What is Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach about?

Automatic Income Coach

If there was a way to turn on an automatic income generator, you’d want to know more, right? Well I certainly wanted to know more when I heard about Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach. Who wouldn’t want AUTOMATIC income?!

Yes please!

So naturally, I investigated this further. Because, I would LOVE to be able to generate automatic income, and I also want to be able to share any good fortune that comes my way with others who are striving to create the life they want.

Without further ado I’ll share my thoughts about Automatic Income Coach.


What is Automatic Income Coach?

Website: http://www.automaticincomecoach.com

One of the first things I noticed about this website is how old it looks. That in itself isn’t too bad, but when I’m for a looking for a site to fill me with confidence that someone is regularly maintaining it and adding valuable and current information to it, this one leaves me very disappointed.

There is a real lack of information on the site about what it’s all about. Kevin is not making it easy for me to understand the offering. I can see I am going to have to do a lot of digging on this one. This is giving me some red flags already – if it isn’t clear upfront, then my spidey senses tell me to be on high alert!

What we know so far from digging around the website is that Kevin has worked hard all his life, in some difficult jobs. Then in 2004, it all suddenly changed! We don’t know how but it did! And now Kevin wants to share with everybody his secret that allows him to only work 2-5 hours each day, and have 3 days off per week. A bit more information right about now would be nice, Kevin.

Anyway I keep digging because I’m keen to know what the system is all about, and whether I can benefit from it.

I go to the “Training Seminar” section of the website because I’m always keen to hear about the training. Oh this has just become stressful – I need to diarise this apparently so I can click on this on Tuesday of next week or I might miss out!


Automatic income coach - I'd better decide by Tuesday!

Well, I’ll make sure I visit again next week. Not.

Kevin goes on to say that if I fill in my name and email address I’ll learn the secrets of making money post 2008 – geez I hope so Kevin. A lot has happened on the internet in the last ten years.

Automatic Income Coach is sounding a bit lame

At this point, I took some time out from my research, because I was starting to feel the disappointment set in. I sat outside on my balcony with a coffee, and enjoyed the glorious sunshine.

I returned hoping for a glimmer of something wonderful.

I went to the blog section of the website, and there are some very old blogs there. The site looks like it was quite active for a few years. There were only two blogs posted in 2017 (the most recent being March 2017), and none in 2018. Not particularly encouraging.


Automatic Income Coach – what exactly is on offer?

Let’s take a look at exactly what Automatic Income Coach is offering, and how much it will cost you.


Automatic Income Coach

In reading the product page, it is becoming clearer that Automatic Income Coach is a training and coaching package that will help you create an online business using affiliate marketing as its basis. You will also be shown email marketing, and techniques to connect with businesses to sell their products via your websites.

It points to a free keyword suggestion tool to show you how many times people have searched for particular items.

Here is what the package comprises:

Automatic Income Generator offering

The cost of these programs, in total, is three installments of $397, resulting in a total purchase price of $1,191.

You can also choose a lesser package for two installments of $397, for a total of $794.

Kevin makes the following very big statement about guaranteeing income:

At least he does let you preview the system for 30 days before the first payment is made. However, it is unclear to me whether you can cancel the payment if you do not like the product within the 30 day ‘preview’ period.

It also appears that you are physically mailed the ‘system’ via priority mail. It doesn’t sound like this is available online. That’s old school …


So I go to the purchase part of the website, because now I’m intrigued. And this is what I see:

Automatic Income Coach needs an automatic update!

Oh Kevin, come on now – June 2015! This is embarrassing.

But wait, there’s more!

You can fax your order form!

Automatic Income Coach - a fax sheet

The final verdict on Automatic Income Coach

Suffice to say I did NOT fax through my order for this, so I do not physically haveNo thank you, not today the training program. I will not be purchasing this program, and here are my reasons why:

  • training should be up to date and teaching the very latest techniques
  • training about online business should be available online
  • a website purporting to teach you all about internet businesses should be maintained, including having current blogs and information
  • the price – in my view this is too expensive. There is quality training available to you for a fraction of the price that teaches the most up to date techniques and includes the other necessary things you need to make your business a success

Overall, it looks to me that Automatic Income Coach has not kept up with the evolution of the internet and online business. Any training program that is worthwhile recognises that the training needs to be reviewed and updated as things change.


There is much better training and support to help you build an online business

Even though Automatic Income Coach was definitely not for me, affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make real money online. Kevin is right on that point. In my view, affiliate marketing is the best way to build a lucrative and consistent income from home.

My preferred platform, Wealthy Affiliate, has no barriers to getting started, and provides the tools and support to help you build a consistent revenue stream. I consider Wealthy Affiliate to provide the best affiliate marketing course available. There are no hidden costs, and you will see honesty and integrity from day 1.

There are no guarantees about how much money will you make, the platform is not like that. It is about teaching you to build a solid foundation for your online business, and giving you the tools and support to do that.


Wealthy Affiliate - the legitimate program you can trust


What are the best ways that you have built a career from home? If you have any sites you’d like me to review then be sure to let me know. If you have any questions I’m always happy to help.

8 thoughts on “What is Kevin Thompson’s Automatic Income Coach about?”

  1. I agree with you 100% that ANY decent training should be up to date with all the latest techniques and this Automatic System just isn’t going to cut the mustard. Plus the price is a little overboard if you ask me especially for any newbies trying to get into the online world. Thanks for this review

  2. Wow, it sounds like Kevin quit sometime in 2015. At the very least he should update his blog with a goodbye message. Thanks for reviewing and pointing out the reasons this program should be avoided. I know that the intrigue of having an automatic income pulls a lot of people in. Fortunately, there are ways to build passive (assuming that’s what automatic means) income. It takes education and a willingness to work outside your comfort zone and thank you for sharing a legitimate way.

    • Hi Nicole and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m sure there are still a few people that sign up to the program, and I’m sure they still receive a package of materials in the mail. That doesn’t work for me though!
      All the very best to you.

  3. This is a great review – and made me laugh numerous times : ) It’s interesting though, it seems like this program is specifically focused on an elderly demographic (look at the product cover image), so sending things by mail and having a fax form maybe fits with a niche of buyers that fits with what he’s selling. Your review summary is very helpful to anyone who is looking for the right kind of training program.

    • Hi Kate,
      I’m glad you had a laugh : )
      I hadn’t thought of older people being the target demographic. Perhaps you’re right. I had assumed that Kevin just hadn’t kept himself up to date. Either way this product is not for me.
      All the best Kate.

  4. Hello there,
    Great site yes it seems the guy at automatic income is feeding us a line of crap which he is.
    With wealthy affiliate, I have never heard anything negative about it. That is because they are legitimate.
    it’s one of the very few that is. WEALTHY AFFILIATE ROCKS.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Laurie : )

    • Hi Laurie, I 100% agree that Wealthy Affiliate rocks. I’m sure there are negative reviews if you search hard enough. There are always people who for whatever reason aren’t successful online, and will therefore bag WA as being the reason they are not successful.
      I’m glad you’re loving it as much as I am.
      All the very best to you.


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