30 Minute Money Methods Review

My 30 Minute Money Methods Review

30 minute money methods review

Let’s start with the basics of 30 minute money methods.

Website: http://www.30minutemoneymethods.com

Brought to you by: Shelly West

Price: $37

Recommended: No

What is 30 minute money methods?

The first thing you will see when you go to 30minutemoneymethods.com is a video. There isn’t much else on the website other than the video. Usually these types of videos have male voice-overs, but this one has a female voice over that is apparently presented by the founder, Shelly West.

Shelly tells us a bit about her life, and it’s a story that many people can empathise with on a number of levels, even if we haven’t had the exact same experiences as Shelly. Shelly found herself in a situation where she had become a single mother with two young children, and no college degree. She needed to take care of her family, and was struggling to do so. She was working at a waitressing job to support herself and her young kids. Shelly had heard about making money online, and wanted to give it a try. She started completing online surveys, and like many others who have tried this realised that the return is small for the amount of effort required. Shelly seemed to be working around the clock and still not really getting anywhere. I know this will sound familiar to so many people.

Shelly then tried blogging, but couldn’t make any money from that. (All I will say to you Shelly is that you should have tried Wealthy Affiliate where you would have been taught all the strategies you require in order to be successful at it, just saying!)

Then, Shelly found a ‘secret website’. Almost miraculously, using the secret website, Shelly made $600 in the first half an hour. By the end of the first hour, that figure had gone up to $1,000. Then, she goes on to say:

30 minute money methods review

But wait, there’s more. By the end of the first week, Shelly says she made a whopping $10,289.11. Those are some impressive numbers. I’d like to earn $10,289.11 a week too! Who wouldn’t, right? Would you? I want to find a secret website that unlocks money too! How can we all get a piece of that too, Shelly? I’m sure she’ll tell us soon.

Shelly says she left her waitressing job that same week. She’d never seen so much money!

Shelly says she continued to make money from the ‘secret website’ for a few more weeks. Soon she had made $48,330.27. She was consistently making $10,000 per week, and she did this for 3 months.

Then, Shelly went on the hunt for another secret website. Maybe the first hugely successful one wasn’t enough for her. According to Shelly:

30 minute money review

OMG! Most of us can’t even find one amazing secret website that unlocks cash for us, but Shelly has managed to find two!

Even though she was skeptical, the second secret website she found promised to make money using different methods. I wonder what those methods actually are? We still haven’t heard about the methods of the first secret website. Lo and behold, just 2 hours later, Shelly says she made $1,130! Seriously, how do I find these secret websites?!

Over the next couple of months, she came across 2 more money making methods, each with the same earning potential as the first.

With Shelly’s system she has four different ways of working. She says “If one method captures your interest more than the others, focus solely on that type of work.” I wish I knew what types of work she was talking about to see if any of the methods appeal to me. Maybe she’ll get to that later.

Shelly then goes on to say:

30 minute money methods review

And for all the people who are really struggling, who already have no time and are probably quite vulnerable, never fear:


30 minute money review

Shelly makes you feel like anyone can do this. Not just people who put in hours upon hours, or people with a special set of skills, anyone like you or me can apparently do this!

But oh no! Shelly is only accepting a few new members because if she accepts everyone and they all know about the secret methods then they won’t work! Oh I’m feeling under pressure to act right now. She’ll be taking the page down shortly!

So I’ve diligently watched the video, and I’m still none the wiser about the methods. What are the methods Shelly? Do you replicate websites for people? What is it that people will be doing? I’m guessing it’s websites on autopilot. We already know because you’ve told us that it isn’t illegal (phew!) but I still can’t be sure.

Apparently I have to buy the product to have the 4 methods revealed to me.

Shelly, I have to tell you, that approach sucks. I want to know what is expected BEFORE I hand you my hard-earned cash. And Shelly, with a background like yours I think you understand why that’s important. The people you are targeting ARE vulnerable. They can’t afford to donate their money to some faceless person on the internet on the promise of striking it rich.

The price to sign up is $37. However, when I visited the site a discount was available and the product was $27.

This is just the starting point to get you in the door. After that you will be hit with other videos immediately, telling you to buy other additional products and systems.

The product is available through Clickbank, which means that you can access a full refund if you’d like. Here’s what Shelly says:

30 minute money review


Is 30 minute money methods a scam? Is Millionaire Society a scam?

I can’t call anything a scam that offers a full refund, but it certainly has several characteristics I don’t like. The video, in my view, is VERY misleading. One of the things I do find disturbing is that they are targeting vulnerable people who can empathise with Shelly and her situation. Single parents and carers, people who don’t have an education, and people who probably don’t have the time or resources to invest in themselves to change their situation. She is offering something that in my view is never going to happen, but she’s giving them hope.

The people that want to be successful with this product are people who are likely to be tired, overworked, underappreciated, and desperately wanting to change their life situations, who see the shiny new thing that will turn everything around and give them the chance at a new life.

I can tell you the 30 minute money methods has been around for a few years. Shelly is not taking down the page, and she is not limiting her numbers. I really don’t like those marketing tactics to make people feel like they will miss out. The fact is Shelly is very happy to take as many people’s money as she can get her hands on.

With the business model they have (which they are not forthcoming about = red flag), I don’t believe that you will make any money. If I were you, I would avoid 30 minute money methods. This is all just smoke and mirrors with no explanation. There is no mention of the sources of the money or the product. You will never earn the money that it claims, if any at all.

The best that will happen is that you remember to actually request a refund from Clickbank, and hopefully you will have learnt a lesson that if something sounds way too good to be true, it usually is.


There ARE legitimate ways to make money online

Always go with a legitimate platform that doesn’t make over the top claims. Find out more about the company by reading reviews. A reputable website will provide contact information, detail about what it is they do and how they do it. The best ones will even encourage you to have a look around the platform to test it out for free first, so that you can make an informed decision about whether the product feels right for you.

If you are looking for a more substantial and long term way to make real money online, have a look at my top choice:

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and I’m always happy to help you out.


8 thoughts on “30 Minute Money Methods Review”

  1. Hey there,

    I have heard about ”30 minutes money methods” in the past, however I’ve never decided to invest my time into learning about it more. Hoewver thankfully I have stumbled across Your review which gave me a very detailed explanation about what it is all about. And honestly, ”30 minute money methods” doesn’t offer anything good…. Which is kind of to be expected, as there is a lot of scam or fishy things going on especially in online money making niche…That’s why people like You do a tremendous and very important job to protect us, as a community from such scams and lies. Thank You for this detailed and honest review, I found it be very helpful! Obviously huge red flag for me was the very misleading video about their product…. If a company represents their product with such misleading video and lies, then You can’t simply expect something good from it, that’s just how it is….

    Keep up the great work and have a great weekend! 

  2. Hello Melissa. Hope you’re having a good time blogging?

    Thank you for sharing this awesome review on 30 Minute Money Methods Review. I must confess I laughed my way through reading this review. This must be a scam and if it isn’t, it will offer very low quality training and maybe some upsells. No one can actually make money online without hardwork, the right Training, support and the required tools. Lol! Shelly is funny.

    • Hi Barry,
      I absolutely LOVE blogging! Glad this gave you a laugh : ) I have to have a laugh at these things too, they are so over the top and ridiculous. Shelly is a hoot!
      All the best Barry.

  3. Great review, thanks for the warning.

    What makes me wonder is, why does Shelly go through all the work of creating a product her self and all the promoting material to sell something for $27.00 a piece.

    She can make $10’000 and more a week with her secret technique, how many copies of her program would she have o sell to make the same amount of money as before? 400 at least. 

    I don’t understand her, she could have an easy life, making a ton of money but she chooses to do hard work for something she will never make $40’000 a month.

    • Hi Stefan,
      Who knows what’s going through Shelly’s mind! She probably has a few of these floating around in different guises, all with upsells aplenty. I don’t know …
      Thanks for stopping by Stefan and all the best to you.

  4. Thanks for your honest review about the 30-minute money methods! Kudos to you for being specific about the review! Just like Shelly, many have tried out blogging but couldn’t earn a penny despite all expenses incurred and, because of that, gave up and quit totally from online business.

    This truly happened to some people as a result of frustration. And you’re very correct that if Shelly had come across the Wealthy Affiliate platform earlier, she would have had a lot of success story to tell to the world today.

    Just like you, I too don’t go any further once I stumble at a blog and find some misleading videos. Since you didn’t recommend the platform, it’s better to follow suit. Thanks for the great work!

    Israel Olatunji

    • Hi Israel, Shelly really did need Wealthy Affiliate didn’t she! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. All the very best to you.


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