Views from my ‘office’ – why work from home beats the 9-5 grind

The beauty about working from home jobs is that your office can be wherever you want or need it to be, whenever you like.

I find myself working wherever the mood takes me. Much of where I work also depends on what my family need at the time, so on school holidays I find myself in some pretty unconventional places.  Typical haunts for me include local cafes, (sometimes not so local cafes!), the beach, parks, and the multitude of favourite places that my kids have – skate parks and trampoline parks.

Most of the time I have access to free Wi-Fi and good coffee, so I’m happy!

Sometimes we find ourselves travelling, and another joy of working from home is that I can literally work from anywhere in the world. So long as I have my laptop and my phone, I’m always in business!

I have started to document my various ‘offices’.  Here’s a taste:

December 2017

View from my ‘office’ at St. Kilda skate park.

Requirements: picnic rug, sunscreen, water, laptop, phone.

Kids had a blast! I worked and watched them have a ball.

Just do it!


Enjoy a home office from wherever you want, whenever you want.

You have nothing to lose.  


Leave me a comment or a question below and I’m happy to help.


2 thoughts on “Views from my ‘office’ – why work from home beats the 9-5 grind”

  1. Hello friend,

    I definitely agree with you. The idea of working from home is so sweet., You have the opportunity to work wherever you want.

    And as you said, you can have the experience of enjoying different settings while you work on your laptop computer.

    You also have more time for the kids. I don’t think you will be able to go to a park or an internet cafe to work if you are still holding on to the regular traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

    Thanks for sharing this and all the best.


    • Hi Stephen, thanks for your comment. I agree, you get so much more time for the kids when you’re working from home. And even though you’re still working really hard at home, for some reason it ‘feels’ different, with much less stress.
      Thanks for coming by Stephen, and all the very best to you!


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