range

One of our newer experiences has been the driving range. We’re lucky enough to live near one and the boys have really taken to it. We spent quite a few hours there over a number of days, and sometimes I would have a go, and other times I would sit out and half watch and half work. 


Work online anywhere - the view from my office

Of course work doesn’t always involve a laptop or a tablet. Sometimes being outside I like to think, reflect and plan. I sometimes think that in the ‘busyness’ of life we tend to forget about reflection. For me reflection is important. I consider things I did well, and things I didn’t do so well. I consider things I should stop doing, and things I should start doing. I reflect on where I’m at and where I would like to be. I consider what the gap is and think of a plan to move forward.

Our favourite beach

One particularly lovely Sunday we headed to our local beach with our boogie boards for a swim and a play. I wasn’t up for boogie boarding that day and I sat on the sand and listened to a webinar whilst watching my boys enjoying the water. 

Work online anywhere - the view from my office

Adventure Park 

So this was a first for me. We have this great water adventure park about an hour away from us, and it’s ALWAYS a fun day. Like so much fun. I obviously don’t take my laptop or anything because I enjoy the fun too. However, there are times when there’s things I don’t do, like the rollercoaster and some of the other rides, and there’s plenty of time where I’m waiting in the shade while the boys are queuing for rides and going on rides. (We are talking quite a few hours!)

This particular photo is of a mini rollercoaster. Much fun was being had 🙂

I took the time to test my site on mobile and review menu structures.

Work online anywhere - the view from my office

One of our favourite parks

We have a favourite park, and we tried to squeeze in as much time as we could while the weather was still lovely. We visit this park many times a week, and the kids will often run into friends or go and play, so I get a little bit of work done in an environment that I love, knowing that my gorgeous kiddos are having a great time.

Work online anywhere - the view from my office

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the “views from my office” this month. As you can see, when you work online, you can literally work from anywhere you feel like. I often work while I’m taking the kids out to activities that I’m not taking part in. That way, they get to do all the things they want to do, and I manage to get some of my work done whilst also enjoying the experience of the kids having a good time. It’s a win-win for us all.

It’s isn’t just about working out and about. I love to work from my kitchen table, sometimes on the couch, and sometimes from my favourite armchair. Depending on the weather and the noise level, sometimes I love to work from one of our balconies. 

The great thing about working from home is that you have the choice. You choose to work from wherever you want, whenever you want. Sometimes if I’m not sleeping all that well, I’ll get up in the middle of the night and work. The point is, when you work online it’s up to you.

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