What is EcaMoney? Is EcaMoney legit?

I come across lots of different sites that on face value seem to provide people with legitimate ways to make money online. And I delight in sharing legitimate opportunities with people, because I love to help people create the lives they want by building their own careers from home. But quite often I will come across sites that are not what they seem, and when I dig further I can hardly believe that they exist.

Whilst I’m predominantly here to share the legitimate ones with you, I think it’s also important that I share others so that you can see how important it is to do your research before signing up to anything.

The ‘opportunity’ I’ll be writing about today is called EcaMoney.win.


What is EcaMoney?

Website: http://ecamoney.win

EcaMoney homepage

The basis of this site is that you are paid to watch advertisements and refer others.

If you sign up, you supposedly make $0.10 per ad view, and earn 50% of the earnings of your referrals. They claim that you can earn up to $300 per day for up to 5 hours of viewing. They even have a list of the top 50 earners each day – these people earn between $405 and $472 per day. Wow! That’s impressive!

So, if you’re anything like me, you look more into the website to find out about the credentials of the site – such as who is behind it, how long it has been in operation, some detailed FAQs so you can understand exactly how their model works, how the referral program works, how and when you are paid etc. These are all very reasonable things to look for in any website that claims to directly pay you for your time.

However, sadly, but not surprisingly, this information is nowhere to be found.


Seriously EcaMoney, what the?

Are the alarm bells ringing for you yet?

Don’t worry, there is more! In fact, there are plenty more EcaMoneys to go around!


Wait, there’s more than one version of EcaMoney?

It turns out that EcaMoney is one of hundreds of websites that are all duplicated. The ones that I have uncovered include:

  • abamoney .bid
  • afmoney .win .bid .club .site (2 of these are branded as dommoney.club)
  • agmoney .win .bid .club .site
  • aqmoney .win
  • armoney .win
  • asmoney .win .bid .club .site (the .club page is branded as dommoney.club)
  • dommomey .club
  • ebomoney .win
  • edmoney .win .bid .club .site
  • ekmoney .win .bid .club .site (the .club page is branded as dommoney.club)
  • elmoney .win .bid .club .site
  • epmoney .win .bid .club .site (the .club of these is branded as dommoney.club)
  • exmoney .win .bid .club .site (the .club page is branded as dommoney.club)
  • ewmoney .win .bid .club (the .club page is branded as dommoney.club)
  • ifmoney .win
  • immoney .bid .win
  • nonmoney .bid (this page is branded as dommoney.club)
  • odmoney .win .bid .club .site
  • ogmoney .win .bid .club .site
  • ommoney .win .bid .club .site
  • oramoney .club .site
  • osmoney .win .bid .club .site
  • otmoney .win .bid .club .site
  • oxmoney .win .bid .club .site

There are so many more of these duplicate sites. Other URLs I have found with various combinations of .win .bid .club and .site, include:

ubmoney, ukmoney, unmoney, uvmoney, uxmoney, xymoney, ydmoney, ygmoney, yhmoney, ytmoney, yxmoney. There will be so many more with this scheme.

The sites all look the same, and have the same list of top 50 earners for the day! Those top earners must really get around.

Presumably the way these sites earn money is that other websites pay them to play their ads.


Payment for your hard work through EcaMoney

I will tell you up front I have NOT signed up for this website, so the payout aspect is simply what I have uncovered from others who have attempted to get paid from this site (and its duplicates).

Based on research that I have done, the minimum payout amount (they claim) is $150 USD. The website does not tell you this though, you receive a pop up window that tells you that when you try to cash out for a lesser amount.

Once you’ve reached the $150 threshold, and therefore invested significant amounts of your time, you will be enticed to pay $10 so that your payment can be expedited. And then ….. you’ll be asked to provide your referrals. Hold, on what referrals? There’s nothing on the website about having to provide 40 referrals in order to get paid. But it’s OK, don’t worry, because you can purchase the referrals from them! Phew!

OK now my head is hurting. I hope it is becoming clearer that you will be paying them, and you will actually NEVER get paid.

I have never actually found anyone who has been paid anything from this site.


All your effort = wasted. No money for you!


The verdict: Is EcaMoney a scam or is EcaMoney legit?

Hopefully it is now very clear that the verdict on EcaMoney and its duplicates is not a good one!EcaMoney - thumbs down

  • EcaMoney is a scam through and through
  • Avoid it like the plague
  • Do not share this with your friends or anyone you like!
  • Ugh just stay away


Normally I would go into my reviews a bit deeper than this one, but I’m not going to in this case, it is so utterly ridiculous and fake, please just stay away from this. Run away, fast.


Some final thoughts

Well now I just feel tired and sad. I’m always disappointed when I find deceptive rubbish like this. The good thing is that you have done your research and now know a bit more about it, so hopefully you will have avoided signing up and wasting hours of your time in the hope of some decent money.

Always be wary of the schemes that sound like you might make some quick and easy money. Do your research. Investigate anything that sounds like it might be too good be true. You should never need to pay anyone in order to be paid for the work you have done. Remember that in order to make decent money online, you need to put in the work like any other business. It won’t happen overnight.

There are much better ways to make money online that are legitimate and are genuine business and career opportunities. If you want a truly sustainable business from home, find out how here.


Here is the program I use that WORKS. It is the best.


Are there any other sites you’ve found that people should avoid? What are the best ways that you have built a career from home? If you have any questions I’m always happy to help.




12 thoughts on “What is EcaMoney? Is EcaMoney legit?”

  1. WOW, what is this, I have to pay to get paid?

    EcaMoney seems to be the worst case of scam I now heard of. Ok, in your review I don’t see how I have to sign-up, for free or is there a fee?

    But anyway, I don’t look further into this because of what you have researched, thanks : )

    • Hi Stefan, isn’t it awful, I couldn’t even bring myself to say it’s free to join – because I don’t want anyone to join!! That’s also why I didn’t hyperlink the web address. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone actually signing up to this farce!

  2. Hi Melissa, Guess you could say that now I am 0-2 or 2-0 for the day. EcaMoney was mentioned in a conversation with a “friend” who suggested I should check into it. A good way to make some extra pocket change.
    At least on the positive side, I could buy the referrals from them to give them…What a world to live in!
    Thanks for the information and for getting the word out!

    • Hi Sanders, hopefully it was just a case of your friend having not investigated it fully yet. Perhaps your friend is still waiting to get paid? Anyway, at least you know now and I wish you all the very best.

  3. Wow- great post. You really have to be so careful out there in cyber space as there are so many dodgy sites . Thank you for sharing this information.
    You will be helping a lot of people know what not to do and also what they can do that is legitimate
    Well presented and I love the way you write

    • Hi Vicki, thanks so much for your lovely comment! I do hope to help people avoid online scams and point them in the direction of the good ones, that’s for sure. There are lots of legitimate ones out there, but sometimes they are hard to find in amongst the scammy ones.
      All the very best to you Vicki.

  4. Well, EcaMoney is obviously not worth the time and LOTS and LOTS of time it would take to watch all that advertising, even if it weren’t a scam. It’s amazing though how many people will actually get caught in that trap of paying the company to hopefully get paid. How crazy is that?

    • Hi Dexter, so many people get caught up in online scams because the websites on face value appear legitimate. They can look very professional, have testimonials (which are of course fake) and show payout histories (again fake). People naturally want to think that what they are reading is true. That’s just human nature. But it’s also why doing the background research is so important before signing up to any site that promises to pay you.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here.

  5. Wow Melissa this is absolutely crazy!
    I was reading the first article and thinking “well, it can’t be that bad as they’re not asking for any payment up front” but then as I read you’re article it’s amazing that they can, and do get away with this!
    Thanks for opening my eyes to this ridiculous website, and it’s copies! It will certainly remind me to keep my eyes open for scams like this!

    • Hi Jo, it’s so brazen isn’t it?! I still find it hard to believe some of the scams I come across, and how they are still operating. I feel sorry for the people that get ripped off. And the people that are behind, well karma will catch up with them one day.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Jo. Take care.

  6. We need sites like yours looking out for the scammed. lol. I had actually never heard of EcaMoney — at first i thought it was a new digital currency! Your analysis also teaches others how to determine a site’s legitimacy, so that’s helpful. Anything that seems to be too good to be true — is more than likely a scam. I’ve had my share of internet scams — tired of people trying to rip others off, we got to change that reality.

    • Hi Dwyan, I absolutely agree – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Sorry to hear that you’ve come across a few yourself. It’s sad that they exist. It also makes people question the ones that are legitimate, which is a shame for the good ones – they have to work extra hard to justify that they are the real deal.
      Thanks for stopping by Dwyan. Take care.


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